(Photos/Videos) Early-Morning Fire Engulfs Building in Eureka

All photos by Mark McKenna unless otherwise noted

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene of a large structure fire near the intersection of Second and Commercial Streets in Eureka around 4 a.m. this morning.

Humboldt Bay Fire said via their Facebook page that the fire was at “[t]he old ice plant that burned last year.”

They also said, “Humboldt Bay Fire, Arcata Fire, Samoa Fire, Loleta Fire, Humboldt Bay Harbor District Fire Boat and Cal Fire all aiding on incident and covering Humboldt Bay Fire’s area.”

We don’t have a lot of information at this point, but we’ll update this post when we find out more information.

UPDATE 7:23 a.m.: From Humboldt Bay Fire’s Facebook page:

UPDATE 8:30 a.m.:
Commercial building on fireAnother view of the fire by Robin Zukowski.



  • Homeless or transient squatters?
    Starting small fires to keep warm and end up burning the whole dam place down!
    This is exactly why we need more help and resources to help these people. 🙁

    • or its corporate getting rid of buildings cutting through the red tape.

      • The owners are still responsible for securing the building to a reasonable degree.

        • Pretty sure we the people own that building. If the fire depths want to Bill someone it should be the Eureka city council for not removing said building. When will government learn you don’t start something and then quit. If John q public did this they would be facing suppression costs. Great Idea! Anyone who replaces an old building has to tears down the old building within one year of completion of the new one. What do you think?

          • I’m not sure, but I think maybe you are missing something.

          • The owner lives in LA. He still hasn’t received payment from the insurance company for the 1st fire.
            He is also paying a mortgage for a building that doesn’t exist anymore.

    • Unfortunately it wasn’t free meal that burned to the ground, it’s disgusting what goes on down there. Give someone a free meal and they end up never​ leaving.

      • H&K clearly doesn’t​stand for human and karing.
        The difference between the 1929 crash and resulting tide of poverty and the 2008 crash and the resulting tide of poverty? Can you please tell me why we see these two eras so differently?
        It appears to me that only perception separates our response and our responsibility.

  • I walked by there not to long ago walking a dog. And it looked like they tried to secure it after last fire with wood over the windows and a chain linked fence around , but there wereso many boarded up windows with plywood that were just smashed in enough to make a hole big enough to crawl through. For me, I didn’t even want to continue walking by it because I was just imagining all the homeless people living in there.

  • Spoke with a couple of the crew this morning. One reported that the homeless were still fleeing the scene while the first crew arrived. So unlikely it was arson by the property owners (and that is not the city AFAIK).

    Second report is that there are still two sections of the building that remain standing but that an excavator is scheduled for later today to tear down the remains. So the homeless will be coming soon to an unoccupied building near you!

    Kym: I have some other still images of the smoking remains if you wish to see them.

  • But the city council assures us there are no more homeless unhoused in Eureka. This building must have spontaneously burst into flames by divine intervention.

    • What the city council has said is that virtually everyone who wants housing/shelter assistance has received it. But some homeless are unable or unwilling to abide by the restrictions that come with such assistance. No dogs and no drugs are two such restrictions.

    • Was that your beliefs also you got em all tucked in bed ?? Which city council is this, also I just got new glasses I now can see even more people ,dog, bikes, dirt and helplessness you may mention to them that they ; we are still here.Saturday night arts alive there was a man and his suitcase trying to hide with his sleeping bag in the door way two stores down from the Irish Shop , Born and raised and never saw this coming my daughter and best friend have shops on that end of 2nd….

  • Veterans friend

    To say no dogs is like saying no children to many people. You all (who have pets) know this. It is an inhumane restriction on houseless people.

    • Those people only have pets so that they can get additional money. If they cared about such pets then why are those animals neglected.

    • Is it also an inhumane restriction to expect them to clean up the massive piles of dog-shit their “children” leave all over the landscape? Sorry, but I don’t buy the equivalence. The homeless might say the same thing about their drugs, but I’m sick of stepping over their piles of discarded needles as well.

    • People need to grow up. I haven’t had a pet since I left my parents house years and years ago. We need to protect wild animals, God’s creations. Pets are/were genetically engineered. Hilarious how lefties hate Monsanto but “love” their crossbred puppies.

    • For once VF we agree on something!!! World must be going to end!!! 8^P

    • I agree with you. I get that people are frustrated with the situation and some of these homeless are causing problems. This is largely because there is some mental illness and/or drug addiction. In some cases their dogs are their only significant relation and their loving, loyal dogs keep them somewhat connected to reality. I know this from personal experience. Requiring them to abandon their best friend is …asking them to disregard loyalty and affection. Therapy dogs are widely acknowledged for us people with houses….I imagine a homeless person might need one also!

  • Eur-tweaka, always on fire these days

  • Burn baby burn, but it ain’t no DISCO inferno!!! Just a regular one!!! ;-]

  • Good one Dan the man fuller .

  • One further point that came from my discussions: The power and gas had been shut off when the plant closed, so the first fire and this one had to have been set. Whether accidentally or intentionally (by anyone) is an open question, and the condition of the first set of remains (and likely this set as well) precluded any real investigation as to whether the indicia of intentional arson (like the use of an accelerant) were present.

  • I would guess that not all of the p.o.s.’S are “housed” and the residents of ewhtweeka are fine with the way things are disappearing​ from their garage, their cars, their houses. Keep drinking the Kool- Aid provided by the local law enforcement.

  • It didn’t burn last year it burned new years eve & they battled the blaze well into the New Year. Figured it wouldn’t be long until it burnt again

  • RHBB’s coverage on the previous fire was on Dec 31st, 2016…same questions asked about the ’cause’ of the fire. I’m wondering what kind of insurance was on the property, considering that the building had not been made secure against trespassers.

    • There were numerous efforts to secure the building, including bolting down the roll-up door that the intruders routinely pried open with a lever bar. So then they just tore a large hole in the wall, and efforts to secure that hole were unavailing as any barrier was again pried off within days if not hours.

  • I packed fish,and bagged lce their for years!! Should have been torn down years ago. Someone is probably getting a fine for not dealing with a dangerous building that’s been burned before!!Glad no one was hurt,and bye-bye to days gone by,damn I weighed,tag,dipped,and bagged some big big salmon in my day😢

    • Man oh man. I remember hearing about last years fires. …I have NO WORDS. …. It’s just sad. Very sad. ….

    • Yep, another waterfront memory of mine gone as well, and bagged ice there too, but I spent more of my time in the freezers. Since I never really made peace with the cold, my time there was short due to my ability in finding a better and warmer job.

  • We should get rid of council no more lies or nicey nice to make them feel good about the job they are doing with money they begged for ..lol begged. ,I am in need of a home the hospital has been a good part of one the last three years since I was removed from my home by lies and deceit started a ball rolling ..there things I should not have done it was a trailer in a park the owner turned out to be an attorney after seven years no contact fights or problems they needed it for s someone else to move in too. He had a brother in Sacramento that was retired from the DEA .
    Wow I just got it the owner was in Sacramento. Funny how it hits ya see I’ve been ill and staying alive on the street. I have references to being the best person to live next to and my services dog got even better report. I would never get a dog out there but my guy was ten then .And I needed him to protect and help me see. We have to much space and people willing to work not to build tiny homes.I even have a building it could be done in.??? U know in case there are anymore people homeless!!!😕

  • Eureka's Clueless

    Hate to say it, but it’s easier, cheaper to burn the place down than to fix or remodel with the current permitting process.

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