Always Striving to Build a Better World: Well-Known Humboldt Man, Dennis Huber, Died Today

Dennis Huber

Dennis Huber, who hosted KMUD’s Monday Morning Magazine for many years, died today. Huber, who had been a long time member of the Southern Humboldt Community Park board as well as a small business owner, was a well-known resident of our area.

According to information we received, “Dennis Huber passed peacefully this afternoon, May 23rd, at his home in Briceland in the company of his loving family and friends. As a lifelong community builder, it was his privilege and pleasure to be of service in Southern Humboldt.”

He was known for his hard work for the people and places of this area. A craftsman with his hands and with his heart, he built homes and he helped build this community.



  • Dennis was a committed activist too. Maybe not as radical as some, he still gave much time to, as you put it, Kym, ‘making a better world’.
    We are a better community for him showing-up, and giving what he had to offer.

  • Patrick Cleary

    Oh, no ! Dennis was a prince of a man. I will personally miss him a great deal. His Monday Morning Magazine was the most informative radio show about the county. I was just thinking of him last week.

  • You will be missed, Dennis. My condolences to the family.

  • Dennis and Ellie and their family have been helping this community, and the larger planetary one, profoundly over the decades. He was a mighty warrior of love. Dennis Huber, Presente!

  • Marianne Knorzer

    It was such an honor to work with Dennis. So many early mornings so many wonderful guests willing to join us. He gave so much of himself to his community and radio show. I will miss him dearly and will cherish my memories. Love to his family.

  • Melanie Zuniga

    Ellie…my heart breaks for you 💗 I always just wanted him to be OK somehow. My thoughts are with you always and I’m here anytime you’re in need. Melanie (Dazey’s Supply)

  • Jennifer Walts

    So sorry to hear this.
    My condolences to the family.

  • Love you, Dennis, love you too, dear Miss Ellie. This is such a big loss for our community, and ever so much more for you. We send our best wishes for your heart’s peace.

  • Over the year I had the pleasure of taking care of the Huber boys, while seeing the gentle, caring Dennis and knowing this family was thriving due to his attention to his clan. He became part of my extended family attending gatherings. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. May you travel home on eagles wings my friend.

  • He was a good dude.

    • Such a wonderful man! As measured by heart size, he was a giant. My sincere condolences to the family, our community has suffered another loss… three great locals ‘left’ in a week’s time. Your dad was so kind, smart, and competent… I feel blessed to have known him though only for a few years. Fly high Dennis!

  • lowell roberts

    SoHum is the perfect fit for this ” man for all seasons.” Take your much deserved long rest now, you have done well my friend, my teacher, my co-heart, our visionary, our peaceful warrior, my brother…my love to you, midge

  • Kathleen Bryson

    So sorry for your loss- sincere condolences! Dennis was a good person.

  • Dennis was one of those folks who was always looking for a way to help and often finding it.

    He will be missed.

  • I wish now in retrospect that I had taken the time to tell Dennis thank you, for his open mind, door and heart. He spent countless hours sharing and teaching me and his sons, and others in his community, his craft of fine home building. I always had a great time filled with laughs, stimulating conversation, and often great wine, when in his presence. Your legacy will be carried on by those who you taught how to do things, and people right. He will be missed. Much love for you brother.

  • Truly one of the best of Humboldt County two-leggeds!
    All beings are diminished by his loss!

  • Ellie,we will miss Dennis so much. Thank you for all the love,open doors and kind hearts. All our love Lisa,Elena and family

  • Ernie Branscomb

    I’ll miss Dennis, he was from an old time local family and knew much history. He was the quintessential Craftsman. I admired his ability to accept that there is many different viewpoints in the world and tried to work well within them and still accomplish his goals.
    Fare thee well old friend.

  • Love they neighbor....................

    So often in communities it is the efforts of a silent person weaving his/her contributions making a communities better places to live. Too often their generosity is overlooked by reports of crimes of violence. Dennis rarely took credit for his deeds, but he was a role model for many of us to follow. One based on giving and positive energy. I urge all that knew him and those who didn’t to honor his passing by taking time today to commit an act of kindness. Our world would be better for acts of kindness.

  • God rest the righteous

  • We all will miss him. The only thing that takes any of the feeling of loss away
    is knowing that he lived long enough to see the Community Park approved.

  • Georganne Ross

    Om mani padme hum for Dennis Huber, family and friends 💛💐

  • Robert Sutherland

    Dennis was a perfect fit for Monday Morning Magazine, being well connected by his local upbringing. His politics were fine and his wife a super winner. His craftsmanship is attested widely and his many selfless contributions to the community. He also enjoyed great family connections. But these words are kind of a waste; we’ll miss that towering shorty no matter what. – Woods.

  • How very sad to hear this. My heart goes out to his family.

  • Scott Hathaway

    I had the honor of working for Dennis and Ellie over the last couple of years, and admire them both, for many of the same reasons others have already noted.
    I wanted to add this, that he raised two exceptional sons, in Geoff and Matt, and I send them all of my love. And further, want people to know that he has been an animal lover since he was a small boy, which, for me, is a very honest measure of a man.
    We all could learn much from his sage-like knowledge.

    Love ya, my friend

  • Alicia Balassa

    He and his brother Kent and Brian did many amazing works of exceptional craftmanship that to this day stand out…The bar at the Eureka Inn and the old Old Town Bar and Grill, Jambalaya, and Youngbergs…and then of course many homes had their touch that u knew was done with their hands and had the Huber seal. Dennis was a top notch Craftsman and a wonderful, bright shining star of a person. RIP Celtic King!!! Deepest condolences to the Huber family!!!

  • An activist in the best sense of that word. Thank you, Dennis, for your endless energy and the many selfless contributions to your community over the years.

  • Heaven just got a little better.

    Dennis, I will miss you. Thank you for the time you gave us… and me. You made the world a little better while you were here.

    Your friend.

  • Valerie Larson

    What a great guy Dennis was. Miss him on Monday Morning Magazine. Could count on his friendly face at the Block Party. My condolences to the family and to the community.

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