Armed Men Believed to Have Stolen 20 Pounds of Marijuana

mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOPress release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

On May 29, 2017 Deputies were dispatched to the 53000 block of North Highway 101 (Laytonville) regarding a theft.

Upon arrival Deputies contacted the occupant of the property at which time they learned that unknown person(s) had entered a shed on the property and took approximately 20 pounds of manicured bud marijuana. The property owner then followed what he believed to be human tracks, at which time he could see FOUR (4) Hispanic males walking through a meadow on the property. The property owner, from a distance, noted that one of the subjects was carrying what he believed to be an assault type rifle.

Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office (including a Canine team and elements of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team) and personnel from the California Highway Patrol conducted an extensive search of the area in an effort to locate the suspects in this case. No suspects were located nor was there any evidence located which would lead to the identity of the suspects in this case.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is requesting that any member of the public that may have information regarding this incident please contact us. Persons with information regarding this crime, or any other crime, who wish to remain anonymous may report information by calling 707-234-2100 or my e-mail at



  • Just here for a better life ?

  • So thieves stealing from dope growers.

    A pox on both their houses.

  • His loving wife 💜

    My husband wants to know if the property owner can write this loss off on his income taxes?

  • About a year ago on this site there was a story with photos of a Hispanic male trespassing in this area with photos of him carrying binoculars and wearing a handgun. They were game cam photos. Don’t know, could be related. I have the story bookmarked somewhere. Will try to find it.

  • Crusty McBiscuit

    Probably was the trimmers not getting paid and taking his weed. It’s always easy to throw a minority group under the bus to play the sympathy card. It gets a lot more anger than saying it was some white guys who did it.

  • Can some please point out Hispania on a map, I can’t seem to find if.

  • Mom Ain't Buyin' It

    Sounds like the caller was high on something or lost his weed stash some other way. In other words, the whole thing sounds bogus. Sheesh

  • How About the 4 missing men from Mendocino County? were they ever located? sounds suspicious especially if they are still missing….

  • Oh no, not Fundamentalist Hispanic Extremists again!

  • Like it or not, if there is a permit issued, this is no different than someone walking into your home and stealing your TV. It’s robbery. Look for more of this with sanctuary cities allowing and promoting undocumented to ignore the laws.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Yeah because it’s only undocumented foreigners who commit these types of crimes right? Try to be realistic when you comment.


  • Our hard earned tax dollars being used again for pot dealer tax evaders. I say the sheriffs departments should stop responding to dealer calls and let them pay for their own security.

    • Veterans friend

      You would be much more upset by the inevitable result of following that suggestion

    • Would you say the same thing to a grape farmer, a liquor store owner or a bank manager?

      • Grape farmers, liquor store owners, and banks pay income, sales, payroll, property (asset), and other taxes that support law enforcement. They pay into medicaid, SSI, disability, unemployment pools, etc.

        Most pot growers pay none of these. So whether or not you feel it should be a legal enterprise (I do), you can’t compare them to other businesses when it comes to contributions towards social services.

        Personally I cannot wait until it’s legalized nationally and Marlboro comes in and produces marijuana for a fraction of the price, making it cheaper while paying all the mentioned taxes, and having to comply with environmental regulations like every other honest business. The best thing would be that the profit margin would be substantially reduced, making it pointless to rip people off. Home invasions, contaminated creeks, and permitted clear-cutting will all be massively reduced. And taxes will get paid!

        Edit: Just one more thing… people always villainized the lumber mills, but for some reason defend the pot growers who are destroying the environment just like the 60s and 70s logging companies did… and they don’t give anything back to the community. I see gyms and theaters and football stadiums around the county that were built by the logging companies… I’ve never seen something like that funded by a coalition of marijuana farmers.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          So you think the sheriff should ignore emergency calls from people who grow pot because they’re not a licensed business? Doesn’t it matter that they’re humans, living breathing people? People who, if calling 911, are obviously in some type of distress and need help. [edit]

          And since when did corporations start complying with environmental regulations? Especially ones like Philip Morris?

          • Exactly! And Marlboro no less! And I don’t know any growers that have clear cut hundreds and thousands of acres. That would have been way too open and inviting attention. There have been environmental issues for sure related to marijuana but I do believe you are exaggerating. And, as a person who just put all their kids through school, I can say for sure that growers have put up the money for many many endeavors including but not limited to education and a million other things locally and around the world.

        • Totally agree!

        • My understanding is that farm is permitted. Though I’m not as familiar with Mendocino rules, it at the very least means they are paying taxes and complying with government regulations.

          As to things around the county that were built in large part by marijuana farmers: Matteel community center, Community credit union of Southern Humboldt, Heart of the Redwoods Hospice, Redwoods Rural Health Center, KMUD, Trees Foundation…and that’s without trying.

          • They may finally be paying SOME taxes, but nowhere near the taxes that a legitimate business pays. There’s no way the majority of pot farmers are claiming and paying all taxes on all their sales and income, let alone taxes and contributions for their employees. I’ve seen obvious pot farmers try to use EBT cards to buy groceries, and when they realize the card was out of money, they pull out a wad of 100s to pay for their stuff.

            I’m not even trying to speak badly about growers as a group… I know a lot of them and for the most part they’re hard-working people just trying to supplement their income. I just get annoyed when they’re compared to regular business-owners. They don’t pay the same amount of taxes that other industries pay, they often don’t follow the regulations that restrain other industries, and they have a grossly exaggerated profit margin on top of that. That’s why EVERYONE is trying to do it, it’s an easy way to make a lot of money. You don’t see people flocking to Kansas to grow corn. Most marijuana growers probably wouldn’t be able to start and maintain a profitable business in any other industry.

            My argument is either it’s legal or it’s not. If it’s legal, bring in the competition and get rid of the shady, irresponsible growers. The skilled, responsible growers will still have a place in the marked, just like ERB and Mad River have a market share while competing against giants like Budweiser and Coors.

            And as to should the cops respond to calls? Sure… but maybe growers should donate $500k/year to the police departments throughout the county to offset the added risks their industry brings, and take some burden off the non-growing, more financially strapped taxpayers in the county.

            • Probably most don’t pay all their taxes. And definitely, the profit margins are larger than other areas. BUT, the permitting system is much harder on cannabis farmers than on other farmers of their size. And they aren’t allowed federal tax deductions.

            • If you expect any grower to donate 500k to the local police dept. It proves you have no grip on reality here. Most small businesses and large businesses in USA don’t follow all the rules, and that’s how they they survive. Stop pointing fingers at the legal growers like they are burdening you

            • Our president didn’t pay taxes

        • Deanna S Gaither

          John, you are SO right on the money!

        • Ljbbsch: I never reply to one sided , narrow-minded ,individuals, but for you John I make an exception.. You piss me off, the Marlboro Man?? Because he can do it right?? you are a fool or maybe you need to expand your reading to allow you to clearly see the outcome of the “Marlboro Man”coming in with their big bucks, they are buying up acres upon acres of prime agricultural land and greenhouses at a price that owners can’t refuse (after all,everyone wants to profit, right John? These Marlboro Men as you have referred to don’t have to follow the rules they have the money , wow if you don’t like the way it is now wait , A good read would be the New York Times article about Salinas ca and what’s going on there as we speak.OK I apologize for Ranting,just tired and your comments set me off.

          • How would they be worse than what’s going on now? Dropping the artificially elevated value of marijuana alone would eliminate most of the crime associated with it. They would pay taxes, provide employees with mandated health coverage, and not participate in slave and sex trafficking like some growers do (as reported on this very site). You could still be a conscientious consumer and buy from independent growers for a little more than the $20/ounce the large corporations will sell it for. More options, more tax revenue, less crime, more affordable medicine/recreational drug for the consumer…. Sounds like a win to me.

            Just accepting the negative aspects of the current climate in order to financially benefit from the illegality of the plant is greedy.

            And you can’t call someone narrow-minded when you’re just as set in your opinion.

      • Recall Estelle

        We should blame the ‘f*** the cops’ back to the lander weed growers for lack of law enforcement nowadays. Their hopes and wishes finally came true.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    It cracks me up when growers call the cops after their valuable hoochiewanna gets ripped! What are the cops supposed to do, besides laugh their asses off while driving away? Next time you should, I don’t know, maybe hide your goddamned weed better? Or convert it to cash and just put the cash in the shed. It would make as much sense. Or get a job and put your pay in the bank.

    If you are a drug dealer, everyone will want to rip you off and no one will care.

    Growing pot is not a sensible occupation for grown men.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Your comment is what’s not sensible! [edit]

    • You must think your everyone because there are plenty who care about their neighbors regardless of their occupations. And do real men brew beer? I would like to see you go to a professional brewery and tell the operators that they don’t have real jobs.

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Great comment regarding these filthy growers.

  • Hello police department, ah, someone stole my marijuana could you send an officer right away, I would like to file a report so maybe I can get my stuff how times have changed…😂

    • In 1980 a neighbor was tied and robbed. He had no trouble calling the law and they had no trouble arresting the thieves. He was able to describe the vehicle and it was spotted near Sacramento with the fresh cut. He did not get the weed back.

  • I love how growers trying to comply are still getting small minded comments. I do believe many growers pay taxes, they just don’t say it’s for pot. And it said in this article these people are complying with new laws, which means they are paying through their noses every agency in the state. And if they started last year they paid the sherriffs department thousands for things like this. And many growers have been buying zip ties through the Mendocino sheriffs office for years now…so unless you educate yourself I don’t think you should comment, because otherwise you are spreading fake news that is also discriminating.

  • 20#s ain’t worth reporting. Get over it deps are on the way.

  • mendocino mamma

    What a joke.
    #1 I know someone who has a restraining order that needs served.

    #2 dude has attacked her in public but then filed against her to have sheriff never serve him.

    #3 On 101 see no less than 15 sheriff vehicles heading back to Ukiah after this.incident.

    #4 Many times this has occured, a gazillion sheriffs climbing around the hills in search of “mysterious” armed pot robbing armed subjects.


  • What ever the case thugs with guns are Police business glad to see them taking it seriously

  • Wow its funny how ignorant some people’s comments are robbery is robbery doesn’t matter what somebody steals from you it’s yours and not theirs do you want somebody coming to your home and taking what they want? and by the way this property is a hundred percent legal and permitted they are paying to play unlike most of the people commenting on here so come on people pull it together and stop being so ignorant

  • Hey Kym, the mendo sheriffs dept went out to two properties yesterday…and either cut down or was about to cut down all there plants. Not positive about that part yet. But, I am positive, that these two different property owners, had gotten permitted last year, but hadn’t completed the application yet this year…which isn’t due until Dec 31st. Allman said that he doesn’t have a list of who is and is not permitted so they just went out there ready to cut. Disorganized as a MOFO! Check into it. Its a story, thats for sure.

  • Quit picking on the Marlboro Man. He died of emphysema in 1987.

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