Congressman Huffman to Hold Next Town Hall Meeting in Garberville

Press release:

jared Huffman by Shanna Archibold

Jared Huffman [Photo by Shanna Archibold]

On Wednesday, May 31st, Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) will hold his next community town hall at the Redwood Playhouse in California’s 2nd Congressional District where he will discuss how to make forward progress in today’s political climate.

In this public meeting, Rep. Huffman will answer questions and share his plans and priorities for best representing California’s North Coast in Congress. Constituents can RSVP and find additional information about the program here...

Please contact Huffman’s Eureka office at (707) 407-3585 or email with any questions.

The town hall will also be broadcast live by KMUD radio. You can listen here.

WHO:             Congressman Jared Huffman


WHAT:           Garberville Town Hall


WHEN:           Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM


WHERE:        Redwood Playhouse, 286 Sprowel Creek Road, Garberville, CA 95542

                       (Theater attached to College of the Redwoods Garberville Instructional Site)



  • Hopefully he doesn’t body slam anyone for asking a tough question!

  • Huffman is a poltroon, a grave robbing Maoist, a traitor to America. Typical leftist revisionist historian. [edit]

  • All politics is kinda tripe these days. Maybe in ancient Greek when there were less people, but the ideas and philosophies of our race are not evolving like the rest of nature does, instead they are just piled upon piles of nitrogen Rich b.s. and no carbonaceaus material to balance it out. Usually it’s a 1:30 ratio, at least, to have a good shit pile. So you figure theres just a lot of stinky shit any time politics get together, so I guess town hall meeting balance out the shit that comes out of their mouth with a bunch of other non politicians. That’s why Donald Trump and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have such big huge massive crowds cuz they’re all fullof it up to their eyes

  • The most successful town hall meets have used the quiet approach. Every person is given a sign to hold, with yay on one side and boo on the other. Anybody who follows the new democrat protocol of silencing opposing free speech are escorted out of the meeting.
    Unfortunately, our towns can’t afford to hand out signs, they’ve already given all at the office to keep our reps in outstanding wages and benefits, in hopes that one day we will all receive the same equal pay and benefits as our reps get. That’s what they preach, right. Equal pay.

  • Thinking allowed

    The man irritates the crap out of me but I can’t seem to ‘unsubcribe’ his silly emails. It does give a tiny pleasure to keep trying though.

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