Want to Help at SoHum’s Community Park?

parkview Southern Humboldt Community Park

[Photo by Ann Constantino]

Press release:

New volunteer work days at the Southern Humboldt Community Park Farm, join us every Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00am – 3:00pm for a great way to give back to the community! Work and learn about organic farming in a friendly atmosphere. . . 934 Sprowel Creek Rd across from Tooby Park. Meet at the lower greenhouses.



  • Dear Park Board,

    Can you explain how this is a “great way to give back to the community”? Since the Park has leased its farming to for-profit private businesses and you charge fee’s for events at the Park? How is the Southern Humboldt Community Park giving anything to the Community that would justify giving anything back? I thought your Board was a non-profit and charitable organization?

    How would these volunteers know the difference between what is privately farmed and farmed for-profit?

    And what part of the Southern Humboldt Community Park Farm is under contract with Humboldt County DHHS for Calfresh Outreach Funding and your “Park’s farm to plate food security program….”?

    Does the Community know the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board is reimbursed approx $48,000.00 per fiscal year from Humboldt County DHHS to provide your “Park farm to plate food security program” and Calfresh Outreach program, which includes purchasing food, produce and program operating cost, personal cost, administration cost and Project Liaison salary to Kathryn Lobato?

    • Thank you for this post, Ed. I was one of the clueless ones about the particulars, but I did have a gut feeling.
      Goes hand in hand with the gas tax hikes, broken irrepairable infrastructure, and the push for “more open space”.
      The agenda 21 is in phase agenda 30.

      • Yeah, the general public is clueless when it comes to the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board and their minions. Its amazing they can change history with their narration and reason for existence. Its amazing where they come up with most of their talking points, or as I like to call them, LIE’s…

        Take this interview from just last week on KHUM; Kathryn Lobato talks about how Tooby Memorial Park has been around since the 1950’s and if it wasn’t for the Park Board there would be NO play-ground and would still be run-down? 1st; Tooby Memorial Park was opened in 1967. 2nd; It was the Garberville Rotary that paid for the upkeep, caretaker and play-ground equipment, swings, slides etc at Tooby Memorial Park long before the Park Board was even living in Southern Humboldt. 3rd; It was the Tooby Family that donated that property that become a County Park in the first place, not the Park Board. 4th; the Park Board did not take over operation of Tooby Memorial Park until 2004. Listen to what Lobato says, its amazing:


        Also read how much money the Park Board makes off Calfresh and puts in their pockets, its amazing:


        You would think after reading the Park Board’s Calfresh propaganda, they were providing all these meals and food to people without being paid; this could not be further from the truth! Follow the money…

        Maybe Lobato and the Park Board should lean some history, like why its called “Sprowel Creek Road”? Why was it called the “Moody Bridge”? And why its called “Camp Kimtu Road”.

        • How infuriating! This sounds like part of the Redevelopment scheme I’m just now learning about, through various leads. If not, it’s close enough to be a branch of thereof. chrome-extension://bpmcpldpdmajfigpchkicefoigmkfalc/views/app.html

          Thank you for taking the time to inform us of the true history of the area. Let’s hope even more step forward to reclaim their history.

  • You know the Community Park Board spent $375,000.00 on their rezone and conditional use permit to have concerts, festivals and camping. Could you imagine what great things could have been achieved for the community with that kind of money? I want to know why the Community Park Board cannot show where all that money was spent and who was paid. Its been the biggest problem with the Community Park Board; they don’t want to share or disclose information with the public, they don’t want their Board meetings open to the public and they get upset when the public calls them “secretive”. Maybe they should start answering our questions…

    • That’s lotsa money for sure. Whose name is on the actual deed to the property? I think that most of the board will receive residential parcels to keep or sell later?

      • Since this date, From the Humboldt County Recorders office:

        11-1-07, Six documents recorded.
        1) Deed from Park to Cathy Randall Studebaker.
        2) Trust deed from Cathy Randall Studebaker to Park.
        3) Buck Mountain LP to Cathy Randall Studebaker and Park.
        4) Park granted easement to Cathy Randall Studebaker.
        5) Park made memorandum of lease with Cathy Randell Studebaker.
        6) Park, Cathy Randall Studebaker, Gil Gregori and Robie Tenorio made a subordination agreement.

        3-18-09, eight documents recorded.
        1) Dazey gave deed to Park
        2) Park gave Dazey a grant deed
        3) County of Humboldt, Park, and Dazey recorded a lot line adjustment
        4) County of Humboldt and Park recorded a Notice of Development Plan and Geologic Report
        5) Park gave Buck Mountain LP a grant deed
        6) Park and Buck Mountain LP recorded a Reciprocal Easement Agreement
        7) Park, Buck Mtn, and Harris Land and Cattle Company LLC made a water tank site and waterline easement agreement among themselves.
        8) The Park and Dazey recorded a Well and Waterline Easement Agreement

        4-03-13 Park gave deed to James Koch a deed for $65,000 for sale

        12-11-13 Park gave easement deed to PG&E

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