Possibly the Most Adorable Flat Tire Changer in History

Sometimes it’s the small things (or small ones) that make us smile.

The video above shows how we’re still training farmers here in Humboldt County. This little guy is learning how to help his family on Shakefork Community Farm in Carlotta bring food to you.

His family posted, “Flat tire on the tractor today..good thing we have an onsite tractor mechanic.” Good for them and good for the community when little ones learn how to take care of problems.

And, if the above video doesn’t make you think the world is a better place, then check out the bottom photo.

Child Bringing in eggs

Bringing in the eggs on the Shakefork Community Farm. [Photo provided by the Farm]



  • Shakefork Communtiy Farm will be at the Garberville Farmers Market today. (Apparently, the Market is the place for good vibes today. The Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue Team will be there, too, raising money to buy needed life-saving supplies.)

  • God Bless the children. Love them all.

  • What a wonderful little boy his parents are bringing him up right with a good work ethic most kids these days feel like they’re all entitled to whatever you owe them as a parent that’s what they think they think because you brought them into the world you got to take care of them ,for the rest of your life all there is video games ,and being lazy because they were not brought up like that amazing little boy caring his family eggs home .

  • ….And, nice work (egg delivery) uniform!

    • My grandson Castyn is 3yrs old now. His daddy was born at Garberville Hospital in 1989. Last baby for that year. Anywho he changes tires on his own John Deere Tractor tires. He is awesome. Bringing up my boys in Humboldt County in the 80’s & early 90’s was THE BEST THING I HAVE DONE. YOungest born there. Now his son carey’s the heart & soul of his daddy. Peace

  • Just My Opinion

    Awesome kid! Parents are probably awesome too.

  • Have a great weekend all!
    Thanks for the share!!

  • lookit the size of those eggs!!
    i hope those came out of some rare HUGE chicken. “ouch”
    strong boy to be lugging all that weight, while another youngster is also luggin’ his share of his load.
    you go kids!

  • To “Just My Opinion”: You’re right, His parents are awesome!! & will be selling at Arcata farmers market today. (I used to work with his mom. )

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