[UPDATE 12:54 p.m.: Located] Mom Seeks 12-Year-Old Eureka Runaway

DestinyDestiny, a 12-year-old Eureka girl, ran away from home yesterday, according to her mother Wynne Dailey.

She was last seen near Alice Birney School in Eureka sometime after 3:30 p.m. yesterday.

“She called us this morning from a blocked number,” her mom said. She told the family not to look for her.

Destiny is about 5’5″. She weighs about 140 pounds and has brown hair as well as brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and black Capri leggings with black Vans.

If you have any information please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or her mother at (707) 273-9833.

UPDATE 12:54 p.m.: Wynne Dailey tells us that her daughter has been located.



  • I hope to god she don’t get snatched up buy some dope dealer ,and turned out for human tracking .someone please find her before this happens to a young girl ,and there are a number of pedophiles in sex offenders around here to shake a stick I pray she gets returned home asap .go home lil girl .

    • Way to jump to the extreme, she went to friends houses, whats the use of thinking the worst case scenario immediately??
      If you believe in the power of words and thoughts, you are just giving more energy to negative incidents. Jump off the shock and awe bandwagon that our country is being ruined by. No need to keep creating more fear.

  • Teach your children well or be taken to court

    Why an 12 year old runs away from home raises red flags. That needs to be investigated. Maybe my family was an exception that none of my nieces or nephews nor any of my kids ever ran away or threatened to run away. This girl’s family raises suspicion. The law should state that parents are legally responsible for their children’s behavior. If she is victimized by a pedophile the parents should be held liable. I taught my daughters what to do if they were in the company of a pedophile and horny teenagers. We played role situations that my daughters had to perform to my expectations. My son had to attend also.

    • I tend to think I was brought up in a pretty close to an idyllic home but I ran away.

      • ya, but back then it wasn’t put all over the media, and when we got home we got our asses beat… lessons learned that the youth of today will never learn.

      • I chickened out at the last minute 😂

      • Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing that, Kym.
        Running away can be for many reasons. You are now an even better role model for young people (and parents of them) to see that someone who did run away has lead an exemplary adult life, with a very healthy family and excellent community relationships.

      • Teach your children well or be taken to court

        And you neglected to say why you ran away. What were you running away from?

        • I think my terrible mother wanted me to do chores.

          • Just one viewpoint

            I ran away at age 7 because my teacher parents would not let me watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. I made it 3 miles south on Fieldbrook Road before I got scared and turned around. I found my two older sisters hiding in a ditch, who were sent after me to make sure I was safe.

            Then as a teen, I was washing dishes when I decided to run away from home (my parents were very strict). It started to rain so I took it as a sign.

    • I believe in CA parents are responsible for a minor ( under age of 18) living at home with their parents.

    • I ran away because my mom didn’t like my new popular friend who drank, and smoked. All the boys liked her, and she was so cool!! I ran away to her house. I was pregnant a year later. I should have listen to my mother. There was nothing disfunctional about our family or how she raised us. Only disfunctional thing was I was a teenager and I knew better than my mother!

  • Great to hear she has been found!!!

  • Glad she’s safe ❤️

  • yay that is so great to hear .she is home.

  • yay that is so great to hear .she is home safe and sound .

  • That’s awsome news!!We need alot of good news✌

  • “capri leggings”??? who the fuck lets a twelve year old go out in their underwear?

    • I thought the same thing! Not appropriate!

    • She’s 12. Leggings are appropriate for a kid her age. From the photo she looks dressed completely appropriate, like a kid. What should she wear? Amish clothes?

  • Glad to read that she is home! May her family be given all they need to work through this very difficult time and get the resources they need to address this.

    Sad to say that in this day and age young teens are exposed to some harsh things in life.

    In regards to penalizing parents whose child has been victimized by sexual predators, that is not a very well thought out proposition, unless it can be established that the parent allows access to their child.

    Creepers use social media to find and groom their victims.

    Family and family friends or other adults in the victim’s sphere of life can also take advantage of them.

    By shaming victims and their families you push the incident into the closet and that does more harm than good in the very rough healing process from victim, to survivor, to over comer.

    I know far too many folks, both men and women who are survivors of child predation.

    Thankfully most have had supportive family and excellent after care to overcome childhood rape and exploitation.

    Tragically I also know some who never got help and they struggle each and every day.

    So please do not cast aspirtions, but send up healing thoughts and prayers for this family and all victims.

    • Jodie Hadfield

      First of all I am so happy to hear that the young girl was found and that she realized that her family loves her.
      Second of all I just had to say thank you for standing up for the parents of this young lady. In response to the very rude comment that was written earlier by a person who clearly had no right to say what they said about someone they do not even know.
      Your comment was perfectly said.
      Hopefully that person can be taught how to be kind to others.

  • OMG! Chores???

  • This young girl is probably just wanting to party for the 3 day weekend without any body telling her NO! She needs some sever repercussions when she does go home. NO phone, NO computer, Drop off/Pick up from school, No friends over, No NOTHING…….Unless of course there are issues at home she is running from, that could be a whole other ball of wax. I hope she is just being a little SH** and there is not anything bad happening in her home.

  • Wow I’m very surprised by these insensitive comments. My step daughter ran away around that age. I was mortified. I called the police and we tracked her down and got her little in trouble butt home before anything terrible happened.

    Kids/teens are just trying to find their way and learn independence and some of them make very poor choices despite their parents best efforts to guide them. As an adult I have seen and heard the unimaginable. I know the horrors that lurk out there for young girls, but when I was a young girl I did not understand the potentially terrifying consequences of my bad choices.

    Hold your babies tight, make sure they know you love them, and they can call you no matter what has happened or what they have done. All you can do is teach them, love them, and hope for the best.

    Prayers to this girl and her family. Her mother was obviously worried sick, to reach out and ask for help finding her daughter. Lift her up with light and love… she’s doing the best she can. All the harsh words and accusations are not needed.

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