Garage on Fire Near the Elk River Area

Burning structureSouth of Eureka a garage is burning as of 6:30 p.m. The garage is next to a two-story residence on the 6000 block of Avalon Drive.

Fire crews are on scene now.



  • Probably someone making dabs or a meth lab

    • NOT! Neighbors with small children. Most likely Rechargeable battery in garage that exploded. All safe. ASSumptions…geez

      • are you out of your mind?do you think that risk to the neighbors children(or their own) will stop these junkie/speedfreaks from trying to squeeze the last dollar out of their garbage weed? i think not.

  • Was there a vehicle in the garage?

  • Yes there was a car in the garage. I’m the neighbor that was spraying the fire with the garden hose. Sprayed it thru the garage door window until the fire department arrived.

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