MISSING: Search and Rescue Attempting to Locate Willow Creek Man

Joe Crawford

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Wednesday May 24th, 2017 the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a missing person report from the mother of 26 year old Joseph Barriga-Crawford of Willow Creek. Joseph was reported to have left his home on Tuesday May 23rd at approximately 5:00 p.m. after an argument. A short time later Joseph was seen sitting next to Hwy 299, near the Rite Spot Trailer Park, just east of Willow Creek. Deputies initially responded and searched the immediate area but were unable to locate Joseph. Joseph did not return home and has not been seen since.  Joseph’s actual direction of travel is unknown, making search efforts of the rugged wooded area much more difficult.

Joseph is diagnosed with manic depression and bi-polar disorders. Joseph is described as being 6 foot tall, weighing 195lbs, and having blue eyes and short brown hair. Joseph was last seen wearing blue jeans, a blue T-shirt, black shoes and a red hat.

On Sunday May 28th, a family member found a pair of socks on National Forest Service land, north of the Friday Ridge Rd area, that possibly belong to Joseph. Deputies responded to the area, along with a CHP airplane and the area was searched, however Joseph was still not located.

On Wednesday May 31st, a larger scale search of the area was initiated by members of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Sheriff’s Posse Search and Rescue team. Two California certified search and rescue dog teams are also assisting in the search efforts. As of this time search efforts are currently underway.

Anyone with information regarding Joseph’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Joe Crawford

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  • Coastal People looking for Sun!

    Coming back from Trinity Village on Sunday around 12:15p and saw a gentleman who looked very similar wearing what i thought was a red hat with the letter “C” which i assumed was the Cavs logo. He was past the Campora station, walking east. My initial thought was that he looked pretty ‘clean’ to be walking the 299 this time of year. I know, not great to stereotype, but compared to the many others we passed on the road he had a much smaller bag/backpack and he wasn’t dirty and tore up like the others.

    Hoping he can get the care he needs!

  • Hoping he is found, soon & well or at least alive!!!

  • He’s 26 years old. Is he really missing?

  • Really? The second photo?

  • Every article says he is diagnosed with manic depression and bipolar disorder. They are the same thing. Manic depression is the old name for it.

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  • Hey “Perspective”, how do you feel now since he’s dead? He was found in the river. How would you feel if your family didn’t look for you just because you are an adult? (Or are you? Pretty immature perspective so maybe I spoke too soon). Anyone not concerned with a missing person is void of compassion and a waste of life.

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