Going for the Glory–The 49th Kinetic Sculpture Race Expects Big Turnout

Hobart Brown and the Quagmire Queen

Glorious Founder Hobart Brown piloted the Massive Quagmire Queen in 1985. [Photo by Nancy Spruance]

Press release:

Kinetic Grand Championship 2017

Weekend What-To-Expect

According to North Coast News’s Precisioncast, weather for the sculpture race promises to be picture perfect. The cool 60 degree days, occasional hot sun, and lighter than normal winds are in stark contrast to the tumultuous Humboldt winter that has shaped this year’s course. Road closures, bay silt, and flood waters were only some of the challenges for new Course Co-ordinator John Mantle and crew this year. Racers should expect even rougher roads than in recent years, and MUD!

There Will Be Mud!

2017 marks the return of of the our 4th terrain, Mud. Love it, hate it, love and hate it, the spectacle of sculptures slogging through wet dirt is kinetic theater at it’s finest. Intense storms pushed silt onto Eureka shores. Local news has been buzzing about the difficulties of its removal. The temporary challenge firmly emphasizes this race as the Grand Championship of Kinetics.

Water entry begins at the lowest and muddiest tides of the month, -1.7 foot. Early birds can expect to worm knee deep through 10 or more feet of bay silt, possibly more at water exit. Tide will be coming in fast. See the triumph and heartbreak at the Wharfinger building Sunday May 28th at 10:01 a.m..

Hole in the Course<

The Drought-busting winter also busted Humboldt’s roads. A sinkhole swallowed 10 feet of crucial course between Loleta and Fernbridge. Many alternative avenues were investigated, but all led to dead ends. Two weeks before the race, the course was not confirmed, fear that we may not be able to make it to Ferndale safely was too real. Big thanks to Mercer-Fraser for putting together an affordable fix. No sleep ‘til Ferndale!

Where to Watch

The Arcata Plaza is the place to see every entry in the race. Check out the KHUM stage for each team’s pageantry performance before the judges, and an audience of thousands. Teams arrive at 10:00 am Saturday. Then at noon Kinetic Time, the historic Arcata Whistle will sound the start of the race.

Deadman’s Drop is the most treacherous, and most spectacular spot of all 50 miles of the KGC. Sunbeat, and exhausted pilots face a steep 40 ft drop on sand. Glorious Spectators enter from the Samoa side by coming across 255 from Eureka, and parking near Coper Lane. Then follow the throngs of fans, battle a comical amount of mosquitoes, and hike in to see the “greatest roller coaster on earth”.

The Kinetic Race can be a funny thing. Comedian Damion Panther and guests bring humor for all ages to the Day One Finish Line on Eureka’s waterfront. The festivities start at 1 p.m. with kids activities, arts and crafts booths, food, a beer garden, and Live Race Coverage by KHUM. Starting at  6 p.m. Improving Humboldt comedy troupe will delight you and entice you into laughter with some newly created, just for the kinetic race, games. Followed by a comedy open Mic until 8 p.m.. The Halvorsen Park Finish Line Party is the easy access way to get close and personal with the Kinetic Grand Championship. Sculptures park for the night after 10 miles of street, and several miles of perilous sand. View the artistic bodies, and improvised engineering while enjoying a beverage. There will be a beer garden with brews from Lagunitas, Lost Coast Brewery, and Humboldt Cider Company. Food court featuring Simmer Down, BullDoggies of Humboldt , and Living the Dream ice cream. Halvorsen park is located at 1003 Waterfront Dr. Eureka, just east of the Adorni center.

Sunday catch the drama all along Eureka’s waterfront Starting at 10:01 a.m., and continuing into the  afternoon. Then catch racers if you can across 20 miles of pavement as they head to Loleta.

On Memorial Day witness the triumph of teams racing to that Ferndale Finish Line. Expect teams to roll down Main Street as early as 1 p.m.. Live race coverage from KHUM, and a last chance to grab limited Kinetic Merchandise.

Those who can’t make it to the course can watch live streaming coverage at kineticgrandchampionship.com

Who Will Be Champion

With several dozen teams already registered, the competition will be stiff. Will Tempus Fugitives take home another consecutive win? Or will underdog Brian Slayton, and his gang best known as Funguys, follow up their first ACE with their first championship title?

49 years of History

Kinetic history has a new home at Kinetic Museum Eureka. Open Fri-Sun, or by appointment, classic machines and art are on display. Drop by during the race for kinetic merch and information.

The Big 50th

It’s been many years since Glorious Founder Hobart Brown piloted the Massive Quagmire Queen.

2018 will bring the 50th Kinetic Sculpture Race in Humboldt County. We expect the biggest turnout in over a decade….

The Kinetic Universe is a California Non-Profit organization of volunteers committed to the Glory of sculpture racing. Check out our new Kinetic Museum Eureka at 518 A street. Contact us at kineticgc@gmail.com


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