[UPDATE] Active Shooter Threat at Del Norte High School Near CR Campus

Alert sent out by College of the Redwoods:

A credible threat has been given to Del Norte High School of a possible active shooter threat. This threat was sent by letter and specifically named Del Norte High School as the target. All police agencies are on alert with extra police presence in the area and at the High School.

Due to the proximity of the High School to the Del Norte Campus, please be on high alert and aware of anything suspicious or that may not look normal. Please advise Del Norte Public Safety at 707-465-2311 or call 911 for emergencies. You may also call Public Safety at Eureka at 707-476-4111 to relay a message.

UPDATE: A reader in the comment sections alerted us to this from the Del Norte County Unified School District:

This morning, Randy Fugate, Principal of Del Norte High, received an email indicating potential acts of violence against Del Norte High students. He and I immediately coordinated with Crescent City Police Chief Ivan Minsal and Del Norte County Sheriff Erik Apperson to begin preventative response measures. Both departments were incredibly supportive in their responses and assistance. The email also referenced Pelican Bay, so the District coordinated with PBSP administration in our discussions and investigation, as well. Contrary to a news blast issued from the College of the Redwoods Eureka campus, there was no “high alert.” The threat has been assessed and is considered by local and state law enforcement as being not credible, and there was no active shooter or lockdown. Classes at the high school are continuing as normal. We have collaboratively increased security measures at DNHS, however, to ensure, insofar as we are able, the safety of students, staff, and the community, and the Del Norte Sheriff’s Office is providing additional monitoring at school campuses throughout the county. We do ask that you encourage the community to support our students and their education by getting information directly from law enforcement or official school or district sources.
Again, support by all of our local law enforcement departments, including PBSP and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officers, and increased situation monitoring provided by the Del Norte Sheriff and Crescent City Police has been overwhelmingly appreciated. Thank you, too, to the DNHS teachers for working with students to get them through the situation and to DNHS administration for their quick response.



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