Don’t Drive in the River, Mmm Kay?

How many photos of vehicles stuck in the river or in the surf do we need to see before we remember that we shouldn’t drive in the water as a rule?

Apparently, at least one more.

Remember, at the very least you could be facing an expensive tow job.

Vehicle in the water

Vehicle stuck at the edge of the water by Sylvendale’s in Southern Humboldt. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • There were 2 at the big bend in the river just below the service yard & the Wonderland area yesterday. I posted but have no idea whether they were pulled out. One looked like it was in a deep hole.

  • @onlooker-
    You mean these ones?

    • What a bunch of dumbasses. I don’t see how they get stuck. I drive down there all the time and I’ve never got stuck over 40 years. Keep your butt out of the river. The river changes every year. Chances are they crossed there last year. Those folks on that side of the river don’t take kindly to trespassers

      • Yuppers Peggy. DUMBSHITS IS THE FIRST THING I THOUGHT OF. IT’S JANICE. See I keep up on my homieeees. U ROCK PEGGY! !!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Yep. There weren’t so many vehicles around them. I hope that they got them out.

  • Common sense just out right stupid

  • Veterans friend

    I hope that is who I think it is. Justice is sweet

  • Isn’t it like a $1,000 fine?

  • Just remember everyone, other Than not driving into the river like a dumby, that any person on Earth is allowed to be on any navigable river to the high water mark in the united States. You just can’t pass thru private property to get there or back, but if it’s public or state land or government land, it’s cool

  • It’s a 2 wheel drive. Some people are just to dumb to drive.

    • What a waste of a good car…now I suppose Mom and Dad will cough up another vehicle! PS. Keep all oil and fuel out of our already sad Eel River!

  • Are some of these vehicles stolen?

  • Nothing like a peaceful day on the river,……until some jerk drives by.

  • And keep in mind, many auto service clubs do not do “recoveries” as part of the service. Even if you have a road service membership, you will have to pay for a recovery. Most auto service clubs require that you be 50 feet or less from a solid, paved surface to do a simple winch-out. Recoveries are much more time-consuming, and therefore, cost money.

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