[UPDATE 10:30 a.m.] Two Die in Fiery Crash North of Willits Early This Morning

Fiery Car crash

[Photo provided by a reader]

Memorial Day Weekend began with a tragic accident this morning. About 12:45 a.m., Hwy 101 was completely blocked by a fiery crash that killed two people. Both cars were fully engulfed in flames, according to the CHP traffic information page hosted on the Lost Coast Outpost. Children from one of the cars were rescued, however.

By about 2 a.m., one-way controlled traffic was in place. But all lanes weren’t open until a little after 5 a.m.

We’ll have more information when a press release from the California Highway Patrol comes out.

UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: CHP releases names of Eureka and Fortuna passengers in one vehicle. Click the following link for more information: Eureka Driver Killed in Fatal Crash; Names of Passengers Released



  • 12:45 a.m.
    My guess is sleepy driver.

  • Capitalist pig

    So sad I think dying from the fire is my worst fear

    • I know two of the good samaritans and according to them, the drivers likely did not die by fire. They were unresponsive and may have been killed upon impact. I wish the article stated that as the alternative is horrible to imagine.

  • My nephew was in this accident I thank god for the person who stopped and saved his life and the lives of the other kids that were in the car. Whoever you were thank you so much

    • My condolences. Did the children’s parent live? Do they have what they need? This is very hard to read.

      • My nephew was with his daycare provider and her family so out of respect I can not say if anyone passed or not but all the children are being taken care of

    • I really fell so sad im one of the person who stopped and helped of this accident im the one who carring the lil girl.and trying to open the drivers door but its too tight.my resoect condolences of the family

      • What a terrible thing to witness. Thank you for being there for the little girl.

      • You are a hero. You save my baby niece.

      • Do you know who the other person was who saved my nephew my sister would really like to know she sees him as a her hero and wants to thank him if you have any info can you please email me.

      • Samantha Cagle

        My name is Samantha my son was the one in the accident with the Delgado Family Jacob I would really love to know who all of you are who stopped to help and save my son and that family the family is very important to me as well as my son and all of my family members you can remain anonymous for the public please come forward and tell me who you are I would love to thank you I owe you my life for saving my son that wasn’t for you and stopping to help I would not have my son or the Delgado family with us today deeply heartbroken for Gilberto my son was very close with that family so please I would love to say thank you I would love to hug you guys I owe you a lot I thank you so very much for stopping and being so brave as to help them.

        • Hi Samantha and Lynda,

          My boyfriend pulled your son and others out of the burning vehicle. I kept your son/nephew as safe and comfortable as possible in our car until the authorities came and we’re able to take some action and then take Jacob away to the hospital.

          Aris helped, too, and cared for the baby girl while the crisis was taking place.

          Both my boyfriend and I would love to speak with you and maybe meet you if possible. I’d love to see Jacob again, too.

          We live in San Francisco and I can be reached at tracyspears@miztech.com. Lynda, I emailed you as well.

          We hope to hear from you soon.

          Much love to all the families and friends affected by this tragedy.

  • Prayers for the family and friends not a good start for this weekend i hope this is the only bad reck this memorial day weekend

  • Highway 101 claims a lot of lives, it’s definitely a road you have to pay attention to while driving.
    I’ve lost 3, all in one car. Praying for the families in this one.

  • Memorial Day is ironically the deadliest day of the year in America. PLEASE don’t Drink and Drive!

  • Highway 101 should never have been developed. It needs to go back to the way it was. All it does now is gives drivers a reason to speed. I’m so sorry for the lost life’s. Thank you Father for letting a brave soul save the ones who didn’t die and most of all not letting the children be included.

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