Southern Humboldt’s Most Wanted

SoHum most wanted



  • Hmm, nice to see that Wade Harris is back in town. 🙁

    • Veterans friend

      Someone on another site said he attends children’s ball games in Fortuna mondays & wednesdays

  • Veterans friend

    We passed the substation yesterday on our way to the Veteran’s ceremony at the cemetary.
    4 sheriff cars parked there for more than an hour.
    Guess the speeders on Briceland road & the underage drinkers under the Miranda bridge were of no importance.
    Perhaps the deputies were studying this poster

  • They all look like outstanding citizens. They weren’t taught how to be a criminal in school. Wonder what happened?

  • The Times Standard needs to post all these dudes’ picture daily for exposure. Constant visual stimulation will make people remember their mugs. Otherwise a random “let’s look at the felons pics” won’t accomplish crap.

    • OR! People can just look at this week’s Redwood Times newspaper, where their photos are published this week. Think of it as being in the paper EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! Carry one in your back pocket (Yes. You need to fold it into quarters, or maybe 5ths) for easy access, to be a good citizen. YES! It could be YOU to turn them in!! (Then post a comment about it here, and, as they say in the Kinetic Race world, ‘get the GLORY!’).

  • Have you ever taken a look at the “Megan`s list” of child molesters? Almost all have rather rubbery facial features. I wonder if it`s some genetic defect?

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    What a handsome bunch of boys! I know your mothers are proud! I bet it makes you feel good to be wanted so much! Cheers! Excelsior! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

  • The Two on the bottom left can be seen in Redway on a daily basis. Either hanging at the post office or in the camps. Wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to find them.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Wade Harris mug on the back of a milk carton…

  • Just a concerned person

    Look at the violations
    Wade Harris is the least of your worries. A violation. Get your priorities in line
    And who are you to be judge and jury

  • Seriously people

    Did anyone think maybe his son plays. This town is so full of judgemental hypocrites.

    • Wade I want my fu_king chainsaw and rototilliler back you thieving douche bag .what’s wrong can’t remember what house I’m in , broke into to many to remember ..Piece ‘0’ SHIT

  • Great citations good gracious . grammer police please help me.

  • Released a devil

    Why in the world would they let Wade out to start with, cmon Maggie this is one of your biggest problems out there.He home invades ties people up and tortures them,suspected of murder in several cases,road rages at 100 mph the wrong way in the safety corridor with cops chasing,deals large amounts of heroin,gets in accidents under the influence almost kills his kid,runs from police risking others lives while packing stolen guns as a felon.This is just the tip of the ice berg.What more does it take to get him a permenant spot in pelican bay.As long as he’s out the citizens of this county and the surrounding county’s are in danger,he is an imminent threat to the public and has no business seeing the light of day

  • Round ’em up, and move ’em out.

  • Kym. You need to do a humboldts most wanted release page! I know for a fact some of these asshats do like a week n are back out. Itll be a service to the public and a reiality cheack on our justice system. Thanx

  • I think we need to be looking into the district attorneys office…….these scum bags are informants for them and they release within hours. Killers on the loose so we get more funding very sad….
    Seen dem all at my market in Pville in the daily
    Wade hours is a snitch, big meth bust wade snitch u out

  • Seriously people

    Maybe you should make sure your facts are straight before you post them. If Mr. Harris committed murder would be be walking the streets. If you weren’t hiding and had your name posted you could find yourself being sued. You are quick to pass judgement.

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