The Rain Making You Feel Squirrely?

Squirrel eating in the rain.

Squirrel eating in the rain. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]

Kim Sallaway’s photos don’t need many words. They tell their own…er..tail….

For more of his work, like his Facebook page.



  • Thank you for all the nature photos RHBB! I live on Hwy 36, hike Bull Creek area(and anywhere else) and just did the short hike from Garberville to Benbow, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • I live on Hwy 36 as well, but in my case, I have had enough rain this past Winter, to last me for a LOOONG time to come!!!!

  • Awesome pic!

  • That is sooooo stinkin cute!

  • He makes his own umbrella I LOVE IT!!adorable

  • I live on 36 to Mr fuller ,and I to have had enough of rain .In fact i am bummed about I can’t go outside because I hate the rain.

  • A squirrel’s gotta eat…

  • As the old saying goes, there can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm.

  • Looks like the reincarnation of Phyllis Diller.

  • bring on the rain

    Any rain in June in Humboldt should be celebrated … the over taxed ecosystems of the local river’s tributaries can use any break they can get

  • What a great photo! He looks miserable.

  • I used to love the ain. Watching it splash in puddles, fall sideways in the wind, etc. Sat by the window, enjoying the power of nature. . . . Then my age caught up to me. Even before the clouds complete cover the sky, I would find my legs, knees, elbows, hands and back beginning to ache. As the clouds got darker and the winds became more brisk, those aches would turn to pains. The longer it went on, the worse it became until it had passed and then I would start feeling better. My arthritis would ease until another day (storm).
    I still enjoy a good storm, but I now watch it from the window over my bed, and know I will feel like doing something when it’s over

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