Come to the Garberville Farmers Market and Eat BBQ, Oysters, and Sausages for a Good Cause

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Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue

From searching for lost hikers to rappelling down cliffs to save someone from a car crash, the volunteers who make up the Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue Team save lives regularly. Please support them. The next life they save might be yours. They are having a fundraiser at the Garberville Farmers Market.

Press release from Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue Team:

The Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue Team is having its annual fundraiser on Friday, June 2nd starting at noon. We will be serving BBQ, local oysters, and locally made sausages. There will also be drinks including wine and beer. This fundraiser will help the team to purchase and update rescue equipment as well as help in our acquiring the needed equipment to outfit our new station, which will be funded by Measure Z funding. As it is, our equipment is stored at several stations in SoHum.

The team was started in 2003 out of a need to help rescue people in very dangerous conditions, such as rivers or on steep cliffs. We have an extensive level of training in swift water rescue and technical rescue (technical rescue is using rope systems and equip to access and retrieve a victim from a cliff.)

By using our training, knowledge, and equipment, we can provide a level of safety not only for the victim but also the rescuers.

What people are most surprised to hear is that the team is made up of completely local volunteer firefighters and is not funded by any agency. Your support of our team is extremely valuable and will keep us operating for the coming year.

Come on by the Garberville town square and enjoy the BBQ and Farmer’s Market and meet some of the most awesome volunteers of our community.

Also you could win a water tank. Humboldt Rotational Molding is donating one to be auctioned off to benefit SHCTR Team. This 4750 Gallon Rain Catchment Tank is worth almost $2800 and would be a great score.



  • Technical rescue is a godsend! They even came out for my dog once, without hesitation! And that kept me from needing to put myself in danger. And homemade snausages are one of the best things on Earth.

  • Yum,bomb!!Wish I could go. Good luck!! I hope for a beautiful Day🌞

  • If you can’t make it to this fundraiser but want to support this life saving organization, you can make a donation to their account at the Credit Union. There’s a poster in the Credit Union with info.

  • I’ll second that Yum! I wish I could go too. Great cause, great people, great food, and great fun, all in one.
    I need to have a chat with my boss..

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