Quad Stolen From Fortuna

2014 Yamaha yfz450r special edition.Yesterday about 4 a.m., this 2014 Yamaha yfz450r Special Edition was taken from School Street in Fortuna. The vehicle was chained to a metal post but the chain was cut. 

“If found in original condition, we will pay a reward,” said the owner.

To help with identification, the plate number on the off road sticker is 77AJ19.

Anyone with information can contact the Fortuna Police at (707) 725-7550. Or, call the owners at either (707) 496-7800 or at (707) 496-0420.2014 Yamaha yfz450r special edition.


  • Food for thought

    Wake up fortuna cops, your town is being taken over! You guys do an amazing job, but if it’s not bolted down it gets stolen no matter where u are, we got screamers on the streets more regularly, the same tweakbag motels are still catering to tweak bags actively. and we need your help!!!! We need y’all to stay on top of them and not let this town slip down the hole. I’ve been here for several years and already am contemplating a move from seeing the rapid increase in crime. We know it’s a never ending battle but we’re counting on you to help fight that fight !

  • Sweet quad!! Hope you find it soon,it’s unique not to hard to spot!!

  • If You want change then cast votes to rid California of gov.brown and his cronies responsible for making laws that hurt the good folks and reward the bad. Fortuna pd is just enforcing those said laws. Sorry about the quad. You’ll probably never see it again. At least not in the same condition.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Right, we should vote for Republicans to finish Trump’s screw-America agenda. I have some problems with some California laws, but I don’t think Jerry Brown took the quad.

  • ya fpd what about the shithole tweeker nest up on rohnerville rd. Floyd hosingtons place ,and frank middletons tweeker hole .if you’ve lived in Fortuna for the last 20 or so years been a drug den for at least that long .when are you Fortuna police gonna clean out that tweekers hole .you guys are great at busting people with no seat belt or talking on your cell phone .maybe the city of fortucky just doesn’t want to pay the clean up on a meth lab .

  • Check with the one of the biggest thieves of Fortuna who lives on the corner of School and …..

  • Not hard to spot? Grandma are you not aware that one can simply change the appearance by rattlecan ? Besides you got millions of acres of forrest it could be anywhere by now.

  • tweakers tweakers everywhere…so scary to be around such scum….doing drugs is a choice..
    i used to do drugs many many years ago,but realized that if i was at the top of the heap,what a pile of shit i was sitting in,i did not steal,always kept a job,had my own place and realized that the people that were hanging around my circle were no good and i stepped away from that lifestyle and never went back…it has been over 25 years for me since i ever took drugs….
    if they do not realize what they are doing by now they are senseless and useless…
    lock them up for good and spare all of the hardworking good people from their life of utter scumbagism.
    they are no longer human and apparently never will be…good for nothing but causing pain and suffering wherever they go.
    remorseless and soul less….
    lock them up forever

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