Garberville Rodeo Coming Soon

Garberville Rodeo 2017 NEW WITH RED BOARDER

The Rodeo will be held at Southern Humboldt Community Park off Sprowl Creek Road.



  • I think PETA is ridiculous and Im not a vegetarian or anything, but if you really think about it, rodeos are a horribly immoral practice.

  • I hate roderos always have always will.i don’t care to see a calf scared to death ,And get a rope thrown around it’s neck ,and when it gets to the end of that rope .Well I’m sure you get the picture .This is one of the many ways cruelty to animal s at a rodeo is I guess ok .That’s why i have zero interest in paying , for that type of show.

    • rodeo stock are some of the best cared for animals in the states.

      • The animals’ care is not the issue. THE ISSUE IS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE ARENA. Animal injuries and deaths are routine. I was present at the 1995 California Rodeo/Salinas when FIVE animals were killed, prompting the PRCA to (finally!) require on-site vets at all their events. Most rodeos don’t even provide this basic decency.

        Much of rodeo is bogus from the git-go. REAL working ranch hands never routinely rode bulls, or rode bareback, or wrestled steers, or practiced calf roping (babies!) as a timed event. It’s a macho exercise in DOMINATION. Some “sport”! And it’s time to stop.

        For most of the animals, rodeo is merely a detour to the slaughterhouse. Consider this statement from world-renowned animal behaviorist Dr. Temple Grandin:

        “”in assessing criteria for suffering, psychological stress–which is fear stress–should be considered as important as suffering induced by pain.”

        Rodeo animals are “prey” animals. As such, they fear for their very lives when ridden, roped, wrestled, chased or otherwise handled roughly. They (and we) deserve better.

        State and federal legislation is needed to stop this nonsense.


        Eric Mills, coordinator

    • When livestock need medical attention, roping them from horseback is the only way to capture them without terrifying them. The rodeo is a time worn way of honoring the expertise of all cowboys throughout history who worked hard to separate the diseased from the healthy, treat the wounded, rescue from raging rivers or quicksand, brand against rustling and ownership confusion and to vaccinate.
      The Government uses helicopters, atv’s, speeding trucks, rifles, that scare the livestock, including horses, into harm and even death. It’s not a pretty picture. Many wild horses, burrows, cattle, and wildlife have been … traumatized to death.
      The cowboy’s way is the gentlest way, imo. I value them. If I had a burrow and it escaped, I’d rather an expert roper caught him, rather than a helicopter, cars or atv’s. The rodeo arenas provide areas for training.

    • One of the easier to watch videos on the blm abuse by helicopter.

    • One of my very favorite quotes, from an 18-year-old rodeo queen: “What me and my rodeo friends really hate are Democrats, environmentalists and gays.” (–from the book RODEO, by Joan Burbick, Univ. Wash)

      Dollars to donuts this crowd supports Donald Trump.

  • And this year it’s going to be at the COMMUNITY PARK, not the Rodeo Grounds. And the Parade will go on as usual in Garberville.
    Horribly Immoral?? I don’t go to the Rodeo myself but I wouldn’t go that far.

    • “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” (–Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor)

  • Next year, the flood insurance will be too high to have a community park without more govt funding. Funding always come with stipulations. To see some of the stipulations, go to the UN agenda 21 website. No more recreational areas like golfing, skiing, rodeos, … go read.

  • Junior Rodeo—Great, lets teach the kids how to be cruel before its too late to make decent Human beings out of them.

  • Does this mean the Park will be closed to the public while the Rodeo or other events are taking place, unless you pay admission or parking?

  • the community park? how did that happen? what about the actual rodeo grounds where it’s be held for decades? i am truly upset, as i hate rodeos and the poor animals who are hurt and tortured. And I love our community park. I’m going to speak to the board members about this. or is it at little tooby across the street where the playground is and not the community park? it’s all a bit confusing, as neither place could manage a lot of parking and some kind of arena.

    • They have put the new rodeo arena right in a protected wetland, wildlife habitat and seasonal stream area in the east side of the Community Park, let alone parking and overnight camping. You can see new photo’s on the Garberville Rodeo facebook page

      This was all done without any public input, it was all done in private, outside public meeting. They are calling this 2 day Rodeo a “Small” event and because of the word “Small”, the Rodeo is exempt from allot of mitigation and permits.

      I feel sorry the the people who have promoted the Park Boards agenda, propaganda and are now finding out its truly nothing but a privately owned rent-a-park, not a community park…

  • One of the owners of Rodeo Grounds at Benbow Park passed away a couple of years ago, his wife has retired the grounds since then.

  • I guess they have never heard of the saying “leave no trace”? Taken last night…

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