A Local Fire Department Was Not Amused With This Parking Job…Do You Like What They Did?

Car parked at a red curb

Recently, Shelter Cove Fire Department was not amused to find a driver had parked at a red curb. This particular parking space is used by the department during rescues when fire crews need to reach people quickly.

“Really??” signs taped to the car window asked. “What does a red curb mean?

In case you’re wondering, California Traffic Code states, “Red indicates no stopping, standing, or parking, whether the vehicle is attended or unattended… .”



  • Funny this red marked stretch is illegally red marked. I understand that the fire dept. Needs it, I’m OK with this. I’ve thought about printing flyers to put on windshields describing the need for the emergency space but have yet to do so. Another reason why its a terrible place to park is when you park there you make a two lane turn into a single. At that point you can f@#& yourself and everyone else in the cove. Be safe!

  • Idiots

  • Just shows the arrogance of drivers today. That red was not meant for them. It’s meant for you.

  • [edit] lol what’s funny is the sign directly in front of the car that says PARKING with an arrow pointing to the parking area. smh here’s your sign!

  • Just My Opinion

    Maybe he was dropping someone off and the car died? LOL.

  • enquiring mids

    And why are the parking spaces painted?

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    These are firefighters? Are they adults? Maybe just have the vehicle impounded by the Shelter Cove Police Department? OH, wait! No cops in SC? Damn. Never mind.

    Shelter Cove. A great place to just never go.

  • People park in the red all day long in Eureka. never saw a single car ticketed. not one. ever.

    • I got a ticket for parking in a red zone in Old Town when the end of my car stuck about a foot and a half into the red zone. The wheels were in a legal place. The ticket was dismissed “in the interest of justice,” but I was more careful after that.

    • Stephen Arnett

      I’ve seen the same & as usual Epd does nothing about it

  • Hummingbird, We don’t want you here.

  • I know I’ll get blasted for this but…….that seems pretty juvenile for the fire department. I grew up on the lost coast and spent enough time out there to know that the Volunteer Fire Department can park their four trucks wherever they please. That red curb is a joke, the person who parked there is also, and plastering that car with post-its just makes SCFD look the same. ok…go…trolls, tell me I’m an idiot:)

  • I’d have hooked a chain to the under carriage and dragged the car out of the way. I think the notes and yellow tape was polite you up tight goodie goodies.

    • Polite, yet gets the point across! I think it’s funny…Maybe the person parked there will notice! hahahaha Better than a ticket or a tow!

  • …perhaps the automobile is an element in a crime?
    …what if someone is missing somewhere?
    …how many days has it been there? (any yellow tags?)
    …could there have been fingerprints under some of that mess?
    …could someone – even a child/ren, woman, man – be in the trunk?
    …was there blood or scuffle marks surrounding the vehicle?
    *** if ur sure it was the fire department, u have every reason to determine the answers to @ least a few questions.

  • Wouldn’t really bother me to much, I’m sure the VFD would be glad to move it but the car probably wouldn’t look the same, remember there is a reason why fire apparatus have large bumpers.

  • Right after I commented I took my son to his baseball game at Winship middle school in Cutten. I couldn’t help but notice that due to the shortage in parking spots, there were at least 20 vehicles parked in the red zone there. As there are almost every afternoon. Someone better call SCVFD to head up there with a truckload of postits to set all these soccer moms straight. Call it what you want, I call it unprofessional to write anonymous notes and slap them on cars. I’m not endorsing parking in the red but the fire dept doesn’t have to make themselves look silly with this nonsense.

    • Shelter Cove has had a hard month. The first responders and fire men of this community we’re all neighbors if not friends and family. It may seem silly to post notes,but I think everyone is just tired of the nonsense, violence and disrespect. And parking in a red zone at a school tops ignorant list. Who do you call if emergency at school? You think Jane Doe deserves that reserved parking place? No.

      • They actually NEED to find a solution to that parking nightmare at Winship School…I feel sorry for anyone trying to find parking for games! Since the education system has no money, and getting less NOW…I don’t see the problem EVER getting resolved. SAD

  • The further west you go from Redway, the stupider the idiots become

  • Fireman just like leos are supposed to act in a professional manner at all times. The notes show a lack of professionalism casts a shadow on that dept. Doesn’t matter if the driver is an idiot or not. It’s possible that the car broke down and the driver was getting help to move it.

  • I could be wrong, but does it state anywhere that the VFD are the ones who wrote the sticky notes? I thought it was the caution tape they did.

  • Parking in crosswalks is de rigueur here in Garbageville.

    And on the sidewalks.

    And on corners protruding into the intersections.

    It’s getting harder and harder to drive (see around the corner to make a turn) or WALK in this town.

    Parking in the red here is nothing…

  • looks like a training potential to me ,lucky it wasn’t used as one! is it still there?

  • Look, most people commenting on this thread dont know how many horrible, devestating and traumatizing events have happened on that beach. Shelter Cove Fire fighters and local fishermen are usually the first to respond to a drowning at Black Sands Beach. Notoriously deadly shore. As tourism season picks up, and the popularity of hiking the coast has grown tremendously, there has to be an area cleared for emergency vehicles. That’s why the fire department painted and placed signs. Some of them have had to pull bodies from those waters, so there is no tolerance for this ignorance and disrespect. I would have had it towed immediately. The owner should thank them for not doing so. And frankly, the owner is lucky twice, as the car was’nt smashed.

    • Great comment, Cstar! Lost Coast Trail is no longer Lost, now on google. After decades of being Lost…it’s known everywhere! You even need to get permit (2wks?) before your hike, so the number of hikers can be controlled, that just started this year! Google should show on their map how HORRIBLE the Mattole Road is…foot deep potholes, slipouts, slides, earthquake damage(huge cracks) in road…DON’T TAKE YOUR GOOD CAR!

  • I see a red zone I don’t park their. There’s a reason for it being red! And you get a ticket if you park there. Simple!! If everyone would just follow the law it shouldn’t be a problem. Except for those who feel above the law and special

    • Thinking allowed

      You would think it was simple but apparently not. At least, if the choice is for convenience over following the law, people would not be whining over the consequences. They are pretty well advertised.

  • Time for a sign for the color blind?

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