[UPDATE] One Dead After Pickup Hits Tree

CHP Feature Fatality According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, at approximately 11 a.m., a Ford F150 went off Hwy 36 near Hydesville and crashed into a tree. The coroner was requested.

The truck has major front-end damage, according to reports on the scanner.

UPDATE: CHP Press release:

Carlotta, California-On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, a Bridgeville resident was involved in a solo vehicle traffic collision on SR-36, west of Carlotta.

At approximately 10:58 a.m., Wende Dolores Carroll, age 58, was driving her 2003 Ford F150 westbound on State Route 36, west of Carlotta at an unknown speed and had just entered a right hand curve. For unknown reasons, she allowed her pickup to cross into the eastbound lane. Carroll then steered the pickup back in a southwesterly direction to turn back into the westbound lanes. The pickup entered the westbound lanes and continued to traverse in a southwesterly direction until it drove onto the south grassy shoulder and collided with a large Redwood tree. Carroll immediately succumbed to her injuries.

Alcohol is not a contributing factor to this collision. The California Highway Patrol would like to thank the Fortuna Fire Department and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department for their assistance.



  • So sad. Condolences to the family. Hwy 36 is dangerous if your not right on top of your driving,it’s narrow,curvy you have to watch the other drivers too.please take care

    • Actually it’s a straight stretch with a passing lane and I really don’t know how either vehicle managed to hit this tree. Well I guess in the first wreck the driver was impaired.

      • A good probability the driver was distracted!!! That’s the only thing I can think of on that particular piece of this road!!!

    • The other drivers are more likely to need watching this time of year especially!!! Some who drive this road particularly the Grow Dozer types NEED to be watched, passing on blind corners & crossing double yellow lines at will!!!

  • The very same tree that family hit with those kids in the back of the camper shell. The driver was on drugs. A couple of people lost their lives. Happened a few years ago.

    • Is the tree ok ?

      • RedWouldForrest

        The murderous tree will live to kill again.

        The erroneous driver, sadly, will not.

        Let this be a lesson to us all – TREES DO NOT JUMP INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.

        Take it from a local, folks – it’s up to YOU – drive safely!

        • It’s more of wreckless distracted drivers. Humans never know what they supoose to do. Nature and animals been here long before the ignorant human. That redwood tree was there 500 years before us and we all know what roads r like before we enter. For crying out loud we live in the redwoods n forrest

        • While we’re on the subject of trees moving or not, trust me they don’t… move, not even an inch!!! The tree WILL win every time!!! So as George of the Jungle found out the hard way… WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE!!!

    • Ass! God !

    • Those 2 people who dies on that same spot were my friends

  • Is their any update on who?

  • OMG another life gone on high way36 .I have never seen ,so many accidents in my life.been born in garb 1960 I have lived off 36 for 25 years, and it continues to kill .you get the flatlanders . Who think they are Dale Earnhardt jr,and you realy got to look out ,for them when they blow buy you . big hurry to get to the patch don’t cha know.

    • Born in 1959 and I notice the exact, same trend. I think it’s partly because cars and trucks are way more powerful and there are way more people who don’t know how to control that power so kaboom. Also, way more people are in a rush these days. Not sure, why?

    • Well the traffic has more than doubled in the last two years. And the size of the traffic, from semis, boxed trucks and trailers is different also. Back in the logging truck days you could usually count on the truck drivers. If you want to be safe, take the opportunities to let the tailgaters go by. Some of the tailgaters make it difficult to slow down and pull over they are so close. Driven it and lived off of it for over 45 years.

      • You have my time beat by half again, I’ve only been driving this road for 30 years!!! I DO agree with you though!!!

  • Michelle Steele

    Prayers to the family and friends. This is so sad…. But I pray that none of my family or friends headed out that way today..

  • Very sad and unfortunate. Not clear what year this F-150 was, but the 97-2003 generation had horrible crash test ratings. Ford Motor Company has been sued because this particular vehicle is known not be “crash worthy.” People assume trucks are safe because of their size. Not true in this case, and this is a very common vehicle.

  • I also pray that all of us are safe from unsafe drivers!! Take care ALL🕊

  • So very sad. This is a loss of a terrific person. My sympathy and condolences to Wende’s family.

  • I drive that stretch often going from alton to hayfork to visit my mom and dad. Seems everytime I go over to visit there is always people on my ass and pass on stretches I would never pass and they fly thru the redwood groves thinking they are indy drivers. I will find them crashed in front of me one of these days and think you pretty much made your own destiny. Condolences go out to the victim and the family of this horrible wreck.

  • Thinking allowed

    The closest to hitting a tree at speed I came was driving at about 30 mph on a straight stretch. There had been logging trucks pulling out from an unpaved logging road onto the paved road, dragging mud on their tires. I had driven over the section without issue for a couple of days but that day there had been a heavy fog. The now damp road was suddenly slick as could be. So slick I didn’t even feel the skid. I saw the scenery shifting sideways in the rear view mirror. I stopped with one front tire over the cliff, the other in the dirt a couple of feet from a tree.

    Stuff can happen even with care driving.

  • Hwy 36’s 55 MPH speed limit baits the unwary to try and maintain it in places that they shouldn’t, I travel Hwy 36 on occasion, and when I do, I’m extremely wary since it seems that I always come upon at least a fatality or collision every time.

    • We don’t have them ALL the time but far too often!!! As I said many times especially this time of year, particularly now that growing Cannabis is “legal”!!!! Every idiot & their mangy dog wants in on the act!!!

  • R.I.P. Wende. My condolences to your loved ones.

  • Casey Thompson

    I was born in 1949, in Bridgeville, my mother and her family also, we drove it for so many years and I have never seen or heard of so many accidents on
    Hwy 36 until my last 15 years. It is crazy how so many people are in such a rush and find the need to drive so fast and wreckless. Just plain crazy…Slow down people…start 10 minutes earlier if you have to make sure you get to your destination and STAY OFF THE PHONES!!!!!!

  • Hey a life has been lost.and the cost is God’s.lit gods well be the judge on too for it’s not for us at all .lived all my life in whitethorn. lost.so so many off my friend s so let’s all drive.safe

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