Sheriff, Fish and Wildlife and a Chipper Were Out Titlow Hill Road Today

About 3 p.m., three to four Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles –including one with a chipper–and three to four Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles came off Titlow Hill which is off Hwy 299 in northeastern Humboldt.

Titlow Hill Road connects with multiple Forest Service roads so we don’t know where they went exactly. We have a request for information into the Sheriff’s Department.



  • Jorge Cervantes

    The chipper is a little over-kill for dep plants and or seeders 2-4 ft. Average at this time. That low flying plane this morning was an indicator they would be around today. Starting early this season with their inflated LEO budget thanks to the permit applicants from groups like emerald family Flammers & True Humboldt. Even some of those groups CEO’s haven’t been on the recieving end of the permit process. Yet they continue to operate out of compliance. You can’t tell humboldt to get permitted when you all haven’t yourselves. Sounds hippy-critical to say the least. Or a conspiracy to eliminate the competition Mabye. When the emerald family flammers like [edit]are selling their land to the [edit] something stinks for sure.

    • Food for thought

      Mic drop …lol

    • And that’s what’s up ! Thanks for the important info !

    • Step Into the Light- Ha Ha!

      We can only hope that the feds are investigating Emerald Family as the criminal conspiracy that they are and will apply RICO Act pressure to their lead players. No- I don’t want anybody doing prison for ganja but it would be justice to see these guys lose their extra properties and toys that they have acquired by selling us all down the road.

    • Nicely done Jorge Cervantes. You’re right on point.

    • Why would the word ‘bulgy’ be edited? That seems overly p.c. To me. If you can refer to ‘locals’ as a group or ‘east coasters’, why not bulgys? They are without a doubt a large presence in our area, very organized criminal group that is arguably screwing things up for locals. What is the rule that precludes them from being named? Just curious.

      • Nigger, slant, pussy, and Bulgy are all derogatory terms. Local or East Coaster, are or, at least can be, neutral terms.

        • Kinda much don’t you think…

          • You mean actually writing out the slurs? Some folks might do it this way instead…N****r, Sl**t, P****y? However, to me, being afraid to name something isn’t helpful. (Plus, some of those words are incomprehensible written that way.) I don’t use these words as slurs and I don’t allow them to be used that way on my website. But I’m not afraid of them. If you are a Harry Potter fan, maybe this explanation will help—Not naming Voldemort gives him more power.

            • And to add to my point, the poster only claimed that certain land was sold to [edit], which is factually true, and he didn’t use the word in a slanderous way. This property is close to me, and whoever ‘Jorge Cervantes ‘ is, he knows what he is talking about. I think by not talking about what is going on in our community, and not naming things, you are not helping ng the situation. I’m not saying Bulgarians are bad people but we should be informed about what’s happening, as a community. Editing their nationality isnt doing them any good. They are buying a lot of land around here, and we should aware of the situation.

              • Jorge Cervantes

                “I tend to hang with those that turn the soil and plant the seed” !

                Rod deal

              • Feel free to use the word “Bulgarian.” Please do not use the word “Bulgie.” That solves the problem. (If you look back through the comments you will realize that Bulgarian is freely in use. Though I caution that labeling an entire race as a problem, looks problematic to me.) People can talk about their concerns without using derogatory slurs. People may name what they see as the problem. They may not, however, use a slur to do so. Using the word Bulgie to name a nationality is a slur. Using the word “Bulgie” to talk about words I don’t want people to use is not racist, it is being clear.

        • Are you kidding me? You put ‘Bulgy’ in with those words? I’m confused.. it’s short for Bulgarian. It’s a completely different ballpark from those words you gave as examples. I’m not ‘anti’ Bulgarian, but I think you can call a Bulgarian a bulgy to his face and it’s not going to be a fight.
          I think you are being overly PC.. I still love your work.

    • My reply is dropping down past the conversation on wether or not “Bulgy” is derogatory. Emerald Family Farms just started planting 7 acres of full sun cannabis in Willow Creek. They have 1 acre planted already. Thousands of plants. We all know it does NOT belong to the collective members, even though it is grown using their names as members. They will NOT see a penny or a gram. Instead, only a few people will see that money. Whats funny about a collective, is the members can vote out ANY officer and replace them at ANY time. Follow the money. What else is going to interesting is if they actually track and trace this crop. EMF members, you own a 7 acres grow. Make sure you get paid.

  • I don’t understand why the law do not release any info of after the fact .like who got busted how much got busted .all theze facts seems to not be made privi to the public .I wonder why they the police keep these facts ,and statistics unknown to the local public.

  • I mean. sure they say tittllow hill ,but that’s about all the in fo you get .

    • Because they keep half to the majority of all valuable tangible “evidence ” I got 197k taken from me ten years ago and only 97 k showed up on the books !

  • Is anyone on titlow not growing copious amounts of ganja?

  • Jorge Cervantes

    The old timers (logging family)below the fancy gate on the right with the key pad pride themselves on not growing ganja. So the answer is yes. They are below some of titlow’s finest.

    • I’m not here to talk about people’s business but you don’t know what you’re talking about on this one.

  • Growers have ruined one my favorite hunting grounds up there. Too schech to wander that area. A pox on their endevors.

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