CHP Identify Good Samaritan in Fiery Willits Crash

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

Fiery Car crash

The fatal crash on May 26. [Photo provided by a reader]

On May 26, 2017, at approximately 0030 hours, there was a two vehicle head-on traffic collision on US-101 just north of Reynolds Highway.

One of the first people to arrive at the scene of the collision was a Good Samaritan, 45 year old Nicolas Lee Anderson of San Francisco. The two vehicles involved in the head on collision, a Ford Bronco and a Dodge Ram, had begun to smoke and there were flames towards the front of each vehicle. Nicolas Anderson quickly and decisively moved into action helping to remove the severely injured passengers from the Dodge Ram. Nicolas Anderson was able to safely remove five passengers from the Dodge before the vehicle became fully engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, both drivers from the collision sustained fatal injuries.

Without Nicolas Anderson’s heroic efforts, this tragic event could have been a lot worse.



  • We can be heroes, just for one day. Great job Niicolas, your karma is good for life!

  • Nicolas, thank you for your quick thinking and brave efforts. Saving those two children and three other adults from that pickup kept this horrific crash from being so much worse. Many people look to you as a hero. Thank you.

  • Capitalist pig

    Much love to you Mr. Anderson. Thank you for not just driving on bye .

  • mendocino mamma

    Mr Anderson thank you!!!

  • I salute you, Mr. Anderson.

  • Just My Opinion

    Gods blessing on you Mr Anderson.

  • Thinking allowed

    Thank you for saving these lives. And for being an uplifting example for the rest of us.

  • Sorry to hear he is from San Francisco, we need more of his like living here.

  • Veterans friend

    We read in comments yesterday, here or on the other local blog, that someone drove past what they described as “a really bad” wreck on 299. Yes, just drove by & then commented. Did not stop. Did not render aid. Did not even call 911.
    Bless you sir for stopping, for helping, for being more than a Samaritan. For being a hero.

  • You are the man MR ANDFRSON .

  • Nicolas Anderson, you are “Grace” personified. We all thank you.

  • The person who did not stay on scene at the accident mentioned above most likely did not stop due to others who had already stopped to render aid. I drive the 299 frequently and will stop if I am first on the scene. I do not stop if there are already other folks out and assisting. Sadly
    I have seen far too many MVAs over the many decades of driving the 299. It is no longer amazing to me that many drivers do not carry road flares or battery operated emergency hazard lights pucks, or a first aid kit. I have used my umbrella to shade a motor cyclist who crashed on a scorching lot hot summer day. Getting training in basic first aid and how to keep yourself safe if you are a first responder can be a very prudent course of action. Assuming that the poster who reported seeing the accident just passed on by is most likely in error. It does take time for the CHP to respond to accidents due the vase geographic distances in our region. Thank you to Mr. Anderson and to who are able to stop and render aid.

  • We could all use more hero’s!Thank you Mr.Anderson for your quick action!!paying it forward

  • September Gray

    Good Samaritan for a moment is a good Samaritan for life and beyond,altruism is the highest human atribute. I so repect this remarkable hero.

  • When I think of the word hero this is exactly what comes to mind, thank you sir you are amazing! May your life be forever blessed with wealth and happiness!

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Good on you Mr. Anderson. I stop when I see a accident on the highway. I call 911 first, flashers on, and park my truck to provide protection (tires turned away, incase someone hits it) as I attempt to help. Fire extinguisher, gloves and first aid kit with extra gause. P.s. I also have dealt with PTSD after helping, one time I kept a dieing motorcyclist awake (and alive maybe ?) on the Briceland road. He was wearing one of those lame tiny helmets and it crushed his forehead in, blood everywhere…, bones protruding thru skin on multiple limbs… Just wanted to put it out there that it can be traumatic for first responder​. Took months to get his face out my mind, and years stop dreaming of him. Weeks after that I helped a dad extract him wife and kids on the 101 after they totalled their SUV. Still stop every time….

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