[UPDATE 5:38 p.m.] Semi Overturned on Hwy 36; Both Lanes Blocked

overturned semi icon featureAnother truck carrying logs has reportedly overturned on Hwy 36 near Forest Glen in Trinity County at mile marker 18.42 west of the junction with 3. According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, both lanes are blocked as of 2:55 p.m. The driver has minor injuries.

UPDATE 3:23 p.m.: The driver has been transported to Trinity Hospital. A Cal Fire crew is trying to open one lane.

UPDATE 5;38 p.m.: One lane of traffic is open. Hazmat is on the way to the scene to deal with spilled diesel fuel.



  • I take it all back 36 holds up to its reputation of the most wrecks on any highway in Humboldt co

    • Chalk up another win for Hwy 36!!! This just further confirms my theory of their being a CDL in every box of Cracker Jack, as the “Toy Surprise”!!!

  • Semi-trucks shouldn’t even be using Highway 36!! It’s bad enough the local tweakers drive like lunatics !!

    • patrick cherry

      semi’s have been using hyway thirty six before you were born.they have less wrecks than the locals.semi’s are a necessary-if they were banned you wouldn’t get your grow dirt and other necessities like groceries and water deliveries

  • True that penny I live up 36 for the past 25 yrs ,and there are some crazy as drivers thinking they are Al Unser,or something .

    • I agree, almost 22yrs on hwy 36, I live in a marked 45mph zone, NOT MANY drivers go 45. Cafe racer bikes…85% are speeding, some over 80, people still pass on double yellow, totally unsafe here! Risking OTHER PEOPLES LIVES, drivers and residents as the crash ends up in someones yard/house.

      • I agree also after 30 + years living on this road, I have seen some unbelievable, stupidly insane, maneuvers that would curl your hair, or if it already was curly it would be straightened before long!!! Just attempting to drive this road safely becomes a challenge!!!

  • Hwy 36 is a mainline for log trucks, obviously the reporter doesn’t know the difference of log truck & Semi tractor/trailer combos, again,Truckers know how to drive, there are many variables why trucks wreck.

    • Logs have been hauled by flatbed semi on the highways forever, when moving them from a deck, or mill to mill. I used to drive a flatbed with flip up stakes to haul lumber out and logs back. Some guys haul logs on flatbeds using wedges called cheese blocks to keep the logs from rolling. Very common back in the day.

  • Stay safe Humco

  • Drive careful people 🙂

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