[UPDATE 9:14 p.m.] Armed Robbery in McKinleyville Reported

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Image: “Crime” by Abu badali, via Wikimedia Commons 

At approximately 8:50 p.m., dispatch reported that the 76 station near the corner of Central and Reasor Road in McKinleyville was the victim of an armed robbery a few minutes before.

Reportedly, an 18 to 20-year-old male wearing a blue bandana over his face and a blue sweatshirt robbed the gas station. According to dispatch, the person who reported the robbery said that the suspect had a handgun wrapped up. The reporting person saw the barrel.

UPDATE 9:14 p.m.: A BOLO for the suspect was issued. We’ve recorded it here.



  • I hate that keeps happening the same place my little kids and I go in everyday down the street from me! all for a few bucks ain’t worth it! Good no one got hurt !!

    • Same place once or twice a month, they need to come up with a better plan to deter these punks..what about a guard, better security..something. I’d mention a bigger gun but then someone may get shot, hopefully the criminal and they could pass it along to there thieving friends

    • Same place once or twice a month, they need to come up with a better plan to deter these punks..what about a guard, better security..something

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    These marijuana users will stop at nothing to get stoned.

    Marijuana is crime, and crime is marijuana.

    • Why, did he wave a pistol and demand Tostidos and Onion dip?

    • Maybe a troll and a thorn in someone’s side, but absolutely Correct on this issue.

    • chump-Please find a job, a hobby, anything. No one wants you here.

      • Thinking allowed

        He has a hobby. He tweaks a poster’s tail about pot and watches the scurry. Had a horse who used to do the same thing- grab a person’s jacket or shirt and watch them flail their arms in panic for a second or two then let it go and run away. For him it was sheer entertainment.
        But usually he never caught the same person twice.

    • Oh man, your comments are soooo old, biased, and usually off! Stoners don’t rob…tweakers do!

  • That poor 76 station, victimized once again. Soon it will have PTSD.

    BTW, anyone see that Provident is closing up shop in Eureka? They say it’s for logistical reasons, but we all know it’s because it got robbed 2 times in a week.

  • I just praise the Lord no one was hurt thank You Jesus

  • Mr. Chump just keeps on beating a dead horse over ,and over ,and over again.I think you should move to Alaska, and hang out with the fake Alaskan douchebag people .

    .Probably a lot less marijuana up there Mr chump might be happyer, but I think you’ll find something else to bitch about over ,and over ,and over again personally sick of it,and I’m sure a lot of readers will agree also.

  • INSANITY exists in Mckinleyville at this stupid greedy service station! Is the owner a flake idiot from way out of town who cares crap about his employees? Or better yet-what if the station is a front for a grow out in the hills and he wants to stay open for continual losses? Shut that sucker down!!!!

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