Armed Robbery at 76 May Be Associated With Pickup Carrying an Appliance

Arcata Police Department’s press release:

On 5-30-17 at about 5:58 pm, the Arcata Police Department responded to a reported robbery at the 76 Gas Station located at 2205 Alliance Rd in Arcata.

Officers contacted the employee, who said a male subject entered the business, displayed what appeared to be a handgun wrapped in a bandana and demanded money. The suspect left the business with an undisclosed amount of cash and fled to the rear of the business.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic or dark complected white male adult, approximately 35-40 years old, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, large sunglasses, dark blue or black denim shorts.

A witness in the area saw a subject matching the description get into the passenger seat of a brown extended cab Dodge truck with a large white appliance in the bed and running boards. The vehicle was last seen traveling northbound on Chestnut Pl.

Officers obtained video from a nearby business that captured a vehicle matching the description leaving the area at the time of the incident.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contacted the Arcata Police with an appliance in back



  • Come on! It’s OBVIOUS!!! It’s a washing machine, to launder all the CASH he will steal!

    • Actually it is a chest freezer. saw them out my window at my neighbors before they robbed the station that same day Light skinned Mexican male passenger and a White tall thin dyed redhead female driver the Pick up is faded black

  • Just keep your eye out for that appliance in the back of the truck.
    Great pic. Looks just like the area close to the 76.
    I mean, sense the same gas station gets robbed about every other week, you’d think they’d have some good cameras installed by now….at least one pic of the actual robbery. I know, my expectations are just too much.

  • What is that ??? A truck melting ? Sooo many HD cams for cheap @ the local support you local business’s stores…. Cheers

  • Ernie branscomb has every kind of HD camera set up known to man .I SUGGEST the owner of this station go see ernie at radio shack in garb

  • NO it is a Chest freezer saw out front my window at the neighbors house just before they robbed the gas station

  • I saw a faded, primer-ish, dark colored truck on the side of the highway yesterday morning between Laytonville and Willits. CHP and a tow truck were there for a while. There wasn’t anything visible in the back of the bed, but maybe this was the same truck?

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