Car Located Off of Mattole Road Leads to Discovery of Body

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeEfforts are underway this evening to recover a body on a hillside near the 130,000 block of Mattole Road which is southwest of Ferndale about 10 miles. A local resident discovered a car on their property today. According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the car was listed to a missing person. This led to a search and a body was discovered on a nearby hillside.

The coroner was called and a helicopter was requested to retrieve the body. Recovery efforts are underway now. An investigation is ongoing but, at this time, no foul play is suspected.



  • Damn, that sucks.

  • My condolences to the family. Small comfort in the fact that this person has at least been found.

  • A recent missing person?

  • Veterans friend

    Swithenbank should run for sheriff. He is in touch with the people.

  • Prayers for the family who have prayed for closure….Sad yet good news they are going home.

  • kenny would be way better than what we had ,and what we got now for shitriff .great idea veteran friend .I would differently vote for Kenny swithinbanks.

  • Brett Wilson the missing man from Georgia maybe? Hopefully a family will get closure from this discovery.

  • So sad. May all get peace through this recovery. My prayers to the family and all involved.

  • Not bending over

    Sad about yet another fatality in sohum. My condolences to the family.

    Kenny was head of the team that busted me decades ago ! Not his fault !
    I would definetly vote for him to be sheriff ! I doubt any other officers have the understanding, compassion and expierience than Kenny Swithenbanks !

  • Capitalist pig

    Much love for Kenny

  • My condolences to the person’s loved ones.

  • kenny and i grew up out on the flat .Anybody that has lived here long enough know what im talking about .He lived right next door .I think he lives there to this day ,and Kenny would be a excellent sheriff .I hope he reads this ,and says I think I will run for sheriff .He has the experience. He knows every buddy, and every were a criminal would hide out ,and he is very fair .Plus he is a mopar lover .His dad dez had the Chrysler dealership there in town. That being said Kenny run for Sheriff roadrunner will be in the judged portion of auto expo .I’ll will see you then .

    • He does not have a chance in Hell politically after the death of the Catholic priest.

      • Or after the poor performance of so many years. He shouts obscenities. He tries to coerce sexual favors. Yea. Go run for office Kenny. I’d enjoy the shitshowdown you’d get. Truly truly I say into theee. O do please run

        • Again, I allow greater leeway when commenters talk about those in power. But I caution that accusations of illegal behavior by anonymous sources are of little value.

          • I love your news Kym. This story is about a missing person. Not about who so and so should run for office. Start YOUR own political news. Comment section and HAVE ADD IT!!!! Leave it out of posts like this one.

  • Was there ever anything else, such as confirmation of who it was??? Just wondering who the unfortunate souls in the vehicle might have been!!!

  • How the hell did this go from condolences for the family of the person in the car ,to who should run for sheriff?
    A family is going to have they’re lives shattered forever

  • I appreciate your reporting, kym, but the comments section here is second only to lost coast outpost in the amount of meanspirited trolls and vaguely ignorant “I know something, but won’t elaborate” comments. 4chan is more civilized most days, and that’s sad.

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