Rollover Accident on Hwy 299

pickup rolled over.

One person was temporarily trapped after a pickup rolled over. [Photo provided by a reader]

One truck rolled over about 9:20 a.m. on Hwy 299 about Mile Marker 19. According to the reader who took the photo, this is “just south of Redwood Creek turn off on HWY 299.”

A gray Dodge pickup crashed for unknown reasons temporarily trapping one person. The person was able to get out and emergency personnel are now on the scene. There were minor injuries.




  • I think we have a vehicle accidents daily wtf

  • We came by this also on our way to Trinidad this morning. We came by right after it happened. We were almost to the weigh station just before Blue Lake before any emergency vehicles passed us. Glad the person got out. It looked bad! They were still in the vehicle when we went by.

  • The Apache Warrior

    Why didn’t you at least stop and see if the driver was ok? At least see what can be done to help out. Hopefully you will never need help in a situation like this. Seems as though common courtesy has gone the same way as the 5cent cigar.

    • Veterans friend

      You sure are right on that. What a creep. “Oh wow, there’s an accident. Let’s hope someone else helps those people. It looks real bad”

  • A lot of drivers still use a cb and would be able to call the CHP channel I think. Also, if the weight station is open they’d contact the authorities. In theory Tara Savage might have stopped but unless they were carrying useful equipment or supplies with a roll over, there’s little they could do. If they travel the road frequently, they know about that particular area.

  • I’m surprised, pleasantly, to NOT read of any new accidents on Highway 36!!! I thought sure I was going to rad about yet another “Grow Dozer” type vehicle a dark colored pickup driven by a Lead Footed Moron!!! I was doing around 60 MPH yesterday in a straight stretch, when the vehicle in question roared around me like I was sitting in my driveway parked!!! He narrowly missed a vehicle in thew oncoming lane!!! Lucky for him as well as the other driver!!!

  • Me to dan the man fuller that no wreckes on the 36 ,but I too am glad and surprised there hasn’t been some wreckes.

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