SoHum, You May Qualify for a Once a Year Energy Credit

Press release:
Outreach at the Healy Center in Redway



  • Lee Richardson

    This is a good program. It’s too bad that nepotism figures so prominently in the administration of it, and some seniors in dire need of help cannot get a call back.

    • nepotism??????????????in HUMBOLDT???????no,it cant be, it just cant be!it must be …………………..RACISM!!! yeah thats it RACISM!!!

    • Lee Richardson = I’m not sure that nepotism is really what the problem with The HEAP program is what makes it so user unfriendly these days. It used to be run by some more compassionate people but the past 5 years it’s been a train wreck. I’ve been very disappointed with their lack of response to phone calls and outreach. I hope there is more than just this PSA about them coming to Southern Humboldt for all of 2 hours!! Used to be they spent 4, 5, 6 hours helping SoHumb access HEAP. Last year when I spoke to one of the RCAA workers and they said hardly anyone showed up I got on their case because the event was only listed on the Healy Sr Center newsletter calendar. Used to be they let some of the public offices here know well in advance, advertised on KMUD and in the local newspapers. Let’s see if there is anything in either of the Tuesday, May 23rd Independent or Redwood Times. Still this Does Not give unorganized folks much time to get their documentation together either. Get on it folks!

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