Attempted Armed Robbery in Fortuna

At approximately 7:50 p.m., two men in black hoodies tried to hold up someone using a handgun at the Six Rivers Motel in Fortuna. The men fled in a small, orange SUV.

Fortuna Police located a similar vehicle within minutes near Tom’s Sourdough Pizza Villa. Officers conducted a felony stop. Three suspects were detained. The officers conducted an investigation and the three were taken into custody.

UPDATE Tuesday: Mugshots from Fortuna Police:

Three suspects in armed robbery (Fortuna PD)

From left to right: Carlos Bell, Dontae Mims, Julius Smith

Another person arrested whose photo wasn’t available was Carlos Terrod.

All four were charged with robbery and possession of marijuana.



  • Philly macracken


  • Great job apprehending the suspects so soon!

  • Brilliant

  • Good job Fortuna PD 🙏🙏🙏

  • Quick work, thanks!!! Always appreciate our protecters…

  • No longer the Friendly City.

  • Orange SUV, brilliant!

  • Great job FPD for taking these thugs off the street.

  • DaPisan, yr remark made me howl with laughter.

  • They were hungry, man. And that Tom’s sourdough pizza is the bomb!

  • I wonder what all their name’s are? is six river motel the same crap hole they remodeled looks good on the outside ,but shit hole on the inside .

  • Veterans friend

    Poor syntax.
    Two man in black hoodies, using a handgun, attempted robbery at a motel….

  • Julius Smith looks like a young Bill Cosby, who was a great comedian. But he turned to shit, just like these guys. At least a fire fighter can wear a BLM pin to represent.

  • Wow, Larry, Moe and Curly have really let themselves go (the photo not shown is probably Shemp).

  • I love it. 3 guys who wanted to be big time in a little town, gets nabbed by Fortuna pd. Welcome to Humboldt! Hahaha

  • The 3 wisemen…

  • Smith looks like he could go for some Jello Pudding

  • Typical idiotic behavior of those types

      • Treading where angels fear to go

        Et tu Brute? Could be that mug shots tend to that they might be suspected of being alleged criminal types?

        • Because they are young men? I don’t see any obvious signs of gang affiliation or drug use.

          • Thinking allowed

            Lol good return Kym. I did assume assuming on your part. Shame on me.

            I was trying to fit in another explanation for ‘type.’ Hair styles might do it for me. But then again that would be an unreasoning choice too. I’ve become hyper sensative with all the race postings.

          • Black Rifles Matter

            They remind me of the episode of chapelle show when he does the crack giveaway. Sells the people’s house and buys 450k in crack. Dude on far right looks just like em. Yep “those types”

      • Meaning thugs, guys running and gunning always get caught

    • Be careful if you see a black man and say “type” you will be called a racist in no time, you can only say that if they are white…duh!

  • Two “men”? Thanks to [edit] liberals, we have become politically correct to the point that we won’t even address the ethnicity of a fuc!@# criminal for fear the entire race might be offended. How would the public help identify and apprehend these scumbags without that VITAL piece of information?
    Let’s all bury our heads up our collective liberal asses and ignore the massively disproportionate amount of black crime in this area lately. Instead, we can focus on one black college kid who was stabbed. Then we can blame it on racism regardless of the real reason or color of the perpetrator. If the disproportionate amount of crime committed by blacks becomes completely overwhelming and undeniable, let’s deny it anyway. We can resort to dragging out that tired ole, thoroughly debunked trope that poverty and oppression are the cause and it’s not their fault. If anyone brings these FACTS to light, delete their comments, shout them down and call them racist.

    • Treading where angels fear to go

      This is one of those things better left unsaid in this context. If condemning as criminal according to race damages one upstanding member of the same group, then it is not worth the doing.

      Attributing criminal behavior to race fixes nothing. It in fact makes a problem unfixable because race can not be changed. Just like assigning all racism to whites. Nowhere to go from that either.

      However it can leave a very bad taste in the mouth of a very good person who is a member of the same race, who then despairs of any solution requiring good will. It would be better to spend effort figuring out what is important to solving social problems, not ranting on that makes it worse.

      I do see the stupidity of failing to mention race in the context of a BOLO press release. It has become such a silliness that it has become reasonable to assume the suspect is black if it pointedly doesn’t mention race because there is not such reluctance if a person is another race or grouping. But any mention of race after apprehension is sheer spite.

      • If you do not address a problem, there is no way to fix said problem. If the violent crime statistics for black on white crime were reversed, NO ONE, INCLUDING WHITES, would be burying their fucking heads in the sand the way people are now. We would, correctly, be calling it an epidemic. Recognizing that there is a problem in the first place is the first step to fixing that problem. It is not at all, contrary to your assertion, sheer spite. Ignoring the check engine light will not make the problem go away, it will only ensure that it gets worse. Marching around making baseless, idiotic comments like Anon Forest is a pathetic, self serving endeavor aimed only at making one’s self feel righteous; look at me everybody, please accept me, I stand for something. It takes actual courage to admit there’s an uneasy problem and point it out, knowing you will be slandered at every turn.

        • The check engine light is on. There is a problem somewhere. Do you know how this car was built? Do you know who built it? Do you know how the previous “owners” treated the crew? Do you know how many beatings it has taken due to it’s color? Do you know how misleading the few instruction manuals are? Do you know the car was stored in a warehouse with a thousand others for years? The car has been broken a long time….. so glad you finally noticed the FN CEL.

    • Not disproportionate crimes committed by people of color; disproportionate BUSTS of people of color.

      • Thinking allowed

        Someone said videos don’t lie. Well they very well might be misused but that is one way to get a better judgement of the issue when they show records of crimes as they occur as they come before any action by authorities.

      • Back it up with facts [edit]. Simply making a statement because it’s comfortable doesn’t make it true or make you a hero; it makes you a coward. Blacks commit more crime, a lot more violent crime, PERIOD!
        I do not like police. However, the facts are overwhelming and undeniable. The grandest conspiracy in the world could not create the crime statistics that are readily available for your eyes to see if only you would pull your head out of your ass.

        • Triniboldticino

          Ah, citing to a white supremacist rag for your data? Ain’t you a hero now? Talk about fucking cowards.

          • Standard leftist response; equivalent to shouting racist.Those statistics come from the FBI [edit]. I guess their white supremacists too.

    • Thanks to Conservatives, this country is going to Hell and getting more stupid daily.

  • The hair is killing me! middle one looks like a turkey lol! the guy on the right seems to be a happy fellow, he must know of our justice system.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Are we certain these guys aren’t “Fly Boys” from the show “In Living Color” who flew here from the 1980’s? Funniest mugshots ever!

  • Shaking my head.

    No doubt, Sleepy!!! That’s funny shit!

  • Veterans friend

    Recent graduates of clown college

  • sharpen your pencil

    BLM!!!!!!! Just not enough for THEM to act like it…….

  • Smo Smo Smoking that Hydro.

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