Man Arrested in Shelter Cove for Burglary

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Aaron Arlotta

Aaron Arlotta

On 05-23-2017, at about 12:45 p.m., Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 400 block of Lower Pacific Drive, Shelter Cove, to investigate the report of a residential burglary.
Upon arrival, Deputies spoke to several citizens who reported seeing suspicious activity in the neighborhood. Deputies learned that a male suspect, later identified as Aaron Arlotta (age 27), along with a female suspect, were seen yesterday lurking about an unoccupied vacation home. Upon the housekeeper checking the property this morning, it was discovered that several items had been stolen from the residence. It was believed that Arlotta and the female suspect were involved in the burglary.
Following up on investigative leads, Deputies were able to locate Arlotta sitting in a parked vehicle in the 100 block of Eileen Court, Shelter Cove. Arlotta fled on foot but was captured after a brief foot pursuit. Deputies searched Arlotta’s person incident to arrest and located stolen property from the burglary.
Arlotta was subsequently transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked on two felony warrants, three misdemeanor warrants, and a fresh charge of residential burglary. Deputies know the identity of the female suspect and will be seeking a warrant for her arrest.
The Sheriff’s Office credits this arrest to the exceptional observations made by Shelter Cove residents.
Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Garberville Station at 707-923-2761.




  • 27 and a thief. Not good man. Not good.

  • Felony theif ruined for life .

  • Shelter coves on the map! Dam. Another scumbag ridded from our community. Im guessing its his tweeker ass girlfriend thats the other ” one “. Well wont be to hard to find her. Look at the 100 block of elieen road. Same place jesse simpson was murdered. Fuck all you tweeker ass murderers n theives. May you all rot in hell. Thank you sherrifs dept for finally catching him. “We” all knew it was him but taking the law into your own hands only makes you a criminal. Kudos humboldt S.O.

  • That guy has been running from the law for quite some time. So happy he was apprehended before doing more harm. Feel sorry for my peeps that he has screwed over for thousands of dollars. I hope he rots in jail but he’ll be out tomorrow. Sad but true.

  • Say no to drugs

    They need to go to his best friend Kennys house … Meth smokers, stolen property, girl friend on parole for being a drug mule… Innocent kids in this mix.. Wow… Fucking drugs suck ass..
    Druggies stick together always….

    • They only stick together until theres no more drugs left….. they wouldnt piss on one another if they were on fire! Belive me….. they steal from each other.

  • Where is Eric Lively when you need him?

  • 27 years old. If he’s lucky, his Saturn Return will help him ‘change his life’ for the much better. (Or it could mean for the worse. Like prison).

  • Where are all these losers coming from? It’s sickening that I have to make sure everything is locked up because of the tweekers who have entitlement issues. If you want something go WORK for it like I had to do.
    If it doesn’t belong to you, DON’T touch it and if I catch anyone creeping around my house they will be sorry!!

  • Watch out for the dread lock hoodlums in that chevy S10 with Arizona plates. Dirt Bag Rip Offs

    • I saw them at the shell in redway not too long ago. Are they wanted for something?

      • Yep. There wanted for being dreadlock hodlums with arizona plates. Man buns are suspected also, but usually do not present a threat.

  • Man buns is so funny any body with one of them should definitely be suspect. Mr buzzards lol

  • [Edit] Stay away Aaron!

  • The female “suspect” (we all know who that is) has been the Bonnie to his Clyde all along, come on people. Aiding and abetting, receiving stolen property, harboring a fugitive. Whatever she wants, he must get, she’s the ringleader and he takes the fall. They are both to blame and they deserve equal punishment.

  • Always keep one chambered, always!
    They will be creeping when your sleeping, because meth will not let these scumbags sleep.
    Sounds like the entire neighborhood has had enough, I’m surprised the law made it out .

  • I want to write it all. I just cant. I dont know where i would even start. The soda machine in mr. Whites room. When her house burned down and she decided not to live with me because my life was too depressing. The van, ROTR, slinging cookies to pay off driving tickets, cleaning old ladies houses together, noonen creek and boys (you know who you are.) Boat ramp full moons, midnight burritos. Tyra banks and bong hits. I dont know how this all happened. Im so sad about it. Love you girl, get better soon.

  • Fuck Aaron and fuck Sarah too. Stupid fuckin junkies can rot in hell.

  • What is status on Aaron and Sara?

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