Junior Lifeguard Program: Learning and Fun!

Press release from the California State Parks:

California State Parks is pleased to announce that there will be two (2) sessions of its highly anticipated the North Coast Junior Lifeguards program. Located at Moonstone and Trinidad state beaches, the youth program is led by professional state parks certified ocean lifeguards from the local area and around the state.

Providing a positive learning experience while staying safe is the focus of each activity or skill that the Junior Lifeguard learns. The North Coast State Park Junior Lifeguard program’s goal is to educate the community’s youth about ocean safety and recreation.

Through extensive ocean interaction, exploration, and recreation, the North Coast Junior Guards gain knowledge and skills for use on and off the beach. After completing a session, every Junior Guard will demonstrate a heightened awareness and knowledge of the expansive Pacific Ocean—in all of its complexities and challenges.

The Junior Lifeguard program is designed for youth ages 8-16 and focuses on beach and ocean safety while providing a program of physical fitness, first aid, CPR, and other ocean oriented sports and activities. These may include competitions and traditional workouts such as swimming and running. The programs run from 10 a.m.to 3 p.m. (Monday through Friday) and are located at Moonstone Beach and Trinidad State Beach. The program dates are as follows:

⦁ 2017 Session I – July 10th – July 21st
⦁ 2017 Session II – July 24th – August 4th

Demand is expected to be high for the limited number of spaces available this summer, so sign up early! Please review the rules before registration to ensure an enjoyable summer for all. Participants must demonstrate basic swim and water skills via tryouts.

2017 Junior Lifeguard Tryouts
New Junior Guard’s must attend one tryout session and successfully complete it, before registration is complete. If you are a returning Junior Guard no tryout is needed.

Tryout dates: June 10th & 24th
11 a.m. to 12 p.m. (both days)
Arcata Community Pool

To secure a spot in the program prior to tryouts, send your application in with a $50.00 deposit to:

North Coast Junior Lifeguard Program
4150 Patrick’s Point Dr.
Trinidad, CA 95570
(The tuition balance of $350.00 will be due upon completion of the required tryouts.)

A typical day at North Coast Junior Guards starts with stretches and an assessment of the current ocean conditions to prepare junior guards for the day’s events. These events may include run-swim-runs, buoy swims, boogie boarding, body surfing, surfing, lectures on topics such as lifeguard skills (rescues and first aid), and shoreline games and activities. These events aim to educate each Junior Guard on how to safely maneuver on the ever-changing ocean conditions, the importance of a daily workout, and maximizing the enjoyment of living and recreating responsibly on the North Coast.

For more information about the North Coast Junior Lifeguards program please visit our website at: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=26889.

Please visit our Face Book page at California State Parks North Coast Junior Lifeguards
and our Instagram account @northcoastjrlifeguards



  • So happy to see this program. If you live on the north coast it’s very important you can swim. And ocean safety is very very important. Please get started early. I started with the red Cross to learn to swim,then jr.life saving. I could water ski at 3. I’m so grateful I learned early!!

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  • Lifeguards are something this county could use more of. Drowning is far to common around these parts. There are some who could use a good dunking!

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