Stolen Vehicle Recovered But Armed and Possibly Delusional Suspect Still on the Loose

Press release from the California Highway Patrol’s Garberville Office:

On June 4, 2017, at approximately 0605 hours, the California Highway Patrol received a call of a vehicle theft from the 17000 block of Alderpoint Rd in Alderpoint, CA. The theft occurred at approximately 0600 hours and the suspect is unknown at this time. The suspect was described as a white male 20-30 years old, 6’1″-6’2″, skinny and has tattoos up his neck and possibly his face. The suspect who was seen brandishing a silver revolver at the time of theft was last seen driving the stolen 2017 tan Toyota Tacoma west on Alderpoint Rd. towards the town of Garberville.

truck chp

At approximately 0930 hours, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma was reported parked behind the County Road building on Bushnell Rd. CHP Officers responded to Bushnell Rd. and recovered the Toyota Tacoma which was unoccupied. At this time the suspect in the vehicle theft is unknown and at large. He is considered armed and dangerous and might be suffering from delusions. The California Highway Patrol is asking for any information that could lead to the identification and arrest of the suspect.

Earlier Chapter: Man With a Gun Reportedly Firing Shots in Stolen Vehicle



  • Does that qualify as a mini grow-dozer?

    I thought the initial report said the suspect had specific mental conditions which would imply that his identity was known.

    • I can’t explain that either. But I can say that I’ve been told by one person what his “Street name” is. So the suspect might only be known by that and his condition known that way. I can’t say for sure. Remember that first information came from scanner traffic and that can mean the details are scrambled.

      • Suspect is a known drug addict! if he has mental problems they are self inflicted,

        • It’s the other way.

          • No it’s not

            • Please.. go on.. I’m not here for cheap shots, I’m down to dialogue. Drug abuse is an attempt at self medicating.

              Do you know any healthy people that would make such choices?

              • Cheap shots? You say they don’t have mental problems from choosing to do drugs, I know this person and they do, from choosing to do drugs. If he did not choose to do so much meth that he lost his mind he wouldn’t have mental problems. you think people are self medicating? from some tragic event or something, most just want to get fucked up.

                • I think what happens is; the person has some kind of mental issue, maybe nothing that couldnt be treated with talk therapy, exercise or attention from their parents.

                  That makes them inclined to try certain drugs. The drugs exacerbate their mental health issues dramatically.

                  After all, who in their right mind would try meth or heroin for the first time?

                • hmmm…. stop making sense

      • What’s his street name?.

        Can you tell us?

  • Just another tweak bag !

  • KYM where is Bushnell road ?

  • So the suspect is “unknown” but could be suffering from delusions and or a mental condition?? Pretty specific information considering we have no idea who this person is.

  • Tatoos up his neck and possibly his face? Oh boy- I really try to not prejudge people but they make it difficult!

  • Me too! It’s so hard when grown ups employ the name of a story book sage as the lord and savior of us all who died for my sins and loves us all equally and is all about charity and yada yada yada……

  • Said name would be closer to 40+.
    Were said mans drug of choice sugar he might well look 20 years older as opposed to 20 years younger.

    • It’s hard to tell how old tweekers are. Sorry I wasn’t more accurate with age as I was woken up at 5:am by a tweeker with a pistol in my truck

      • Missed my point entirely but sorry you had to go through that. The world is indeed imperfect. Speed runs and guns sound like a horrifying mix.

        • I got cut off mid edit! Why the time frame Kym? In the interest of more nuanced conversation it would be nice if folks can maybe think before they type… or at least have the option to approach the topic after reflection and or research and maybe come off less divisive (laugh out loud). Here’s hoping.

          Katerina I’m glad you’re feeling better?? The first time I had a couple guns pulled on me I was struck stupid the entire time. All I could focus on was the images of my life flashing before my eyes like a movie quickly reaching its end. Why be concerned what some guy said about your comment??? Be glad you’re alive! Speed runs and guns DO NOT MIX. Thats a terrifying situation.

          • I didn’t realize there was a time frame once you were inside the edit box. Unfortunately, I’m not a super computer whiz and I rely on premade comment system so I don’t have much control.

  • Alls u can do is pray for this man.

  • This pos stole a truck from a family armed and tweaked of his mind at 530am screw him!

  • Christopher Gould is real name if street name cloud.

  • Hopefully the cops will take him to jail for this, since they won’t take him to jail for bashing someone’s face in. POS.

  • This pos Cloud that is on parole just jumped someone and hit him with a flashlight and stomped the poor guys face. He needs to be locked back up for good!! He is a monster and you should be very afraid of him.

  • That’s a sweet truck – wonder how many pounds they are growing to afford that truck – what kind of job could they possibly have to afford such a tricked out new ride? I wonder! Lol – Go Big or Go Home I guess –

    • Well in ther real world you get a job and the then bank gives you a loan and you can buy whatever you want, then jealous pansies with no job hate on you from there moms basement, all it has is a lift and bumper.

  • I’m jealous,wish my mom had a basement

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