Kayaker Attacked by Dogs in the Eel River on Sunday

dog bite

The bite mark on the woman Kayaker’s arm. [Photo used with her permission.]

On Sunday, two dogs swam out into the Eel River after three kayakers and one attacked a woman.

The three boaters were south north of Hidden Springs Campground and north south of Myers Flat when they saw two dogs running along the beach. According to our source who wished to remain anonymous, “They didn’t bark. They didn’t growl. They were excitedly pacing back and forth.” After a short time, the dogs lunged into the water. Both dogs swam up to the woman kayaker and one of them bit her on the arm, puncturing her jacket and her flesh.

The kayaker fought them off with her paddle and fled in her kayak. The dogs continued to swim purposefully after the kayakers until they were left behind.

Eventually, the woman was taken to the emergency room at Garberville Hospital. “She did have some pretty significant punctures,” explained our source. “What if it had been a child there? …Those dogs could have torn somebody apart.”

The dogs are described as medium-sized, grayish/brownish pit bulls that were wearing collars. If you have any information about this situation, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251



  • Where’s State Parks and there dog Nazi police when you need them.

  • Shouldn’t get so close to a grow, same thing everywhere in sohum

    • Concerned citizen

      Are we supposed to know where the grows are???

      • Everywhere is a grow, duh. 😉

      • No concerned you are not. But you are supposed to recognize unhelpful bs even when it posing as advice.

        I’m sorry to read this happened to someone. How scary. I want to say thank you for reaching out through kym’s site so we can all know to watch out. I was kayaking the same day, but stopped well before that reach of the eel.

        Those dogs need to be put down. Breed notwithstanding.

    • [edit]Has it realy came to that. Ill defend myself or my kid from any asshole or his dog who threatens me on the river, Fuk that shit.

  • Covelo or busted

    KILL ALL PITBULLS DEAD!!!!!!!! To be on the river without heat these days is simple insanity! Coulda had 2 trophies. I really think we should put a bounty on them…

    • Veterans friend

      I have a pitbull. Shame on you. They are not the only dogs that bite, and most of them are good dogs.

      • I have multiple family members with pitbulls (3 of them, actually). They were/are all amazing, wonderful, friendly dogs, until something triggers them and they turn violent. People let their guard down around them because they are so friendly, and it doesn’t take much to scare them and they snap.

      • Pit won't bite.

        My pit doesn’t bite. Can do anything to her and she will not bite. Pull poke drag by tail etc 6 years not one aggressive growl.

      • These are obviously not good dogs…

      • You’re right they are wonderful and loving …right up until the moment they kill someone.

      • From Dogsbite.org. They compile data from reported attacks throughout the US.

        “31 U.S. dog bite-related fatalities occurred in 2016. Despite being regulated in Military Housing areas and over 900 U.S. cities, pit bulls contributed to 71% (22) of these deaths. Pit bulls make up about 6% of the total U.S. dog population.2
        Together, pit bulls (22) and rottweilers (2), the second most lethal dog breed, accounted for 77% of the total recorded deaths in 2016. This same combination also accounted for 76% of all fatal attacks during the 12-year period of 2005 to 2016.
        The breakdown between these two breeds is substantial over this 12-year period. From 2005 to 2016, pit bulls killed 254 Americans, about one citizen every 17 days, versus rottweilers, which killed 43, a citizen every 102 days (Related graph).
        In 2016, the combination of pit bulls (22), their close cousins, American bulldogs (2), and rottweilers (2) contributed to 84% (26) of all dog bite-related fatalities. Both American bulldog cases involved dogs acquired in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
        Labradors and their mixes contributed to 3 deaths in 2016, followed by 6 breeds, each with 2 deaths: American bulldog, Belgian malinois, doberman pinscher, German shepherd, mixed-breed, rottweiler and 2 cases with unreleased breed data.
        Annual data from 2016 shows that 42% (13) of the fatality victims were children ages 9-years and younger and 58% (18) were adults, ages 30-years and older. Of the total adults killed by canines in 2016, pit bulls were responsible for 67% “

      • Not the ONLY but statistically the MOST FREQUENT and the ones that do the most damage. They kill a person in the US on an average of every 13 days. They attack an average of 86 times every month. The damages they do are rated by the Insurance Institute at 3000 which means for every other damage claim by normal dogs of $1, the insurance industry pays out $3000. This is a ratio of 1:3000. 1 in 400 Pits/pb mixes will attack. Hmm sounds like something people are comfortable with, right? BUT normal dogs only attack at 1 in each 50,000…. and it’s a ‘bite’ not a rip, shred, deglove, descalp, take chunks of flesh from arms and legs and rip hands and feet from humans. [Edit: the image you attached needed to give viewers the option of choosing to see it or not. Please link to it but don’t post it.]

        • For those of you who put Labradors/Labrador Mixes in one of the higher statistics, you might want to remember that there are more Labs registered in this country than any other single breed.

    • They're misunderstood

      Not all pitbulls are aggressive, my 5 year old is the biggest baby you’ll ever meet, the only thing she’ll do is lick you to death. on the other hand better watch out for my chihuahua!!!

      • That’s what they all say. Yet children are mauled all the time by the sweetest kindest most wonderful pit you would ever meet.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          And children are molested by the guy that would never do such a thing. Not in a million years. So by yours and many other clueless people’s ways of thinking this means all male humans are child molesters right? After all it’s just a matter of time before we all molest right?

      • Of course not ‘ALL’ pit bulls are aggressive. Statistically speaking, there is no such thing as ‘all’ nor ‘none’ as there is always an exception. And yes, Chihuahuas are the nastiest of small dogs but you can dislodge them easily. Pits you have to hit with baseball bats, ribar poles, 2x4s and shoot them to get them to stop an attack. Pit Bulls and mixes = TOE TAG and Chihuahuas = a bandaide …. maybe. They should not be used for comparison.

    • it’s not the dogs that are bad it’s their owners, they are the ones that should be punished and the dogs taken away from them. and no, I don’t own any pit bulls .

    • its not the breed its the owner.. I’ve had a pit bull for 12 years 10 of which had been around my daughter and 1of those around my son. And they just adore each other.. My son can pull on his lip all day and he doesn’t even bat an eyelash At him hes the biggest teddy bear I’ve ever seen

      • It’s the not the breed nor the owner it’s anatomy, my 6 pound dog will bite the living shit out of you if you mess with him, everyone thinks it’s funny. If your pitbull or any big dog has a moment like that, somebody could get hurt. Dogs running loose is the problem in this story.

      • Why do you encourage your son to mistreat your dog? You’re doing neither of them a favor–not your dog because pulling on its lip is cruel, and not your son when he tries that with a less-tolerant dog.

      • at some point you’re going to regret allowing your children to do that and then it will be too late. PBs are nice and goofy until the nanosecond they aren’t. [Edit: the image you attached needed to give viewers the option of choosing to see it or not. Please link to it but don’t post it.]

    • Covelo or Busted,

      If ur trying to be Funny, well U ARE NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

      As I read where she was bit(her are) It took me back to when I was bitten many, many moons ago! I was bit by an Actual Working Police Dog!

      But the Main Reason why ur NOT funny is that they NEVER ONCE said what kind of “Dogs” they were‼️so Dude Get A Clue AND don’t jump to conclusions about “dogs” not all Pits act a fool like the ones you’ve come across, or your own!!
      I hope you have A Great Great Day!

      • Umm, bottom paragraph it says exactly what kind of dogs they were

        ‘The dogs are described as medium-sized, grayish/brownish pit bulls that were wearing collars’

      • They did write in the article that the dogs were in fact pit bulls…

    • Your a dickhead covelo

    • “Dog will hunt….dog will hunt.”

    • Shit sounds like a bounty should be put on you. It isn’t the dam breed it’s the owners. I am so sick of hearing people bash puts when the should be bashing the people who turn pits thay way. Trust an believe my pit is the most friendliest dog around an if anyone was to hurt her cause of her breed of be on a ass stomping mission.

      • They are bred to fight and be aggressive. That’s what they were selected for. I have no idea why they are so popular, I think maybe because they resemble their meathead owners. Some exceptions obviously so save your indignant responses, but you know I’m mostly right!

        • Actually it’s more exceptions than those in the “Norm” I have read many more posts proclaiming the gentleness of said animals than I have of them deliberately attacking an innocent person for No Good Reason!!!

        • Sleepy Alligator

          They are not all bred to fight! They were not created to fight! The ones that are bred to fight are bred by lowlife shitbags that should never be allowed to own a dog in the first place. These ones that attacked these people are obviously owned by very irresponsible people and it’s sad that the dogs have been formed to be the way they are. And if they’re swimming out to attack people they are probably beyond repair. They do not represent the entire breed though. So sick of uninformed robots saying they were bred to fight! Stop believing the hype! Create your own thoughts!

        • Hmm my rant for the day

          Arrogance at its finest!!!!!!

        • Capitalist pig

          If I ever catch any pitbull on my property it will be shot on sight I have children I just don’t take a chance. How’s that for punctuation

        • You need to stop generalizing!!!! Bottom line is there are irresponsible dog owners!!

          • Nope you’re wrong.

            • Thinking allowed

              Oh I think she is right. There are lots and lots and lots and lots of irresponsible dog owners. Does her love of her dog, even if she is not delusional about it, mean that someone else gets a pass on their dogs that can kill people?

              If bad owners are the problem, then try them for the murder their dogs have done. For they certainly chose their dogs for their intimidation value. If cuddling were truly the criteria, everyone would own Maltese.

      • I’m so sick and tired of people who say this. They ate the exact same people responsible for s small child’s face being ripped apart. The pit was the sweetest most loving gentle dog ever! …right up unt the moment it ripped a child’s face off. They are never violent. They are always so sweet!! But yet people are mauled everyday by that sweet puppy. You just CAN NOT fix stupid.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Well damn bummer for you then!

        • No….. to think that only pitbulls attack is stupid. All dogs are unpredictable no matter the breed. You just don’t hear about the stories where the loving Labrador retriever attacked a child or their owner. C’mon people really? Common sense here. The problem is pitbulls are very smart, easy to train, and loyal and idiot people take advantage of the that and train them for the wrong reasons. I’ve had multiple breeds of dogs thru my years and I have to say my pitbull is the best dog I’ve ever had and trust him more than any other dog I’ve owned.

          • Covelo or busted

            Pit bulls are smart? That is the best laugh today. Smarter than their owners maybe…. Border collies are a SMART breed ……way smarter then pit bull crankers…….Ever hear of a border collie attacking tourists in a kayak?……A border collie ripping a childs face off?

        • That’s exactly right. Stupid is leaving a grown dog around around a child by their self.

    • Please educate yourself. It’s not about the breed, it’s about the training (or lack of training) they receive.

    • Animals are a product of their owners.

    • Not the breeds fault, it’s the people who raise them. My pit is the sweetest thing you ever saw wouldn’t hit anything and you want to kill her. You’ll have to kill me first.

    • ‘Beyond the Myth: The Truth About Pit Bulls’


      (full movie)

    • [edit] Do you EVEN believe this story?

    • Not all pitbulls are bad killing all of them won’t serve the purpose just like all teenage boys are not bad I’m a Geordie of them are the killing them all won’t change a thing

    • James M. McManus

      That’s some real coward bullshit.
      Don’t blame the breed.
      I Own one. Blame the
      Owner not the dog. Fact!
      Dog does according to nature.
      The breed isn’t vicious.
      Actually quite the opposite.
      More people are bit by the
      Yorkie breed than pits.
      Pitbulls are like White People.
      Always deemed as evil.

    • James M. McManus


      Throughout this country in different counties and towns pitbulls are banned.
      A total of 6 people were killed by
      Pit Bulls last year in this country.

      Blacks account for 12% of the US population in the United States half
      in prison on parole making then to be
      6-7% of physical population in this country.

      They cried police shooting black people only 1% of blacks are killed by cops while the other 70 plus % are killed
      by other black people.

      Yet they accounted for 70% of all the homicides killing over 20,000 people in the past year

    • [edit] Pitbull are a product of there environment all are not vicious. Thank God your not judge and jury.

    • [edit] Pitbulls are life

    • Do you even “THINK” before you write your reply..Im so sick of people stereotyping pits to say all pits should be killed cause thier meanis like saying..all Polish are unintelligent, all Italians can cook and are short and fat, all Irish are drunks with pointy ears, all Native Americans smoke weed and are mean, of course thiers many more its not the breed of a dog that makes them mean its the assholes like you that get an animal they dont know nothing about except the fighting part so the abuse the animal and make them mean because thier cowards and cant handle the dog .Thier actually a very loving,reliable, fun to be with dog who will love unconditional.nuff said know your actual facts before speaking a-hole and if I was a dog even a little Yorkie Id bite you which bite more people in a year then a pit does but its not reported cause thier little and people like you think thats funny….l

    • [edit] it not the breed .a winnin dog wiggled out and latched on to my son once, it’s happens some times,& or it could be how they were raised! But it’s not the breed!

  • Did I need to know about this?

    • Option: Scroll on by…

      • Thanks Kym, we do want to stay informed. Makes me want to go hunting.

        • It’s just pot grower’s dogs it can’t be their fault (the growers) because their busy sucking all the water they can(the salmon and the Steelhead don’t need anymore because they are gone and don’t know it yet) you the county,and you the state should hang your head. We have lost a great treasure and no one gives a flying fuck. FUCK ALL GROWERS!

      • EXACTLY!!! Don’t like it don’t read it, that’s a simple solution you might try before you start to complain about it being published!!!! Some who are reading this may want to traverse the river soon themselves & this way they can be alert & watching for the mutts!!!

    • Veterans friend

      Yes you did, if you ever go to the river. Or have friends who do.

    • No you don’t, I hear the river is nice by Myers flat you should go check it out, ( I hear if you rub steak on your body it keeps you from getting sunburn)

  • I know I’m old but that doesn’t look like any bite mark to me. Maybe a scratch from a paw but I would wonder about the people who reported this. I have never heard of a dog that would swim out in water to bite someone and I’ve worked with animals all my life. Not to old to learn though.

  • Exactly why you have a pistol on you when you kayak. I’ve seen issues in the exact same area. Luckily the owner swam out and grabbed the dogs. I’ve also seen dogs roaming about with know one around. It’s pretty easy to turn them into squaw fish food if they don’t back off.

  • Same old same old

    Carry a good sharp knife and pepper spray gel EVERYWHERE. It’s not safe out there , as this story illustrates. Be ready at all times .

  • Thank you for giving us all a heads up! I guess we all need to be cautious of any unknown dogs!

  • Dope Grower Scum of Myers Flat. They’re all Tweakers from places like Wisconsin, have put-bulls running wild and name their trash-dump lots things like “Eden Farms”
    Parasites of the community.

  • On a possibly related side note, I flew into the Mck airport from San Francisco at 11pm last night. I guess the fact that it is early season and everyone is supplementing light in their greenhouses but the number of fully lit up hoop houses visible was mind numbing. You haven’t seen anything until you fly over Mendo/Hum in the springtime at night. Shocking too me.

  • Capitalist pig

    I just got back from a one hour hike in the creek on our property with my two-year-old son While on this hike my neighbors dogs started barking and I realized I forgot my Glock that I normally carry on my hip my neighbors mock me for this. Always carrying a gun. In this day and age folks when you are out in the wild on the river and the woods you need to have some sort of protection pepper spray or a fire arm I live in Mendocino County and we have the most awesome sheriff and he encourages people to get a concealed carry weapon permit which my wife and I do possess in my opinion the most dangerous thing around here are other people’s dogs Out-of-towners coming into work for the summer bringing their dogs you just don’t know who is out there and what kind of dogs they have protect yourself people years ago a friend of mine was attacked by his neighbors mastiff the only reason he was able to get away he had a Glock in his pocket and was able to put the dog down only after the dog literally shredded his left arm

    • Have some sympathy for grammar, just a few periods and commas to save someone’s breath… wow.

      • He likely thinks “Grammar” is referring to his Grandmother!!!! “What about my Grammar”???

    • Same old same old

      Pepper spray GEL is the best. Won’t blow back in your face and sticks to whatever you target.

  • Capitalist pig

    Thank you Kim for alerting the community to this menace you do a great service to us all

  • Want some wine lady

    I’ve been scratched worse walking to the river , get a life. And they probably weren’t even pure pitt. Look up dog bites and see how many people are bitten by pitts

    • I kind of agree, not a very bad bite. But still pretty scary if you’re on a kayak I bet. I like to imagine all these Clint Eastwood wannabe commenters kayaking around with a gun and shooting anything that moves. Gimme a break

  • My pit is so loving,sweet,she’d lick you,nuzzle up,and give little kisses. Never ever bite anyone or thing. It’s all in how you raise them!!!

    • Man you pit lovers don’t get it! They are sweet (esp to their owners) then when they pack up or get challenged they go from 0-to-apeshit and it has nothing to do with the owner being bad or whatever. It’s what THEY WERE BRED FOR. Just like my cattle dog can’t help nipping my tires or whatever. Whenever you pit bull people say “oh my dog is the sweetest blah blah” I’m slapping my forehead. At least get them fixed and give every animal shelter in the country a break!

      • Want some wine lady

        They were breed to fight dogs, not bite people, just the opposite,dogs that would bite were breed out. IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT , DONT TALK!!!

      • Sleepy Alligator

        “when they pack up or get challenged”

        Okay “packing up” only happens with irresponsible dog owners dogs. Responsible dog owners dogs are never in a position to “pack up”. In my lifetime I’ve had three pitbulls who all lived to be 12-15years old. In that 20+ years not once were my dogs in a position to “pack up”. Not once were any of them aggressive toward anyone. And not once did anyone who met either of them walk away without completely being in love with them. Some people’s negative views on the breed were changed completely. And I miss everyone of them still and always will.

        As for the dog ” getting challenged” well what does that even mean? If you mean someone provoking the dog then you can’t blame any dog for acting out. Anybody provoking a dog is an asshole anyway. If they’re provoking my dog then they’ll probably be better off if the dog gets them before I do.

        Either way your argument is still about human issues not a breed issue. Just like the rest of your opinions on this subject you are misinformed, ignorant, narrow minded, etc.

        • sorry man I can tell it’s an emotional issue for you. I love dogs, I know dogs my whole life. I’m just making the point, they are bred to fight. Sure they are sweet most of the time, but I have seen them change like a light switch when they get pissed. I’ve seen it multiple times with this breed.
          But if you’re the kind of guy that like to look tough with a pit bull in your lifted truck, then like I said, perfect dog for you. It says a lot about your personality. And the personality of us as a community when you see how many are in the pound.

        • Agree 100% well said

      • No…..they are TRAINED to do that not bred.

  • If you have a gun, carry you concealed weapons permit too. Dog spray is legal and easier to hit a movingtarget in water. If your that anxious about it. Also killing a dog to make it fish bait for squaw is stupid since that’s a fish that eats our native fish eggs and babies. Their not good eating either. It’s always a matter of opinion on what breed is a bad breed. Some dogs of all breeds are aggressive. It’s really the handler not the dog. But I agree, I’ve never heard of a dog swimming to attack. But I have really never heard it all either.

  • This blog showed me not all pit bulls are bad dogs. Thank you, folks, for the education.

  • Too many pit bulls, and too many kayaks! Recreating in our county attracts higher numbers of adventurers
    Puncture wounds are painful, anyway good job fighting off the beasts with the paddle!

  • My great grandparents who’ve had pets all their lives, love to tell the stories of them. One dog was as mean as a rattler, another was as sweet as candy. Several were indifferent to everything except dinner time. Their pets seem to be as individual as they are.

  • There are no bad dogs, just bad trainers.

  • Capitalist pig

    Anybody remember Mark antonsen and what his pitbull did to his little nephew kid didn’t even make it to the hospital

  • Capitalist pig

    There are no bad tigers onlybad trainers

  • Capitalist pig

    In GeneralThe vast majority of black people cannot and do not use proper grammar just like The vast majority of Pitbulls cannot control themselves when they snap and they eventually do especially when there’s more than just one of them I don’t care what anybody says if I’m out walking on my morning walk and I see three pit bulls coming towards me I’m going to be scared s*****ss just like if I was in Oakland at night and three black men were walking toward me these are just the facts people admit it stop trying to sugarcoat it Pitbulls are dangerous

  • I spent some time growing up in Fresno. I observed that there are certainly still bloodlines of “pitbull” type dogs that are prone to aggression. However, even a dog that is not naturally aggressive can pick up on their owners expectations, and become very aggressive. Trash people are attracted to these dogs because of the breeds’ reputation. (that’s ok, sometimes trash people get things right)
    This is mostly true of the American Pitbull Terrier (there are over a dozen breeds of dog that are lumped under into the term “pitbull”).

    Far more relevant is the potential damage that can be done by a powerful breed of dog. I agree with Cesar Millan (the dog whispers) that small dogs like chihuahuas are the most aggressive and prone to bite, and far less likely to be reported.

    There are some big problems with the ways that dog bite data is collected, recorded, and analyzed. I mean BIG problems, that completely invalidate the interpurtations.

  • Hope the gal does not have to get rabies shots. Appears to wise to carry some type of weapon while on the river.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Dogs around meth can carry the flesh eating disease that gives those red spots on their faces.

    The dogs pick it up my licking a tweaker hand, licking a plate of meth residue, etc.

    My friend needed a skin graft after being bit by a tweaker dog.

    If it wasn’t for marijuana, there would be no meth.

  • Capitalist pig

    Capitalist pig you are truly a pig

  • Capitalist pig

    Wow Kim my wife called it you are on it good job!!

  • Capitalist pig

    I love you bridge chump never stop commenting you make me laugh

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Pitbulls are the most affectionate breed of dogs out there. They love people, and belly rubs, and snoozing on your lap, and they especially love getting and giving as much love as possible. Anyone who hasn’t experienced this joy in life should make a point to get to know a pitbull on a personal level. They are more personal and affectionate than any other dog you’ve known. Of course any dog who falls under the guardianship of animal abusers will have issues and unfortunately it’s the Pitbull that is sadly often in this type of situation. For all you people who are too narrow minded to understand the truth about pitbulls I am sorry for you that you will never get to experience the love that pitbulls have to offer.

    • I appreciate your love for this under-appreciated breed. I hope you would at least admit these dogs are way overpopulated and are pretty much the only breed of dog in any SPCA shelter in the country. So I hope you have your special sweet pit bulls spayed/neutered so the rest of taxpayers don’t have to pay for your dogs’ offspring.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Apparently you’re not the brightest bulb in the box! Once again you’re talking about people problems, not breed problems. Of course the breed is overbred ……..by people! Unfortunately and sadly yes the shelters are full with pitbulls and pit mixes because of irresponsible people! And no you’re tax dollars are in no way spent on my dogs. That’s just stupid!

        • The shelter is run by tax dollars, and it’s full of pit bulls. So yes I have a problem w too many damn people breeding pit bulls. Humans created pit bulls so yes it is a human problem, I never argued that point. So… what’s your point? They are sweet dogs? Yes, they can be. But I’ve seen very good dog owners raise very sweet pit bulls and then they have a freak out and have to be put down. I’ve seen it twice with friends. I even had a pitbull / Rott cross at one point that became so vicious towards other dogs he had to be kept in a pen most of his life. It sucked! He was sweet but very aggressive towards other dogs. Just saying, they were bred to fight a long time ago before they were ‘fashionable’ as pets so it’s no surprise that they are usually the type of dog that you read about in this kind of story. Also almost always the dog of choice for 1) douchey grow-bros 2) homeless kids in Arcata 3) insecure little guys in big trucks 4) fat rednecks

          • Sleepy Alligator

            If you don’t get my point by now then I give up because you’re obviously not capable of ever getting it.

  • Everyone always says pit bull did it
    . I think u all are a bunch of ignorant sob’s. Anyone who says that all pit bulls should be killed are just plain stupid. Mine is a gentle Bubba dog . Go ahead and mess with me. Animal cruelty is barbaric. It’s very tragic what happened to this woman, but quit blaming every bite on a pit bull

  • Capitalist pig

    I will work on my grammar . It’s not misses klucks I just not a good student

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    We need a law that states for every dog bite 1000 growers will be deported from The United States.

    I’ll raise herds of pit bulls on raw meat and chili powder, and set them free.

    There would be no dog bites if it weren’t for marijuana growers.

  • As a long time “large breed” owner,it’s just common sense-know where and what your large dog is doing 24/7!! My mastiff/pit is never off leash unless we are in a quarry w/no one around…for sure! She’s a baby with me-but that’s me…not you! She won’t go out the door unless she has a leash on as she was trained to do! I have too much $ in my dog to not know where she is!!

    • Helen I agree with you. I keep my pit on a leash at all times. A short one at that. I have had Great Danes, and Dobermans. I have to say I love my pit the most. I have a Yorkie and a Pomeranian that live side be side with my pit.

  • I know it’s soooo fun to blame the “vicious Pitbull” but there’s an angle that I don’t think anyone’s considered: what if the dog thought he was rescuing the kayaker? There were no growls or obvious signs of aggression and those bites aren’t actually bad (working with dogs ten years, I know what bites look like). Both dogs were visibly agitated, but only one bit. They’re dogs… They can’t interact with the world except by using their mouth. What if the dog was trying to get a hold of the woman to pull her to safety? Swimming around, trying to grab at her means the dog probably didn’t have great control. This makes way more sense given how dogs behave than the idea that a dog would attack while swimming (deliberately provoking an attack where the dog was at a severe disadvantage). With the information available in this article, this is just as plausible a scenario.

    • It is possible but the main point remains that the dogs frightened and hurt someone because they were not under control by their owner.

      • Thinking allowed

        No one has said that maybe they were under the control of the owner who directed them to go get. I distrust pit bulls too, having had more problems with them than any other type.

        But it is odd for these dogs to have pursued into the water like they did. Just because the woman did not see someone, doesn’t mean they were not sent out.

      • I agree wholeheartedly Kym! This is not about dog breeds at all. It’s about irresponsible dog owners! No dogs should be allowed to run free. Where were these dogs owners? Had they been there with their dogs this situation might never have developed! Where are they now? The dogs have collars. Someone owns them. Please people, keep your dogs on a leash or fenced in. End of rant.

    • If the dog had ripped her throat out, you’d claim it was trying to give her an emergency tracheotomy. Nobody believes these dogs were trying to “rescue” anyone.

  • As soon as I read Pit Bull, I knew this thread would be a shit show about the breed. The point is aggressive dogs, not a particular breed. The dogs need to be found and possibly put down. This scenario could have turned out different. What if it was a parent with a toddler and small child? Find these dogs before something worse happens.

    On a second thought, I’m not sure what location, but on the local fishing forum, the past couple of years people have talked about being attacked or having to defend themselves from aggressive dogs on the river bar. I believe it was 2 pit bulls as well. Possibly the same ones?

  • Too bad… missed opportunity. Should have pushed those maulers underwater for a while. Well, they lived to maul another day.

  • Any dog will chase. Any breed will hunt. Dogs running wild, pack up, and dog-packs are dangerous. The way they think, changes. Domesticity disappears. When the chase is on it doesn’t matter what the prey.
    Dogs running wild are shot, collared or not. (Collars can be years old, dogs long wild retain collars).
    Kids have to walk to school, ride bikes, run and play. You wouldn’t let animals kill your stock, your guard dogs. You would kill a rattlesnake in your yard. You wouldn’t tolerate lions hunting your kids, yourself, why would you tolerate wild dogs simple because of their genetic makeup?

  • Covelo or busted

    132 comments and counting… What was the headline again? One might think this story was about yet another pit bull attack! Oh, excuse us…. DOG attack!

  • I agree. I have never heard of any dog swimming out to attack someone. We can talk ourselves to death and people will always be against pitts. Maybe we can blame them for the war in Afghanistan too. Only a foolish person let’s their dog run loose. They simply just don’t care. I’ve had dogs since I was 2 and have never had a bad one. No dog should ever be left unsupervised with a child. Kids can be rough. This is a fact. Why do we expect more from a dog than we do from a human. If someone pulls on me , hits me or kicks me they are not going to get a good reaction, yet we expect animals to have common sense, and know better. When u say all pitt bulls should be killed u make an absolute fool of yourself. All dogs are wonderful!!

    • By the way, I am 67 yrs old and I do have a pitt, Gsd, Shih tsu, and a collie mix. 1 cat . They all get along together and with other dogs. I have no fear only respect for them all. Who I don’t have respect for are those who generalize as a grp. The human race is a big disappointment. U cannot judge. U R not in charge. He gave them to us to care for and we are doing a very, very sad job of it.

  • Been there, done that.

    My friend and I were attacked on Samoa beach in 2008 by 2 pits and a pit/chow mix. One woman had those 3 dogs strolling on the beach after a long journey in the car. As they later got off their leashes to attack a rat terrier further down the beach, I turned my friend’s head and told her not to watch. I knew they would kill it. The rat terrier owner tried to intervene and was bit herself. At the point we felt we must go help. We pulled the dogs off with no fight. The owner of the 3 pits wanted us to help her to her truck. We reluctantly did. Half way to the parking lot the male I was walking relieved himself and then turned on me. Jumping multiple times at my face. I tried to throw him down with my arm to which he grabbed. The fight was on. As I struggled to get free, my friend tackled the male. Took us both to the ground, I fought to get up and it took her super human strength to get me back to my feet. We fought some more while the female pit bit her leg. Then owner attempted to grab the male pit’s leash, only to let the chow mix close enough to tear a hole in my leg while the blue nose was still latched to my arm. Eventually, after begging people passing by to help (they didn’t), my friend took my jacket off, down the the part of my arm he had a hold of, wrapped it around the male’s head and he let go. I took one look at my arm and saw only the bones, looked down and only saw muscle in my leg. We ran. We ran until I couldn’t run anymore. The ambulance took us to St. Joes. I underwent 3 hours of surgery and 3 days in the hospital. My friend was stitched up and released. After months of appeals the dogs were ordered destroyed. I still feel bad for them. They were jerks, but I blame the owner. It was her fault.


    Yes, this really happened. No it was not a scratch (there are 2 more canine marks on the underside of her arm that did not puncture the skin). Yes, we know it wasnt a bad bite (incidentally, there was a much worse bite in the ER that same day from a Laborador) and
    No, the victim is not a wimp.She fought the dog off with a paddle! We sought medical care due to concerns about rabies as we didnt know the dogs.
    She was given a Tetanus shot and antibiotics.
    The point of reporting this was to remind people to PLEASE be diligent about maintaining control of your dogs regardless of their breed. It would be so tragic if a child were killed or a dog had to be put down needlessly.

  • What you all seem to not understand is that the Terrier (which is what a pitbull is), Shepered, and Labrador, to name a few, are WORKING class dogs. What that means is they were bred to do a specific type of job. Whether it be to hunt or to guard, these dogs need a job to do. And training as well as a handler to work with them and keep them on track. If they are left to their own device’s they will find a ‘job’ on their own and get into trouble. It’s the irresponsible uncareing owner that is at the root of this problem. Those dog were left unattended. Most likely had little training as well. My guess is they were mostly a statuses ( oh look at my guard dogs) thing and not a pet.
    As for the dog attack stats, spare me. More people are bit by small breeds every year then by large breeds.
    Remember. 1st it was the Doberman then the Rottweiler, and now it’s the pitbull that is the villain. It should be the owners that pay for ruining and innocent puppy.

    • The Society for Civil Discourse

      Please read the statistics again,HDD. The post was about fatal dog bites, not all dog bites.

  • Too bad she didn’t have a large knife or a gun. When I used to go ocean kayaking I kept a large hunting knife in case a shark came at me, sounds like she had a land shark come at her.

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