Motorcycle and SUV Crash Causing Traffic Backup on 101

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA Ford Excursion and a Yamaha motorcycle collided on northbound Hwy 101 around Loleta Hill about 3:45 p.m. Traffic was temporarily halted and backed up for over 10 minutes. An ambulance responded to the scene.

At this point, about 4:15 p.m., the traffic is flowing again



  • People PLEASE watch where you are driving be aware of others on the road especially the smaller ones such as bikers!!!! Motorized or OTHERwise I have a LOT of biker friends whom I don’t want to lose!!! I have few enough friends as is!!!

  • Thinking allowed

    Motorcycles are so easy to miss and many are driven in ways that make them difficult to react to timely. Just a couple of days ago some guy on a super speedy one suddenly zipped by the car behind me (and maybe farther back from that) and myself to pass a slow car in front of me. I had just put on my signal to pass myself when he startled the heck out of me by being right next to me. I knew he was not visible a split second before. He was going very, very fast.

    It’s not always the car driver who is at fault, even at times when they legally are. Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done.

    I appreciate and try to give extra room to motorcyclists who get my attention with flashing lights or other means. And who respect the rules of the road. With the understanding that they are not always easy to see.

  • one more wreck to add to the books hope the person on the bike .is ok.

  • Is there an update on this accident on Loleta hill

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