Here’s the Buzz About Bee Swarms

‘Tis the season for bees to swarm. On May 17, a mass of them gathered at Redway School. Andre Steinle was there to film the sight and take them to a new home.

He cautions everyone to stay away from a swarm if they encounter one,  “Please [don’t] disturb or destroy if you find one,” explained Steinle. “[T]hey are on their journey to find a new home!!”

He added, “Feel free to give me a call if you find one (707) 599-6282!! Thanks!!

Bee swarm on a fir tree.

Here’s another swarm seen in SoHum. [Photo by Kenyon Miller]



  • That is awesone especially with the shortage of bees in the world,and there is the proof they are thriving in Humboldt County.

  • Yay bees!!! So great to see them doing their thing. No bees = no pollination = no food supply for us.
    I saw a swarm captured outside blue lake, i cant recall if it was andre, the guy climbed the tree the swarm was in with bee head gear, a tshirt and shorts. Truly the bee whisperer, not one sting on him. Super calm energy!!
    Dont wave your hands or start jumping around if a few bees land on ya, or any behavior that could be seen as bear-like to the bees. This includes larger dogs who have the same colorings/shape as bears, like some rottweillers.

    Thanks to andre for capturing swarms and spreading the word that the bees are just in the process of “moving”. Pretty cool stuff to read about.

  • The Humboldt County Beekeepers Association has a group of folks that will collect swarms free of charge all over the county.

    • Thank you for letting us know!

    • Thank you Muggin’ !! Had a phone call out of Eureka yesterday and was able to direct him to this list of bee keeper’s​ !! Very valuable list!! Thanks for the great info! I would suggest everyone check this link and list of bee keeper’s ​in your area!! Thanks again to Humboldt Bee Keepers Association!!

  • A new home, thank you!! We need more bees, thanks for the info!

  • Sandra Estrada

    Carl’s Jr. in Ukiah killed an entire swarm in their parking lot.

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