Governor Brown Appoints New Judge to Humboldt County Superior Court

Press release from Governor Brown’s Office:

Gregory J. Elvine-KreisGovernor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the appointment of Gregory J. Elvine-Kreis to a judgeship in the Humboldt County Superior Court.

Elvine-Kreis, 47, of Arcata, has been supervising attorney at the Humboldt County Public Defender’s Office since 2013, where he served as a deputy public defender from 2010 to 2013. He was an associate at the Law Offices of Mark Berg from 2003 to 2010. Elvine-Kreis earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University. He fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge W. Bruce Watson. Elvine-Kreis is a Democrat.

The compensation for this position is $191,612.



  • If he was appointed by that lizard Brown he’s yet ANOTHER liberal judge. A defense attorney? Criminals, lick your chops ….

    • Your better off with with an ex defense attorney, than an ex prosecutor. At least you are innocent until proven guilty. THINK ABOUT THAT.

      • Just My Opinion

        Agreed! Prosecutors could care less about truth. Procecutors never got picked on the playground growing up and now it’s all about getting a notch in their belt.

  • I kind of have to agree I though it might be a good thing but if jerry brown appointed him it probably isn’t

  • Is the fact that he is a democrat supposed to make everyone feel better?

  • Ernie Branscomb

    I hope this doesn’t sound to flippant, but why do we need judges when they cite and release everyone, I mean the ones that they even charge with a crime. Prop 47 pretty much tied everybody’s hands when dealing with criminals.

    Back in the fifties we had one deputy and one part time helper. Criminals were chased out of town, mostly by citizens, and they knew that it would hurt to come back. (and it did) The only thing the law required was it to be a fair fight. Now we have more laws protecting criminals than we do protecting law abiding citizens.

    In the mid fifties a man broke into the back of the drugstore. The deputy saw him take off running. He told him to stop or he would shoot. He didn’t stop, the deputy did shoot. He shot him in the ear. One of the town business men said “Good shooting Jim”. He replied ” that wasn’t where I was aiming”. The thief went to jail for a long time, and, most everybody did what Jim told them to do after that.

    • Erine. I have enjoyed much of what you offer, with historic context, to this site/ the news and stories here. This time though, I am surprised and disappointed.
      I know that you and many others are frustrated by the judicial system. But what you are suggesting is vigilante justice. No trial. No ‘innocent until proven guilty’. That is a dangerous path.

      • Ernie Branscomb

        No, what I am suggesting is that law enforcement, and legislators wake up and start protecting law abiding citizens lest we return to a less fair practice, call it what you will. Vigilantism is the last resort of a desperate society. Please don’t tell me that you think that the crime and disrespect of one another in Humboldt is acceptable.

        Frequently we are scolded on this blog for letting southern Humboldt become what it has. Tell me what the hell could we have done different within the law if it won’t protect us?

        Unfortunately, the ‘system’ is failing us badly. How okay is it to build a fire on my stores back porch? Even if it is only to get out of the rain and stay warm? How okay is it to go through the trash and scatter it all over town? How okay is it to have to catch shoplifters, or spend considerable time preventing them from stealing things?

        Ben, I want you to know that this is nothing personal and I appreciate your comments, but I wish the hell that someone would tell us what to do about the very frustrating, dangerous an expensive problems if the law won’t help us?

        Most people in Garberville, and most of our customers are nice, normal and sane people that are a pleasure to be around, and most of the street people are fairly good citizens, but some people are like the chiggers behind the ear of society.

        If you were being attacked and the law wouldn’t help you, would you just lay down and die, or would you protect yourself?

        • Exactly Erine! Thanks for talking the real truth. When the law doesn’t or won’t or can’t help you, you have to help yourself. We watch out for our neighbors too.

        • Sorry, but you are exactly describing government condoned vigilante justice. Shooting someone in the back as they ran away? And they were congratulated? I completely agree that the system needs an overhaul, but you are describing a slippery slope of “us” vs. “them”.

          • No, I’m describing the classic ‘if you can’t learn from history you are condemned to repeat it’. However, only a few people get that.

            I’m begging to live within the system, yet I’m accused of being a reactionary. (going back to the past) My message should have been that the system is either broken or being ignored. And if you don’t like the laws, change them. It shouldn’t be that hard if the laws are that bad.

      • if you paid attention you would know that’s not what he is promoting, he was reminiscing of a time when people took care of each other as a community and enforced the law of the land, if you screwed up you wiould pay a price and you knew it. All that has been taken away and criminals are allowed to run a muck with no repercussions, the only people who pay the price are law abiding people. Thanks Ernie I like to hear all views even if I don’t agree with them keep it up.

    • Just My Opinion

      Awesome story

  • Veterans friend

    Too bad we don’t have a real public defender anymore. This guy looks like that would have been a good fit.
    I know you all think we should just string ’em up, but you would change your tune if you were wrongly accused. Many people are, this is known.
    We need good, fair judges.

    • Just My Opinion

      Agreed. I grew up respecting law enforcement but I have lost respect due to the number of crooked cops. I’ve had close friends in law enforcement quit because of crooked cops, detectives, FBI, ATF as the entire system has become cooked. It’s based on generating revenue, not truth and justice. I feel sorry for honest law enforcement who have to deal with the cooked SOB’s within the system. Many times it’s from the top down.

  • Sieg heil

  • blackandwhitesripes

    Compensation you can call it all right, 15 thousand dollars a month. So as a taxpayer I am against paying wages like this. This guy would be more grounded and in touch with society on 2500 bucks a month. Some families of four get by on it and why shouldnt he? He certainly looks like he hasnt missed a bbq.

  • There’s a name for wanting to turn back the clock to better times. Its called reactionary. Just got back from red state California. The folks in Burney are talking about further arming themselves against the handful of homeless they claim are roaming ( I didn’t see any myself) but I know they are lurking. I guess it all makes sense on the road to making Amerika great again.

  • Racist and misogynist.

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