[UPDATE: Located] Runaway Girl Sought By Mom May Be in Carlotta Area

Gracie Graham

Today, Gracie ran away, says her mother, Sallie Graham. She was last seen about 2:30 p.m. at Corbett Ranch in Carlotta around mile marker 8. “She may have gotten a ride from a friend,” Graham said.

15-year-old Gracie has shoulder length dark blonde hair and blue eyes (she wears contacts). She  5’7 and weighs 128 pounds. She was last seen wearing a blue Mexican blanket sweater, light blue jeans, and gray Converse shoes.

If anyone has any information, please call Sallie at (707) 768-3064 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 1 p.m. Monday: Sallie Graham tells us that Gracie has been found.



  • Sorry to hear this Sallie, praying she comes home soon. Gracie go home sweetie

  • There was a gal at Safeway in eureka about a half hour ago that looks something like this girl. But her hair was tinted toward the ends green or blue. I only saw her profile so couldn’t be sure. but she was with 2 young men. They were looking for the restroom. I don’t have my phone with me so can’t call anyone. I hope she’s found safe!

  • Sallie, so sorry to hear this. Will be praying for you all.

  • Love your children well

    Yet another runaway. There is a parental virus infecting families locally. Fifteen year olds should not be running away from a loving family environment. Young people don’t run away from loving parents. There is something wrong going on inside the family. Terribly wrong.

    • You don’t know anything about this family or their day to day lives. Keep your opinion to yourself.

      • Love your children well

        It is not opinions I am alluding to. Facts Marie. No one runs away because they don’t like what Dad is watching on TV. Or any other simplistic reason. There is a reason and that reason is important to her than something simple.

    • Wow, jump to conclusions much?

    • That’s not necessarily true . I have known the best of families with the kindest most loving homes raise children who have from he beginning had their own path . No matter the method there was no way to change the inner drive that was that childs personality . A broken home is not the only reason a child leaves .

      • Love your children well

        No one knows the best families. What goes on behind closed doors is only known to the people inside those doors. There are many reasons in you best family children acts out. Like both parents work and the kids don’t get individual attention. In my family my partner and myself decided she would be a stay at home mom. She did until my youngest daughter graduated from high school. We also agreed that both of us would hug each child every day along with saying, “I love you”. We would be involved in our children (mostly my partner) and each of us would have private conversations monthly with each child, None of my children ever ran away. And don’t say we were lucky………………….

    • Well, this is a kind and helpful comment. As for myself, I seem to have mis-placed the owner’s manuals that surely came with my babies, so I’ve been winging it for years. I do love them, however. Very much.

    • Sallie is a wonderful mother. Obviously you are not living in reality and have some sort of mental disorder that makes you unable to see the real world. Someone with no understanding of how the developing teenage mind works should not ever comment on them.

  • Hope she’s ok.

  • Phone home, Gracie, even if it’s just to say EFF YOU MOM! At least she will know you don’t need a posse. Part of being mature enough to be on your own, is knowing how important it is to keep in touch with those who know you, so that they will know when you NEED help.

  • Such a pretty girl .i hope she makes it back to sallie safe, and sound before some creep gets a hold of her , and there are way to many of them out there to shake a stick at. .

  • Most of us live with a false sense of security and are completely detached from the reality of just how vulnerable we really are. A 15 year old girl is about as vulnerable as it get regardless of street smart they believe themselves to be.

    Hope it all works out well for her and her family.

  • What a relief to hear she’s been found!

  • A blue Mexican blanket sweater ?!?
    You mean a poncho ??

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Glad she has been found!

    All we need is another human trafficking story tied to marijuana growers.

    I hope the family can heal from this, and move on.

    My suggestion is they engage in productive family outings such as marijuana eradication, taking pictures of grows along with license plates, and forwarding that to federal law enforcement.

    Nothing makes for a strong family bond like ridding the community of marijuana together.

    I’ll be praying for them.

    • Totally agree! Families can bond when fighting the devil’s lettuce together! We should make this part of the Healthy Start Program!!!

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        I agree. When I was young family outings included splashing mud on hitchhiking hippies, towing away parked VW vans, tossing marijuana flowers 50 feet from drum circles and when they ran to get the marijuana we would cut the centers from the drums.

        Raising anti marijuana children bonds the family together and promotes non hippie values.

        Teaching country music on the piano is another great one.

        I wish them best.

  • Came home to this good news,so awsome!!

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