Mendocino Sheriff Looking for Van in Connection With Suspicious Death

American Repair Co Van

Image from American Repair and Marine Facebook page

The Mendocino Sheriff’s Office is looking for this vehicle in connection with a suspicious death. They posted on their Facebook page,


Be On The Lookout (BOLO) for a blue 2009 Chevrolet HHR with a gold medallion on the hood. The side is marked with “American Repair Company” and has a California license plate of 6JWT270. …

We would like to locate the vehicle as part of our ongoing investigation regarding a suspicious death in the Caspar area. If you see the car, DO NOT APPROACH, but call Mendocino Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at (707) 463-4086.



  • This is on Road 409, about 1 mile E of Highway 1. Several sheriff cars, crime scene tape across a driveway; CHP airplane circling.

    • I was at the coffee shop earlier… ‘Mara’s Coffee Shop’. I saw three sheriff cars go by really fast with sirens etc. And I think we only have three Sheriffs to cover from Point Arena to West Port. So I knew something was horribly wrong. I live in ‘downtown’ Caspar. And only heard about this now online.

    • No…it happened in Caspar and they located the stolen car out road 409

  • I’ve done alot of boat repair with American repair I know all of them really good and they also have a place in lake County I really hope this doesn’t have any to do with Jamie or her husband they good people

  • They need to step up and be accounted for

  • They should call 707-964-3505

  • I just read on press democrat a woman was shot and killed in caspar. Her car is missing, the chevy hhr theyre looking for here.

  • It`s about time there was a murder on Rd 409. It`s gotten entirely too upscale and staid. What exactly is a “suspicious death” anyway?

    • Someone died, and you think “It’s about time there was a murder there.”?! Wtf is wrong with you? [edit]

    • Geneva DeMartino

      Do you realize how ignorant and insensitive you sound? “About time there was a murder?” Good to know for you this is just something to entertain you from the upscale transformation of the area, but let’s try to keep in mind that was someone’s friend and mother. This isn’t your entertainment, [edit]

  • That’ll be a hard one to spot!

  • Lighten up you guys! I didn`t say it was a good thing — most likely it was a bad thing.

    There`s nothing like a murder to liven up a place, though. Rd 409 is pretty boring most of the time. Occasional pot bust and that`s about it. Charles Manson & family lived in the black school bus before they went bad; however, no one else very interesting.

  • It’s to bad that before you buy a piece of property,your neighbors had to give the ok!lol

  • Michael Gonsalves

    This van looks like the graphics are a vinyl wrap, it could easily be pulled off, the cab looks to be dark blue under the wrap. It would seem likely that if this van was used in the crime and someone were driving it they wound remove the wrap. These panel vans are quite common in white, a bit more rare in a color other than white.

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