Former Substitute Teacher Arrested for Multiple Felony Counts of Lewd Acts on a Child

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Chad Alan Smith

On Friday, 6/2/17, at about 2:00 P.M., Eureka Police Department detectives, assisted by investigators of the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office, arrested Chad Alan Smith for multiple felony counts of lewd acts upon a child. Smith’s arrest, which took place following an interview at the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office, was the result of a lengthy investigation opened by EPD detectives.

Smith was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on 9 felony counts with his bail set at $2,675,000.00.

Smith, age 42 of Eureka, reportedly has been employed as a part-time substitute teacher at several public elementary and middle schools in the Fortuna and Eureka areas. He is also the former owner of a restaurant on 5th Street in Eureka.

In order to protect the victim’s privacy, EPD is not disclosing any information concerning his or her identity, age, gender, or relationship to Smith. If anyone has information about this investigation, or about other similar crimes involving Chad Alan Smith, please contact EPD Detective Amber Cosetti at (707) 441-4300 or 441-4060.



  • This guy taught at my kids school a few weeks ago. When they got home the first thing they told us was how strange he was! I had never heard them talk about a substitute teacher like that before.

  • Wow really!! Parents and teachers,and the kids trusted you.Shameful and pitiful!! 😭😣💩

    • I Like Eureka.

      Oh common G-mas, you should know by now not to trust anyone! The sweet trusting type are a target for this type of scumbag weirdo. Even in churches. Remember the preacher and his wife who killed herself, many years back at that little church across from Arcata High? He was molesting their foster children, and she wacked herself over it.

    • How is this the parents fault?

  • Is that the guy who used to own surf side burger shack?

  • It would be interesting to actually address these folks, as there are folks who find kids attractive.. welcome to the planet grandma. It would seem from some old Greek art that this is nothing new either. I heard a podcast recently about a man who knew, a kid actually, maybe 12-13, who knew he was interested in even younger kids and knew it wasn’t right and did not want to wait until he acted out. This kid had no where to turn because there you are with the pitchfork ready, meanwhile another pederast was born this minute and another gets released the next.
    As usual No interest the actual problem.
    When did he know he was attracted to kids?
    Why did he go into teaching knowing this?
    Or did he know this?
    Was there another way he could act out his fantasies?
    Can the desire or sickness be erased or retrained?
    There needs to be a place pederasts can go and discuss this.
    Or keep raping kids.

    • I wonder, in the up-and-coming world of virtual reality where you can simulate any experience… obviously the porn industry is a big optimist about the possibilities there… will there be ways this can be used to allow people to act out and satisfy their desires (whether for sex, drugs, riches, psychological humiliation of others, pyromania and arson, whatever–all sorts of sick and twisted, but real, stuff) so that no actual harming of other people, animals, life, etc. happens; or will those things be forbidden, at least in the open markets, because they would seem to make such things acceptable, and to reinforce the behavioral addicts’ lust for them?

      Maybe a middle path might exist where using virtual reality to train people out of their behaviors could be used, but on the public market, such things would continue to be forbidden (as if “X” ratings on psycho sex-death videos or games do anything about letting them reach young eyes).

      • Your comment reminds me of the ‘treatment’ administered in ‘A Clockwork Orange’, where Alex, the violent offender was shown videos of violence and was ‘taught’ to respond with getting immediately sick and incapacitated.
        Currently, a clinical diagnosis for pederasts can be done, but ‘curing’ them, can not.
        To B Boy’s comments…. If sex wasn’t so taboo (in our culture), and mental health care was fully funded, schools and organizations could make young people (and others) aware about private places (similar to PP) to talk about ANY kind of attraction (like you listed, laura), get counseling and learn ways to not act out or hurt others. Even offenders could ‘come in from the cold’, tell their story, and get treatment, without fear of being outed, as long as they accept some restrictions, etc. Their ‘immunity’ would be protected as long as they were not accused (with serious evidence) after the date they signed up for the help.
        Oh. But that’s too logical. And. Our fear based, demonizing society would not support a ’caused based’ solution. Our leaders would, instead, want to exploit the emotional issue for their own gain. And our neighbors would rather use, as B Boy said, their “pitchforks”.

      • Actually that reminds me in the podcast they did mention child sex dolls… I don’t know if thats like treating heroin addiction by shooting 10cc’s of saline…

    • Welcome to what planet??

    • I couldn’t agree with you more!!!!!!!

  • The State of Oregon has run a pretty successful program for the last several years for sexual predators. They use a variety of approaches including aversion therapy, talk therapy, group dynamics stuff and other approaches. So, some places are concerned about protecting their children, not just punishing perpetrators.

    • While in the meantime the victim is scared for life. Having been one I’d feel a lot better if I or my parents were​ able to dish out or own form of punishment. [edit]

  • Glad they finally caught this guy. No doubt, there are many more out there.

  • I’m shell shocked because I’ve worked with Chad at a local school and though something just didn’t seem right about the guy I would never have guessed it was this.

  • Has his picture been on here before? Looks really familiar. [edit] Would be great if something could be done preventatively , but doubtful.

  • Johnnyrastaseed

    How about a psychological evaluation before hiring, oh I forgot the psychologist needs a psychologist, so that wouldn’t really work.
    Either way the district and board are to blame and fully liable for the losers they hire to tend to your children all day. You got to stop on the head of the snake, not its tail.

    • The blame game really? Teaching is more useful than blaming. Some time ago,some women came around my neighborhood with petitions to prevent a molester being released from prison from being allowed to move back to his house. I had a school age child, but I didn’t sign the petition. The ladies were shocked. My opinion was,and remains, that the molesters that have their mug shots on the website and who we know their troubles are not the danger. But if we teach our kids what’s up then they can learn to draw parallels (feel the vibe) when they encounter as yet unidentified molesters….so I’m in agreement with previous comments about the need for non-punitive response. And those about teaching our children openly about sex, sexuality and appropriate vs inappropriate in these realms.

  • blackandwhitesripes

    The district and its board members are personally to blame for their hiring techniques. You have to stop on the head of the snake not its tail.
    Hiring sickos like this to tend to your children for a good part of the day is unacceptable.
    What kind of sick lewd acts was he carrying out? Think about it! This is unacceptable. This is how they spend our tax dollars. One day people might just get fed up with these politics and hold individuals accountable at the points of a pitchfork, until then expect nothing less than this muck

  • While writing a screenplay years ago I researched this subject. A (male ) therapist working with child molesters referred several to talk to me. One predator told me flat out the only way to stop the molesting was for our culture to enforce physical distance between kids and the predators.
    Further research showed that if the male molesters (men are the bulk of them so that’s where the research has gone) prefer little girls they will each molest over 50 girls over the molester’s lifetime. If they prefer little boys, it’s 150 boys over the molester’s lifetime. This is if they don’t have kids in their family that they can repeatedly molest.
    We lock people up for 20 years for transporting Marijuana across state lines but rarely imprison them for 2 for ruining a child’s life. (No, I’m not part off the weed industry.) I’m simply showing a huge disparity in “justice”.

  • Do substitute teachers submit back-ground checks in qualifying for their positions? For that matter, do regular teachers?

  • To Anon Forrest:

    Yes and yes to both of your questions.

  • I dont even know what to say a bout this filth ridden sicko.My mind cannot fathom this wretched form of life.

    • He’s sick and needs help but should NEVER be around children. Can’t say what I would do if I caught someone harming a child cause Kym won’t allow it.

  • Why have the schools that he substituted at not sent home anything.

  • I really hope Surfside doesn’t take a hit from the community because of this arse hat. New owners are amazing and don’t deserve the hate.

  • Db, next time try to be less hostile when you reply to this site. Thnx

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