[UPDATE: She Is Home] Runaway Girl Is Diabetic

A local family is very concerned. Their daughter, 16-year-old Alyssa, or Ally, went missing overnight between May 19th and 20th.

Thomas Wallace, Ally’s father said the girl is Type 1 diabetic who had gone to bed early because she said she wasn’t feeling well. He got up about 5:30 a.m. to check on her insulin and she wasn’t there.

“She had to have a ride,” he said. “She took too much stuff to be walking. She took a whole month’s worth of insulin.”

Ally’s father said he contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Thomas thinks she could be in Eureka or Freshwater or possibly heading out of state to Washington. Or even possibly Ukiah.

Ally is about 5’5″ She weighs about 160 pounds. She has a distinctive gap between her front teeth. She has shoulder-length brown hair.

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 6/11: Alyssa’s aunt says she is home and glad to be there.



  • Oh no not another run away go home little girl if you home is safe ?

    • Dawnetta carpenter

      Her home is more than safe… keep ur negative comments to urself

      • Veterans friend

        One never knows…better safe than sorry

      • I’m familiar with her from my job. She’s very sweet and respectful. I am praying she is found soon.
        She always seems very happy and bubbly. Unfortunately teens think they’re ready for the world before they are.
        I am praying she comes home on her own.

      • What is that even suppose to mean?
        Lots of kids runaway from perfectly great homes, it’s not always the parents fault!!!

    • You’re a weird person MOGTX

      • How is what MOGTX said weird?

        I agree with that she should go home if her home is safe.

        • As do I as well!!! I don’t think it’s even a little weird to wish a Runaway to go back home, providing of course it is safe to do so!!! Evidently according to most comments it was safe!!!

  • Thomas I shared. Hope she’s found safe

  • Where is she missing from? I hope they can get phone records quickly. This sounds like this was planned and she went with someone she knows. This is good news. The bad/sad news is she is gone. I hope she calls home today.

  • I hope she comes home soon.I shared your post

  • Michelle Steele

    Prayers to you and your family that she is found safe and home soon. How sad that she is missing…

  • Prayers for a safe and Poste Haste return home.

  • Stephen Arnett

    Hope she’s found safe & unharmed if not returns home safe

  • Shes missing from Humboldt Coach County. That would be Eureka, Ca area.

  • On no I hope she’s found soon

  • Praying for her safe return

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Any festivals going on?

    You could look into that and email a missing poster to Law Enforcement in those areas.

    Whatever art or music she is into, research events and flyer Law Enforcement, gas stations, grocery stores, campgrounds, etc.

    Check with her friend’s parents, see if any know anything, potential boyfriends, etc.

    If she uses a cell phone she can be tracked, call CHP not HCSO.

    As a parent I feel for you.

  • My heart goes out to her parents and family it has got to scarey and frantic and a living nightmare for your child to be gone, so many things to worry about and where to look etc my heart and prayers go out to her family and friends and to her to stay safe

  • she has been mission since May 19th, and there is just now news and worry about her medical condition? sounds a bit odd.

    • Been MISSION…???? Do you mean MISSING????

      • Obviously, ya fucking spell check troll. Was that necessary? I’ll answer for you, no, it wasnt.

        • Just wondering it helps to spell things correctly at least occasionally so someone can understand WTF you’re going on about, instead of guessing WTF the Alphabet Soup they posted is s’posed to mean!!! Any other , questions or complaints can be directed to my Personnel Manager Helen, as in Helen Waite!!! You got a problem with me, go to Helen Waite!!!

  • Hope see is found soon and safe, she planned it, a boyfriend maybe?

  • You just dont know what a childs home life is like .You just don’t know the home life of the run away these days .I didn’t mean to insult any one I just hope she finds her way home ,and have a safe home to go home to thats all I ment .Thank you (stay safe,) ,for knowing were I was coming from ,and maybe Tim will look in the mirror ,and he might see something weird.

  • Amimissingsomething

    Just hoping she is found safe and sound. Anyone who reads this please pass it on. Every person you share with is at least 10 more who knew nothing about this girl or her present situation.

  • She’s been missing almost 2 weeks and we are just now alerted to it?

  • Yes don’t know y either

  • The whole “Mucking Fess” sounds fishy to me, but I don’t know all the details so…!!!!

  • I was hoping to find an update on here hopefully saying she had been found if not returned to her home but….!!!! ;-C

  • Still no update?

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