Structure Fire in the Hoopa Area

Burning structureAs of 9:20 p.m., Hoopa Fire is fighting a large structure fire in the area of Tish Tang Road near Hoopa. Willow Creek Fire has been asked to send an engine to assist.



  • They sure know how to have a hot time in Hoopa!

    • A good time to play, ‘burning down the house’…?
      I personally like Bonnie Raitts live version.

  • How about “Settin’ The Woods On Fire??? Any version!!!

  • My friend's home

    How about some compassion for the family that lost their home and possessions?

    • Why? Does it make you feel good to post good things in the comment section? Self gratification much?

      Thoughts and prayers for the family and all their possessions! Mmmm, oh, yes, i have a chub now.

      • Hopefully, this will happen to you and you will be treated the same way.

        • Treated? I’d be too busy dealing with the aftermath to read the comments on kym kemp’s website. Everyone praying are in a big circle jerk, patting each other on the back. If you really cared, you’d put down that bible and physically help them.

    • Hoopa Tribal Member

      Yes a very hard working sweet elder in the community.

  • This was an elderly woman home that burnt to the ground.
    Why do people have to be so rude, and make rude comments. She is already sad, she lost a lifetime of memories. Prayers to her and her family.

  • This site allows people to show the world. What jerks they are.

    • It’s devolving quickly around here. After seeing this unnecessary cruelty in these troll comments, which wouldn’t have happened had the house not been in Hoopa, I’ll be joining Ernie B. It’s too bad; even just a couple of months ago, this was a great blog.

    • If you want to see some REAL Jerks “around here” try going to Thunderdome at Lost Coast, there you can complain all you want about people being Jerks!!! Some of them will be only too happy to show you what a real jerk is!!!!

  • Just folks with nothing better to do but smoke the ganja and touch themselves. Condolences to the family. Never an easy way to deal with this sort of tragedy.

  • I’m so sorry for this woman!! I’ve lost my home twice in my lifetime to house fires. I know first hand what it feels like to lose everything you have!! I don’t have much,but I’ll share and try to help. Unless you’ve experienced this you’ll never ever know. This is life changing. And for some,they’ll never get their home back,THEIR HOME.and why are people being so mean?? She’s a human being

    • Hoopa Tribal Member

      Thank you for your kind words. The truth is there are many college educated, hard working, wonderful people here – but nobody wants to hear about that.

  • The elder’s home had been robbed in the last week. And now she and those living with her lost their home and a lifetime of memories. The trite curt comments posted in a few of the posts above reflect an all too common callous mindset of far too many folks. Yes folks will step up and help the elder. Prayers for protection, for encouragement and comfort is not vain contrary to the rude comments. If you have never suffered a major loss such as the kind elder has, then please pause a moment before you spew your trash talk.

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