Mendocino Growers Seeking Answers After Recent Raid

raidMendocino law enforcement raided at least one cannabis farm on Tuesday sparking a flurry of rumors. Hundreds of plants at a farm that had reportedly been permitted last year were eradicated.

Unsure of why that particular farm had been selected and worried that theirs might be next, cannabis cultivators flocked to County Offices seeking answers. This prompted a Mendocino County Staff meeting and a statement is expected from them today.

The Mendocino Voice wrote an in-depth piece about the developing situation. The story sets out the issues. The Voice states,

The Ag Department began accepting applications for the new medical cultivation permitting program on May 4, and will continue to do so until December 31, 2017, so many farmers thought they had more time. Farmers who enrolled in last year’s medical cultivation program had been given assurances of priority processing under the new cultivation permitting program. The new ordinance does give cultivators some protection from nuisance and abatement actions if they have turned in applications but have not yet received full approval. However, many cultivators are concerned that if they take time filling out the application during this growing season they will be exposed to enforcement.

For more about the situation, read the Voice’s excellent article by clicking here.



  • Like a nail: if you stick your head up you’re going to get hammered.

    • The permit application has only been available to turn in since may 4th 2017, seems kinda early to bust people since you have to Make a appt with the AG dept and get fingerprinted at the sheriff’s office. I guess mendocino county county still wants the black market to survive so they can keep making money by busting growers and charging them the eradication fee. Sounds like black market government to me

  • Until these criminal door busters are held personally accountable for their unethical behavior nothing will change.

    • So criminals are bad now? How ironic.

      • Lefthanded Lunatics

        Oh, I was thinking about getting a permit, did that mean I can’t grow these 17,000 plants, cause we need our medicine…

    • So, the un-permitted growers are concerned they will get raided by MCSO? Simple! Get a freaking permit! Are all pot dealers idiots? That’s like me complains to DMV that I have not put tags on my vehicle since last year but, I’m concerned I will get a ticket! I’m not willing to get my tags at this time but, I want DMV’s assurance & law enforcement’s that I will not be ticketed. I may never register my vehicle but, still I don’t want a ticket. Stop smoking the profits if it prevents you from navigating this thing we call life.

      • Just My Opinion

        Although I don’t grow, it’s my understanding permit or not, it’s still a federal offense. Those who have turned in applications aren’t GUARANTEED shit against the Feds. Once it’s turned in, they know where to come. Am I missing something?

        • Joshua Thomas Williams

          Totality agree with you.. Giving them an app for a permit is like saying come over and smoke one with me sheriff

        • the feds don’t need a look at any paper work. they use satellite imaging to find what they want.

          • Yeah, but they now know that anyone that handed in the permit applications arent dangerous threats and they know how to get in their without getting hurt… if they raid a farm that didnt submit an application, then they have no idea what waits for them there. Could be a mob related farm that will retaliate when they raid them and shoot back… they would rather an easy raid, which is why i think they gave out permit applications (or more so, “heres my farm n everything u need to know about it, come get me applications”)

        • Keep paying millions to put a green dot on your property! Its a fuking scam people. Wake up. Your making there job easier. Sessions is laughing,the cops are laughing, mendo/humboldt tax collections are laughing. They will all make there money and you will be ” weeded” out with no money,no land, and sitting in jail. Good luck sheeps.

          • Just My Opinion

            Buzzard, Sessions has to defend the law at all costs. The REALITY is, they will prioritize based on the seriousness of the crime/s and budget. I don’t believe for one minute they will go after the marijuana farmers like previous years as MOST (not all) right wingers want it legalized. However Sessions and Trump want badly the illegal aliens, cartel and those pushing hard core drugs which I totally agree with. I’d bet the raids this year are less than 1/4 what Obama administration did last year. They will do a raid here and there for photo ops, but nothing like before!

          • Old Growers Club

            sheeps should be singular,

          • Old Growers Club

            But I do agree with your sentiment.
            To paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche, “sheep make rules, expecting wolves to obey them.”

        • Lefthanded Lunatics

          Don’t worry, you’re not paranoid, just stoned!

  • If the county did violate the grower’s legal permit, the county needs to compensate the grower. With proper permits, grows are now a legal business, and have to be treated like any other ‘downtown’ business. If counties are not going to honor the permit process as written and hold up their end; we will be back to illegal grows and counties will lose millions of tax dollars. Like it or not, marijuana growing is a part of our culture now, and the government can either make millions of revenue off of it or waste millions of tax dollars trying, in vain, to eradicate it (again).

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Hey I have this bridge I’m selling, you interested?

    • So cute how you think dealers are going to actually pay taxes.

    • Just My Opinion

      Wake up. It’s NOT legal, it’s a federal offense. This is purely federal government against the states. The local police won’t do shit. The Feds? We don’t know. Depends who’s running the show. Haven’t you dwelt with law enforcement officials who turn thier heads because they personally believe it’s harmless and far worst than alcohol which kills thousands each year? Then you have the red neck MF’r who didn’t get picked on the playground growing up and is so misinformed that he/she believes marijuana is THE gateway drug to meth, herion, etc. In some cases they believe it’s just a bad as herion. Thier so fricken stupid they don’t realize the person has a addictive personality and would have started with anything they can get thier hands on. But since they smoked weed, they pin it on that. Hmmmm, I guess wine is the gateway to hard core liquor?

    • If cannabis was recognized as any other agricultural product, that would be true, right down to the Federal subsides. But it isn’t. And with so many bureaucrats (including law enforcers) feeding their departments on cannabis, this isn’t likely to change. The support and maintenance of state prisons are in the same camp.
      Prohibition, one way or another, is a marvelous way to prop up a local economy. And that’s the cycle I think is in play with all the “legalization enforcement.” Looks like status quo is what’s being maintained. And taxed.

  • What a complete waste of resources. Why? The will of the People have spoken – marijuana is legal. i am concerned that law enforcement is going to punish heavily and unreasonably this year to retaliate for the loss of their cash cow- asset seizures.

    • Well LE better get on it. For some people the year is half over. Toy haulers leaving the area in droves.

    • YOU people have spoken (stoners, addicts, etc.). Not “the” people. The people also spoke about marriage between a man and a woman and that was struck down and replaced by the opposite. Tyranny of the majority is still tyranny. That’s why Hellory lost. Majority means squat and the founders knew it. Bullies don’t need to be rewarded – or coddled. The electoral college was created to enhance fairness and eliminate the bullying of “the people.”

      “The masses are asses.” – punk rock lesbians L5

    • horseshit. there isnt the slightest correlation between marijuana cultivation as currently practiced and the cultivation laws on the books. IT IS NOT LEGAL to grow 5000 plants, steal your neighbours drinking water, hire(OWN) illegal asian/mexican/slavic workers(SLAVERY), and sell weed in ohio.THE MARIJUANA BUSINESS IS NOT LEGAL!!

      • These people were “abiding” by the county law if they were in the 9.31. That means people from the county as well as the sherrifs and occasionally other environmentalists went to inspect that property and individuals. Highly doubt they were doing any of the above you mentioned. Mind you I put the quotes in my first sentence

        Relax. It’s beautiful outside

    • Don’t worry about the resources that us tax payers have been paying for while you pay nothing. If you are worried about your assets purchased from illegal activity, you should have gotten a real job and paid taxes like the rest of us.

      • Why don’t you ask trump about paying taxes too

        • Just My Opinion

          Why don’t you do some research on how much Trump had paid in taxes. Stop believing bs media, get the facts. He paid $38 MILLION in 2005 alone. If he takes advantage of tax credits in the tax laws, you piss and moan. He’s following the tax laws and you probably don’t, yet you piss and moan. That’s why he’s rich and your probably wanting what your neighbor has.

          • Triniboldticino

            He’s rich because of the thousands of small businesses he screwed over the years by filing corporate bankruptcy repeatedly. I met one in the late 1980’s – a plumber who had a good business and contracted to work on Atlantic City casinos. Nothing good to say about how The Don made his money, but you keep on believing he’s in it to make America great again. He has driven thousands of Americans into bankruptcy over the decades, and hasn’t batted an eye.

            • Snowflake Melter

              Nice try with your fake news.
              You try to make it sound like Joe the Plumber would be able to swing a large-scale commercial casino job… when the reality it it would be all corporate and union operations.

              • Triniboldticino

                Try reading “Art of the Deal” circa 1986. Things got tight, he’d file bankruptcy on a company as he did in NJ. Your hero fucked a lot of people in New Jersey. “Fake News.” You’re funny. It’s amazing how the mouth breathers believe everything that comes out of the White House, even when shown, with crayons, apples and oranges, what a pack of nepotistic lies are being told on a daily basis.

        • Maybe you should ask Bernie Sanders how much he paid in taxes. You might be surprised.

    • It's the Way it Is

      Wait until the Feds start hammering you. It’s illegal in their eyes and they’re missing out on tax monies. Stay small and stay black market. Don’t get greedy.

    • Wrong. Weed is still illegal. The feds have put there foot down, its still a class 1 illegal drug in the good ol USA. Wake up

  • Capitalist pig

    Get your permit people make it easier for sessions to come find you

    • Just My Opinion

      I predict Sessions won’t do shit. Libs say that because they have been sold a bill of goods from the media and don’t know who Sessions and Trump really are. They are putting thier resources to go after the drug cartel and those manufacturing meth, haroin etc.

      Time will tell. Let’s see how many raids there are this years compared to past years. I’d bet my money on the total raids being way down.

      A DEA agent told me they don’t give a shit about marijuana, they want the meth, hard core drug dealers and cartel.

      • A “dea agent told you ” so you talk to the dea ? Must be nice to go n tell the internet you talk to the Dea , the Feds will. It’s whoever they can build a case against , pot growers and dealers are not exempt, dea is only good as their best snitch , old motto …” criminals gotta get lucky Everytime , dea only has to get lucky once .”

        • Just My Opinion

          Lol, you don’t know the circumstances behind me (or others) having a discussion and/or discussions with A DEA agent. With that said, your right! They will say anything and do anything to build a case against someone, even it if they create their own evidence.

  • What no comment from the chump .

  • Raids, rippoffs, etc. are well known inherent risks of dealing drugs. They guy is lucky he’s not in jail. Cry me a river….

  • Most have tripled this year in size,or more!! Waiting for dumb,nothing is set.all the states that are making big money in taxes are doing well. Here we are still waiting. To many hoops to jump thru,that seem to change with the tide!!please stay safe

  • Oh yeah! Get those permits, people! Sign up and pay your fees and taxes right here….and then we will put you on our route for visits and inspections and if you change anything at all from what you signed your name to then you are immediately illegal and we will definitely fine and penalize you!! Sign up and ‘Step into the Light” you stupid cowards!! Do it quick- before it becomes totally clear that you are getting plowed under anyway by the huge corporate grows in the Central Valley! Yay for “legalization” and handing this industry over to mega-corps and regulators!! Feeling safe enough yet?

    • I wouldnt called it cowardly to expose your operation to the fuzz. I wouldnt call it smart either just for the sake of cash that was already being made and untaxed at that.

      This just shows everyone that has a piece of paper from the county or state doesnt stop anything. You dont have enough fences, gates, locks, or cash to stop the man if he wants you.

      And no they wont reimburse/compensate you for your loss. Even though you let them know where you are, what youre doing, and EXACTLY how your doing it, AND… this is the best part… YOU paid THEM to BUST YOU.

      Whole thing is laughable to me, honestly.

      • Black market is what we do best. I don’t know why everyone’s trying to fix what wasn’t broke. New people screwed it up, trying to be do-gooders. Look mom and dad! I’m a legal grower now!

        • Veterans friend

          Exactly. Stay small, stay cool. Let the big boys take the heat.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          I’m with you on that one Emily.And I’m liking your sarcastic sense of humor. At first I thought you were that other Emily, but then I read your comment and I knew you couldn’t be one and the same because you made sense and you even made me laugh.

      • just turn your losses at the hands of those who protect and serve over to your ins. agent.
        “just like a good neighbor state farm is there”

    • Just My Opinion


  • Sleepy Alligator

    So which part of this story is the actual news? Is it the fact that the government has tricked these permit holders into believing they were free to grow or the fact that the permit holders actually believed them?

    Here’s $10,000 and this is the address where I can be reached……I mean raided.

  • They need to clean up northern men do, lots of Percy growers need to get their shit chopped, inflating the market with mendo swag.

  • Legal for some.. not for others… Oh yes we have ‘legalized’ Marijuana haven’t we? Damned if you do.. Damned of you don’t. Welcome to the wonderful new world of modern Canabuisness in the 21s century. Things are about to get real folks. Honestly though.. it’s ok.. I think lately the entire world has lost its mind and gone completely insane. There is no such thing as common sense anymore.. who needs it. So it looks like with Marijuana legalization we are right back to square one… more marijuana raids. Now the Cartels in the national forest are having a field day, with camp targeting all the ‘legal’ grows with raids or ‘regulations’…they pretty much have the place to themselves. But don’t worry.. your friendly big corporate grows are here to save the day.. they will make sure all these pesky small farmers go away. Hasn’t that always been the name of the game? Then all our society can have all the best roundup ready, Gmo cannabiss, that is actually dyed with lovely things like green#5 and #6, and probably tastes like plastic. Such a bright future..

  • Can anyone confirm the rumor that the Feds are testing drones to deliver male pollen to contaminate illegal grows? I know farmers are starting to use drones to pollinate crops.
    Doesn’t seem like that far of a stretch and would be a hell of a lot cheaper and easier to do night time pollen drop.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      It’s true, completely true.

      I have applied for that gig over the summer, waiting to hear back.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      The feds, or any law enforcement for that matter, have no desire to spread male pollen on anyone’s weed crop. If their goal truly was to keep the dangerous marijuana off the streets so the citizens were safe from it’s evilness then sure spreading male pollen would be a great way to do that. But spreading male pollen only hurts the farmer, there’s no profit to be made by ruining someone’s crop. Considering that the drug war is nothing more than a profit generating government ruse on the American citizens they have nothing to gain with this scattering of male pollen. Don’t you think they would have done that a long time ago?

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        ISIS has been using drones to drop 40mm grenades on the battlefield, plain old over the counter drones.

        Marijuana could be controlled efficiently by converting drones to carry a product called Garlon.

        The drone would fly over the criminal activity and release an aerosol spray of Garlon which would act as a plant growth regulator, stopping the water in the plant from returning to the roots.

        For the price of one helicopter flight just spotting devil’s lettuce, multiple drones could be launched with multiple plant groupings sprayed.

        Mixed with the proper adjuvant, even if the terrorist growers tried to wash it off the plants, it would remain providing a lethal dose to the crop. Plus, Garlon is also taken up through the root system- not allowing a replant in that soil for a year.

        Sites with marijuana plants needing treatment could also have any food gardens treated with Garlon, working towards starving the terror groups and forcing them to relocate their criminal activity elsewhere.

        Law Enforcement simply needs to act creatively and use new methods to remove this evil plant from the area and force the terror groups to commit their crimes elsewhere.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Well there’s also no profit for the pigs in your far-fetched idea so keep trying. I mean wouldn’t spreading male pollen be a lot cheaper and simpler than your plan?

          • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

            The profit is breaking the banks and starving out the very people that have brought the crime.

            The payoff is less crime more free time.

            Anyone who understands how the growing terror groupings operate, simply want them to go away.

            Marijuana is crime, crime is marijuana.

        • I hope there is an organic form of Garlon.

        • So, you’re a mega grower.

          Chumpy, its all clear to me. I even find it humerous, but yes, you are a big grower with a twisted humor thru extreme sarcasm.

          I like it. It took me a while to see, but I like it.

      • pollen grenade

        It would bring the prices back up and put to bed all the bad actors.
        Better than Garlon and wouldn’t fuck up everything else.
        Hmmm….might be a way to trim down the competition. Might even save the industry

        • What will a seed do? Sprout next year.

          This idea could create tens of thousands, nay, millions of volunteer plants on tons of lands the next season.

          In 3 years it could become an invasive species if males weren’t subsequently culled from everywhere.

          The plan could backfire.

          But in reality, the government does not grow pollen. So, keep strategizing..

          • pollen grenade

            What I dont understand is why this could not be done by someone wanting the price to go back up. Even if the feds don’t do it the supply would go way down.
            A quart size container of hemp pollen could seed up almost all the females in Humboldt. The drones could be pretty small and quiet. Might need to be bullet proof though.

  • He’s probably to smart for law enforcement. Limited intelligence is required for blindly following orders.

  • I know these guys and they were in total compliance with new ca laws. The “officer” that came to arrest them for charges that are absolutely false, was the one that shook their hand 2 days before and said everything was good, thanks for getting your permit. Then they come and cut down their plants and put them in SHACKLES… I’m sorry. But no. I’m over police doing whatever they want… don’t you have better things to do like arresting child molesters or people doing actual drugs like herion? And as for everyone getting their panties in a wad about go get a real job- we work harder than you ever will in your life and we do it legally. I’m sorry you hate your life in your cubical, but we love ours. Amazing people think they can judge because they think they’re better than everyone. Go give trump a hand job and let us continue to be happy in work and in life.

  • I know a couple people who applied for permits and have already been raided,
    … complaint driven… yea right!

  • Can’t Everyone see that everything is illegal unless you pay money… addition to your house.. illegal unless you pay for a permit.. fishing illegal unless you pay for a permit..hell driving even is illegal unless you pay for a license.. privilege they call it where is our FREEDOM?
    Really never existed…

  • Hey mommyink , it’s not the police that give the permit s out in Mendocino, it’s the AG Dept. I gotta guess your whole story is BS. Mendocino regulations are different than the Boldt.

    It’s all BS just take what you have and play your cards the best way you can, like it always has been.

  • Mendocino county is gonna be nothing but ghost towns. Get a permit, get busted. Don’t get a permit , get busted. Goodbye property values, goodbye shops. Gonna be a gas station if you’re lucky. Ridiculous.

    • Cool I’m going to buy a bunch of property there when that happens, it’s beautiful. O but before there were permits it was the same way, except it was usually trinity that came over and took your stuff rarely mendo.

  • I’m with you guest. When the property values tank i’m gonna come and in and buy my nice little rancho and raise chickens.

  • Can't Trust Mendo County

    The fact is that there is no good reason why the county has to make somebody do a complete application less than a month after the ordinance was finalized and only weeks after the proposed state regulations, that mandate very technical provisions on qualifying…To demand the only legitimate way forward is to make people choose
    How mich money and Jewelry did these deputies pocket this time…. Just goes to show… NOBODY Can Trust Mendocino County Sheriff ALLMAN or the Mendocino County Sheriff Department…. .. and definitely not the Sneaky Organization known as Commet or Major Crimes Task Force! Haven’t we all learned our lessons that they will lie, steal and kill!
    Yeah go give them your name an address and wait for them to show up, point guns at senior citizens and children, trash an destroy your home and farm, steal your hard earned money, slander you in the press as “destroyers of the environment” while they cut your fuel lines, empty your water tanks, go through your personal property and steal and seize your assetts….. bunch of low life crooks an thieives make up the MCSO Commet team an Major Crimes Task Force….. donkeys! HOW MUCH LONGER WILL WE ALLOW THIS ARMED GROUP OF THUGS TO STEAL OUR PROPERTY, STEAL OUR MONEY, LIE TO US “IT WAS ANOTHER DEPARTMENT OF THE SHERIFF DEPARTMENT”… HOW MANY MORE FARMERS WILL BE SHOT BY THIS “ERADICATION TEAM”, How many more people’s lives uprooted by armed aggressive thieves an thugs hiding behind a badge? How many more children will be ripped crying from their mothers arms an taken away by social services to be placed in abusive Mendo County foster parents …. how much more can the good cannabis farmers take from a government system which has made a business an income by stealing from their neighbors an community to fulfill their wasteful budgets and contracts with their buddies. Enough is Enough, rise up Mendocino Cannabis Community, Take Mendocino County Back from Allman an his lawless band of the Ives and oppressors! The time is now! RISE UP AGAINST THE CLAWS OF REPRESSION AN REPUBLICAN CONTROL

  • I have 1 plant in my yard and have no permits law enforcement has seen it and looked around my house and said thanks and left .that 1 plant will provide enough medicine for me all year without any problems from leo get greedy get busted

    • As a civilian without permit you can legally own 6 plants..

    • How nice for you that you have a space large enough to grow one plant in a climate that is conducive to do so. There are however people who do not have the resources to produce their own medicine so they must resort to buying it. Consequently there are people who grow more than they need to provide medicine for those who can’t grow their own and are able to make a living in doing so. It’s really not that hard to wrap your head around. Do you grow all the food you need for the year yourself and call farmers that grow and sell food greedy? No. Wake up people. It’s called capitalism and they start you on it when you’re very young

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