K9 Louie Located Chewing Tobacco and Heroin Near Inmate Work Crew, Says Sheriff’s Office

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeOn Wednesday, May 31, 2017 K9 Handler Colby Henson and his narcotic dog Louie were conducting routine searches of an outside work area where inmate work crews are located. K9 Louie made a positive indication in the work area. Upon further investigation of the area Deputy Henson located 68.8 grams of chewing tobacco and 12.1 grams of suspected heroin. This appeared to be an attempt to leave contraband for the inmate work crews to smuggle back into the Correctional Facility. The contraband was booked for destruction under HCSO Case #201702570.



  • Crimenal s always find a way .a friend of mine was in jail very recently ,and she said in the women dorm she was in she couldn’t believe the amount of heroin was being done in there .I guess the CO S in there don’t notice the women nodding every where .She said the women were all fffd up .come on Marco Luna tight up on your ship .,and bust some ass .Because your jail is full of dope.,and dopes.

  • 68.8 grams? Doesn’t that rise to the level of a federal felony? Somebody notify Sessions. Maybe Humboldt can finally get its share of US largess.

  • How does someone on the outside know where an inmate crew is working on a particular day? Sounds like the guards or someone in rank and file are leaking information so a contraband drop point can be established.

  • I read the headline wrong… took me a minute to realize my silliness: “K9 Louie located–chewing tobacco and heroin near inmate work crew…” was what i saw. As if Louie were lost and he’d been out on a bender, chewing up all the stuff he’d been trained to find.

    Glad i was mistaken!

    • That’s delightful! They’re usually amenable to suggestions if something is unclear. “Locates” rather than “located” would have helped here – but I like it better your way!

  • Yummy butthole chew and heroin?

  • I certainly hope that chewing tobacco and heroin did not seriously injure K-9 Louie. What was he doing near the inmates anyway?

    • Ed being a lawyer you would think you would read the article before commenting, it clearly says they were searching the area for contraband where the inmates were working, and found contaband, no dog was harmed. but then again you were up at 3am lol

    • I didn’t even know chewing heroin was a thing. Whatever floats your boat, or the canine equivalent. I hope Louie doesn’t have to knock off gas stations to get cash to support his heroin habit.

  • What? You can get DRUGS in jail?

    • Ummmmm hmmmmmm. O plenty. A one stop shop in the humboldt clink. Its a party after “visitation” day. Yeeee haawww😜 The “good behavior” dorm has all the perks. Tv,drugs,hot shower any time,candy commonsary,three meals…..why leave right?

  • There are two ways to get drugs in jail. In your but or the cops!!!

  • I’m sure glad they found that chewing tobacco, I feel safer already.

  • I misread the headline as did some. I thought of the movie Rush–the dog got into deep cover and became part of the world he was supposed to investigate.

  • i think better to have inmates doped up than inmates killing each other. who cares about the stupid chewing tobacco lol

  • I was in jail 20 years ago ,and I worked on the cal trans crew back then a correctional officer would pick her crew that morning ,and then you would take off to wherever she was going, so there’s no way you can inform anyone on the outside where you’re going to be because the phones were shutoff ,and the crew immediately went out to the work place .That being said it looks like to me a correctional officers could be on the take because they’re the only ones who know where you’re going to work for Caltrans that day.someone on the Correctional crew is leaking that information.I mean that’s the only way .unless a inmate on the north or south crews can put a drop off spot on both north ,and south ,so there is contraband at both worksites it’s a win win .now that’s the only way you can get the contraband, but once back in the jail you get a full body search butt hole and all ,but some inmates swallow a balloon ,and the get it out the next mourning bowl movement. The chewing tobacco that I don’t know how they would get it in the jail they check your boots too,but a inmate always find a way.

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