[Update 4:05 p.m.] Man Shot with Flare Gun Near Truesdale Street in Eureka

Photos by Mark McKenna

Emergency personnel are at the scene of a reported flare-gun shooting near the foot of Truesdale Street in Eureka. The call went over the scanner a little before 3:30 p.m.

Our reporter Mark McKenna at the scene tells us the victim was shot with a flare gun near a set of picnic tables in the area. The suspect fled into the Palco Marsh but was quickly detained by officers who were in the area on an unrelated call.

Update 4:05 p.m.: McKenna tells us officers have not located the flare gun yet. Captain Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department told McKenna that the incident appeared to be a “transient-on-transient crime.”



  • The EPD murders old women that are mentally unstable for having flare guns. Stating that she was a danger to neighbors they killed her rather than waiting patiently. Bullets shot unnecessarily from cops not hitting their target (50+ in Old Town recently) seems like a public danger too.

    That was part of the EPD murder string that as far as I recall ended with EPD killing more citizens than Oakland PD (in absolute number, not per capita).

    • Take another hit, buddy.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Where do you get your news there champ, infowars? Try to stay focused here.

    • Terrible Timothee

      Garlic, you are correct, I knew friends of this woman who was killed by EPD, and then shortly after there was a young black boy (15 years old) shot and killed by EPD while unarmed in a marsh near Cooper’s Gulch, they are definitely a trigger happy bunch.

      • Same old same old

        I remember that, there was a string of police on citizen murders.

      • sharpen your pencil

        For one, it wasn’t a young black boy, and for two it was the wooded area between the old Safeway and Washington elementary, lastly the old woman aimed a flare gun at police so yeah that will get you shot. The kid had a “large” hunting knife and was shot with an AR, that’s the one I would call bullshit on, the flare gun incident not so much!

    • We were their down stairs in the floral shop,it was awful. She was just asking for help, they shot her dead!!! It was awful.Maybe now we can get a police chief that likes our town and wants to help us! PLEASSSEE

  • Well that’s a new one, good job eureka, always on the cutting edge of douche baggery.

  • That would be “Douche Baggery”!!! BTW I quite agree “Youfreaka” is getting worse by the moment & Chief Mills is more concerned about a Black Lives Matter pin, on a Firefighter than arresting criminals!!!

  • Professor Fate

    Getting shot near the picnic tables must really hurt.

    Enquiring minds wonder about the current health of the victim.

  • How is the victim? There’s no report on being transported by ambulance, nor do we see body outline in chalk. Whoever it is, I hope they’re ok.

  • When things flair up over a transient bathroom dispute our men in uniform went into action to serve and protect! Where’s Virginia and Estell? Too bad they missed this unique photo op. Where’s the ‘drone’ footage of the manhunt???

  • OUCH!!!

  • cj engebretson

    Did they say a name?wonder if its who I think it is…seen him lurking around my neighborhood. .. Skulking….

  • The Apache Warrior

    Boy, from some of the Stupid A** comments on these posts from Kym, I think (I know) that there has to be more Hop heads in the County than originally thought. [edit]

  • I have not heard hop head in many years. I avoid going to Eureka as much as possible . I can get taken out by the cops before they arrest anybody for selling dope on a big large scale.

  • Typical for those types.

  • Professor Fate

    We can rest easy about the victim’s picnic tables.
    Kiem tv reports that the victim was transported with burns to one hand.

    Such a relief. In the movies, people shot with a flare gun just blow the fuck up and burn in terrible flames.

  • The last picture is priceless. Looks like the cop is gonna bag himself a transient pee bottle.

  • Thinking allowed

    Why the put downs about the police? Did they insist on the reporter takinng pictures? Force the article to be published? Did they fail to brush off the homeless man that got injured? Is a burned hand really a joke to be laughed off? Did they fail to apprehend the shooter of the much maligned flair gun?

    It’s a simple report of an incident.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Mills will have his hands full in Santa Cruz with a much larger homeless population backed by liberal handlers that hold sleep in the street protests. Yes, they actually hold sleep protests in parking spots!

    He did a great job in stopping the violence EPD was known for, busting grow houses, and arresting drug dealers.

    Eureka needs a Donald Trump to build a wall around it, complete with check points, spotlights, guard towers, and razor wire.

    These tools will help until a few dozen Terminator style cyborgs can be used to patrol inside the wall.

    I wish him luck and hope he can build a wall around Santa Cruz, because it needs one, too.

    Walls and laws against libs is the only solution for any type of decent future, along with complete marijuana eradication to end the liberal fused crime wave.

  • Sometimes when you mess with someone who has fire. You can can get burned.

  • Veterans friend

    That would be “human citizen on human citizen”. I’m sure that is what the spokesperson meant to say.

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