[UPDATE 11:20 a.m.] Private Search for Missing Person Finds Fatal Quad Accident Near Briceland

Coroners Case

[Coroner’s icon created from crop of photo by Oliver Cory]

This morning a search by private individuals looking for a man missing for several days in the Briceland area discovered a tragic accident, according to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The man, who had not yet been reported missing to law enforcement, has been found deceased in a quad accident not far from the home he was renting.

UPDATE 11:20 a.m.: There is not believed to be any foul play nor is the quad believed to be stolen



  • Condolences to the family. So glad they found him.Theres far to many missing persons in HUMBOLDT!! I still hope and pray for those souls not found yet to be next to be discovered!🕊

  • Those things are dangerous. Almost died once myself. Sorry for the loss.

  • Them quads be dangerous. Hicks learn their lessons the hard way. Britney Spears niece nearly got killed ’cause her hick parents wanted her to look kewl.

    Parenting is a bitch. Bytches shouldn’t be parents.

  • Was this the fatality reported at Briceland and Seeley Creek?

  • Thinking allowed

    My sympathies to those who had such a sad conclusion to their efforts to locate him.

  • Hmmmm reminds me of a past swithenbank situation up AP way a few years bk, there was also a four wheeler involved .
    Less paper work if it’s declared a accident……

  • Am guessing that it’s not quads that are so “dangerous”, but rather the people riding them at high speeds, losing control. 3-Wheelers, on the other hand, are dangerous by design.
    Whatever the cause, my his family and friends find peace, and maybe some lessons learned, from his tragic death.

    • Wow! Keep your two cents next time if all you can do is lecture the dead on how they died. Apparently, you’re that one know it all that nobody likes and who doesn’t actually know it all!

      • Sorry you were displeased with my comment ‘M’.
        I notice that on RHBB (LoCO, etc) comments tend to shoot off in their own direction, often away from the original story. So, knowing that is common, I was responding to a related, and I think worthwhile ‘conversation’ thread about quad-type vehicles. Earlier someone had said ‘quads are dangerous’. I suggested they are not dangerous, and went on to site that similar vehicles are dangerous (thus, maybe there is some confusion). I also made it a point to give difference to the tragic death in the story all our comments followed.
        BTW. Not sure how a person can “lecture the dead on how they died”. I do know that calling some attention to tragedies can, with some sensitivity, help prevent other such needless deaths.
        Oh. And. Are you a Troll???

        • I agree wholeheartedly with you Ben. In the wake of a tragedy sometimes the harsh realities need to be looked at. Maybe the family/friends/loved ones of this man will find something positive, maybe the young children in this family will always wear a helmet while on a quad because of this. I appreciate that you did not place blame on the victim or jump to conclusions, because none of us know what lead to this accident. Lots of things could have lead up to this. AND you make an excellent point… 3 wheelers are inherently dangerous, quads are not nearly as dangerous when ridden in a responsible manner!

          M – I would guess by your defensive response that you knew the victim, (yes this is just my assumption so if its wrong I apologize). If that is the case, I am sorry for your loss. Losing someone in an accident is so difficult, no warning, just one day life is normal and the next day it has changed completely. Prayers to this mans family.

  • What a crazy story. Condolences to his family and friends.

  • So sorry for the rider and the family…very sad situation.
    To all you people that think it is appropriate to make rude comments …what if this was your loved one? Shame on you!

  • you gotta be super careful with ATVs. people think, oh ive got 4 wheels im safe. NOT! i have had a very close experience with death after flipping an atv, and i lost my cousin to an atv accident.
    My condolances to the family, i know your pain

  • My condolences to his loved ones. I hope he’s the type who’ve left smiles on faces with his “Wow! What a ride!”

  • RIP my good friend. U were the best. I still have ur furniture. Thank u. Dave u will b greatly missed.

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