Redway Fire Donates Nearly 1,300′ of Rescue Rope to CHP-Garberville

[Photo provided by Redway Fire]

A little birdie from the Redway Fire District, Chief Brian Anderson, tells us his department just donated 17 “floating rope rescue bags” to CHP-Garberville today.

“Each bag contains a 75′ shot of floating rope to be used for swift water rescue,” Anderson said. “Each car in the local fleet will be equipped with a rescue bag.”

Anderson said the Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue Team will train emergency personnel to use and deploy the new equipment.

“These bags will enable CHP officers to initiate a swift water rescue safely from the shore,” Anderson said.

Additionally, Anderson said Redway Fire recently added the same rescue bags to all five of the vehicles in their fleet.



  • Yeah, Brian and the Redway fire department are great people. They say that you get out of life what you put into it. Firefighters and first responders have the greatest life out there.

    I think that Brian was a little remiss in not inviting the CHP to the public Redway fire dept barbecue this Saturday the 27th though…….

    • Brian Anderson

      Ernie, thanks for the shameless plug for the RFD Annual Deep Pit BBQ. And yes, CHP has been invited as well as our brothers and sisters at the HCSO. We look forward to seeing all of our friends and neighbors again.

  • Came at a great time!! Summer coming people getting out doing things. NICE,VERY NICE.

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