Entire 8th Grade (Three Girls) of Tiny Casterlin School on Big Trip to Washington, DC

Casterlin 8th grade class 2017

Front row: Susan O’Hara & Ashley Yarbrough. Back row McKenzie Wyatt and Ashley Carr.

The 2017 8th grade class of Casterlin School which serves Blocksburg, Alderpoint, and Fort Seward in the very remote eastern side of Humboldt County left this weekend for Washington, D.C. The three girls (yes, that’s the entire 8th grade) will be in the capitol for a week.

Listen to them talk about their plans and their gratitude to their community for the opportunity here to KMUD’s Kelley Lincoln:

Teacher Susan O’Hara added,

To what the girls said, I would also like to add that we would like to thank the friends and families of Casterlin School who supported our fund raising for the trip. Also, we would like to thank Jared Huffman’s office for helping make the tour arrangements for the White House. We are having an amazing time, we got in yesterday and did the amusement park at Busch Gardens and today saw some plantations and James Town, which was a huge hit with the kids, especially as we had read a book called Blood on the River about the settling of Jamestown. We also went to Virginia Beach and played in the ocean. We shocked the waitress later at dinner when we said we thought the water was really rather pleasant, (warmer than the Eel in July!) Tomorrow, Wednesday we have our tour of the White House and will also see some of the Mall.



  • Kudos to Casterlin School and the community. More schools, communities and parents need to follow in their footsteps !!!

  • I remember my 8th grade trip .we went to San Fran. China town fisherman’s wharf walked across the golden gate and marine world afica usa. It was a realy good time I’m sure the kids going to have a blast in DC

  • My sixth grade trip to DC was very memorable. We were a small class of 6 and it made things easier and we even got to have lunch in the Senate dining room with our Senator. The next table over was Ted Kennedy and someone else my mom was freaking out about. We had cold peanut soup. Give Feinstein a call, I am sure she has time to take you out! Oh, my trip high light to this day is seeing Yule Brenner in The King and I at the Kennedy Center, that and the Smithsonian Aerospace Museum.

  • Great memories. Congratulations to the youngsters.

  • Love you girls you deserve it! You work so hard and help a lot around this community you guys rock!

  • blackandwhitesripes

    I hope they learned about Albert Pike, a Confederate States Army general and Freemason.
    Albert Pike was an attorney, soldier, writer, and Freemason. Albert Pike is the only Confederate military officer with an outdoor statue in Washington, D.C.
    He is depicted in all majir lobbies in D.C.

    I also hope someone explained to them all of the Masonic symbolism, and the view of the elite on the rest of the public being merely minions.

    Perhaps they got a glimpse of the cities map and saw the pentagram that masons pride themswves with.
    All in all someone needs to tell them the important things all indoctrination aside.

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