[UPDATE 5:40 p.m.] Logging Truck Accident on 299; Medevack Called For; Logs in Westbound Lanes

medical helicopter At approximately 1:18 p.m., a logging truck crashed on Hwy 299 west of Weaverville. “Wood and logs” are on the roadway blocking all of one westbound lane and part of another, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

A helicopter was requested for medical transport of a patient. The estimated time of arrival is a little after 2 p.m.

UPDATE 5:40 p.m.: The roadway is clear.



  • I think that 299 is getting just as bad of a reputation for traffic wrecks as Highway 36 does.

  • Before Dan Fuller gets a chance to make his typical comment about truck drivers, I just have a quick observation. His bias about all the hard working men and women that bring him everything, must be because his wife and/or daughter surely have ran off a with a truck driver and he had to close his house down.

    • Actually his daughter passed away years ago and his wife is dissabled n so is he. So before makin rude fuckin judgements maybe u should know the person first asswhipe!

    • Close but no stogie!!! Thanx fer playin’, better luck next time!!!

  • I sure hope the driver will be ok!!

  • Just took my shot at his big mouth first could cate about wife or daughter or

  • Capitalist pig

    What was the name on the door

  • Leonardo logging

  • Leonardo trucking??

  • Seriously,whaz up with the semi drivers lately?? Please big companies stop putting pressure on your drivers that makes them speed to get paid. It costs us taxpayers a lot and potentially hurts and kills others. The logging trucks are the worst by far, ive had bad almost run off the road experiences with steve wills trucks.

  • Capitalist pig

    Public schools are just government indoctrination .Indoctrinating your kids into their religion scaring them into conforming and basically forcing them on to their knees to worship at the altar of mother Earth this is the new religion of this century

  • Back when there were three mills running in the Trinity River area you’d see log trucks all the time. I knew people who owned their own trucks as well as those who drove for large trucking companies like Redwood Construction.
    I think people should remember that no matter how good a driver is, if the logs haven’t been loaded properly and the binders/chains properly secured, the load can shift and the weight change can throw the truck off balance.
    There was a load of dried milk (from the Fernbridge facility) on a flatbed trailer heading for Redding when the load shifted and there were 50# bags of dried milk all over 299 on the downhill run from Berry summit to WC. The undamaged bags were loaded on another truck but there were a lot of people who salvaged a lot of the clean dried milk to put aside for the winter. Of course could be people who didn’t use dried milk much but
    just liked something for nothing.
    The driver in that accident had taken a load from the Bay Area to Eureka (the flatbed was his) then picked up the Fernbridge load. Hadn’t driven 299 or highways like it.

    Something I was told, and it’s true that the most dangerous thing about driving a truck is the passenger vehicle in front of you with a driver who had no clue the distance it takes to slow a big rig down, let along bring it to a stop.
    And since truck drivers don’t get a psychic permit to go along with their Class 1 license, they don’t know what the person in front of them (or behind them–if they’re going to try to pass in an unsafe area). And a lot of flatlanders seem to think if there’s a problem,, it’s the truck driver who was in the wrong.
    Not saying that’s what happened, just that there are always other possibilities…

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