Stolen Black 2006 Toyota Tundra Pickup

black Toyota Tundra in the snowLast night, someone stole a black 2006 Toyota Tundra Access Cab, Limited Edition pickup with a black camper shell and roof racks from Foster Avenue in Arcata.

The truck had new oversized tires, a small white paint scratch on the front passenger bumper (not seen in photos), and an Alpinestars symbol sticker above 4WD emblem on the tailgate (seen in the photo below.) The license plate is 8U60512.

If you have any information, please contact the Arcata Police at (707) 822-2428.



  • I recall stolen vehicles have been found in Fairhaven on the beach, on both the Bay side and Ocean side.

  • Lots of rigs from Arcata getting stolen lately!

  • It’s about time our local law enforcement set up bait cars. They don’t have to be too elaborate because our criminals are pretty stupid. It would be more beneficial than arresting the same drunks 3-4 times a week.

    • Thinking allowed

      But they already arrest the same car thieves 3-4 times a week.

      • Good one !!!!!!!! I guess if they are giving bail to wanted, known, out of state felon sex offenders, there’s not much hope for your common car thief to stay in jail.

  • For the one’s that turn up at Fairhaven and Samoa, it’s usually small-time thieves and local criminals with older cars. Usually the newer stuff is ordered, popped into a covered van and delivered. Occasionally it’s just joyriding jerks. There are several places on 36 where vehicles are stripped and dumped and also a couple of places in Fortuna. Sometimes you get lucky and get it back before it resold or destroyed.

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