Bright and Sunny Start to the 40th Annual Redwood Run

Sun up on the Kickstand Lounge at the river bar.

Sun rises this morning on the 2017 Redwood Run Kickstand Lounge beside the Eel River.

At 7:30 this morning, crews were laying down the finishing touches for the 2017 Redwood Run, an old school biker rally, celebrating its 40th anniversary. According to Lisa Gribi, who’s helping run this year’s games, the sun was burning off the fog and burnishing the cliffs with gold. The recent rain knocked down the dust and left a sparkling blue sky.

“Ticket Sales were up by 40% this week,” she said. The headliner for tonight’s music, Zakk Sabbath (formerly of Ozzy Osbourne), is expected to draw in excited crowds. Schedule of events for 2017 Redwood Run

Gribi says this year there will be two days of games. “Today, we are starting with a rider and passenger agility test,” she explained. In this game which will start about 10 a.m., traffic cones are topped with tennis balls and the passenger on a motorcycle team has to pick the balls up as the driver weaves the big machine in between the cones and then the course is repeated while the passenger replaces the balls. The most accurate placement wins.

Other games today include bikers negotiating a thin plank placed on the ground, a musical chair type game that requires finding the last potato, a bubble gum blowing contest (hint: it involves a pie) and a contest that involves blowing up a balloon with an air pump as a team.

The veteran’s color guard, the Anthem, and the 21 gun salute are always touching in this beautiful setting. This will begin at 1 p.m.

This year, on the river bar, the Run offers a new area with a live DJ offering music at the Kickstand Lounge under a tent so that relaxing next to the beautiful Eel is easy.

Other highlights include the Beer Olympics all weekend at the beer booth–drink beer and walk a balance beam, throw a frisbee into a basket, hopscotch, and do the limbo—an onsite photo Scavenger Hunt where the prize is two tickets to the Run for next year, and a novelty photo booth to document the fun.

Have fun and please be alert for motorcycles as you drive.

Panorama of the 2017 Redwood Run bowl

Panorama of the 2017 Redwood Run bowl



  • Have a great time. Sounds like fun.

  • The fun game starts at like 3am, it’s called who can drive there bike home wasted on the wet pavement!

    • Lynn Harrington

      Call your friend or your family and have them pick you up at the first bus stop. Don’t piss everyone off or ruin times or lives by wrecking drunk.

      RWR really really needs an area on site where people can leave their bikes and get picked up by a sober driver. Sorry, there is no excuse for not having one.

      • lol. leave my bike lol. good idea. i see you know this group well, lol. how about a place that people could sleep it off. to bad it not a camp out. oh wait it is a camp out.

  • Thats why they have camping on site. Im pretty sure the attendees see the chp presence. The beer areas at summer arts produce some seriously drunk attendees who have to get home, no camping there.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Please, be safe, don’t drive while AFU, leave the mufflers ON, get home without hurting yourself or anyone else, have fun and respect all women and children. When you are done, wash your hands.

    Thanks, come again!

  • Cocaine,meth and booze oh my. We got roped into working this show once up a time and wouldn’t even consider being near piercy during this event.

  • Bad, bad,memories of the RWR….(shivers) ….Picture the end scene in Weird Science when the biker gang shows up at Wyatt and Chets house and then add to that a sprinkle of meth, a pinch of tits, and a band…yeah kinda like that…the only thing that wasn’t a nightmare was the location…beautiful.

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